Images of the Past

Front Row – William C. Brooks, Luther Brooks, Emily (Hill) Brooks, Albert Brooks, Thomas I. Brooks, Wife of Thomas

Back Row – George H. Camden, Lillie (Brooks) Camden, George W. Brooks, Vernia Brooks, John Dickson, Eula Pearl (Brooks) Dickson, Robert E. Brooks.  (Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

L to R they are: Thomas I. Brooks, George W. Brooks, Charles W. Brooks, Robert E. Brooks, Lillie (Brooks) Camden, and Glen?Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)


George W. and Stella Brooks. (Photo courtesy of D.Brooks.)

William C. and Emily Brooks. (Photo courtesy of J. Estep.)

Stella Brooks and sons, L to R: Wayne, Joe, Eskel, Emmett, Stella, Luther, and Frank. (Photo courtesy of J. Estep.)

George W. Brooks and wife Stella with their children. (Photo courtesy of J. Estep.)

Stella Hackworth Brooks abt. 1974. (Photo courtesy of J. Estep.)

Charles Brooks, Lillie Brooks Camden, Robert E. Brooks, Nellie Brooks on Robert’s 74th birthday, circa 1950. (Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

Robert E. Brooks and family, Front row L to R is Sylvan, Rual, Della (Robert's second wife) and Robert. Back row - Violet, Fae, Cloyse, Winfred. The picture was probably made about 1953 or 54. (Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

William C. and Emily Brooks,postcard picture.

(Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

Rual, Sylan and Winfred Brooks, about 1914. (Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)




Robert E. Brooks and wife Alice (Sutterfield) Brooks being baptized in the West Fork river in Reynolds County, MO. (Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

Robert E. Brooks, Sylvan, Rual, Cloyse, Glen and Fae.

(Photo courtesy of D. Brooks.)

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