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Nix/Judy Cemetery

Glen Carbon, Madison County, IL

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The Nix/Judy Cemetery is the burial site of some of the very earliest settlers in this part of Illinois. Names of the pioneers buried here are found in the earliest journals of the "Goshen Settlement". Samuel Judy moved to this area in 1801 with a 100 acre militia grant and funds from his property sale south of Cahokia. He planted an orchard on Claim No. 338 in 1802. Judy served in the first legislature of Illinois that convened at Kaskaskia. The Judy family had been living in "Goshen" for 3 years when Lewis and Clark started their expedition.

Senator Samuel Judy

View of some of the very old tombstones found here. The cemetery has been here for 177 years. Once overgrown, it has been restored by Boy Scout Troops #34 of Glen Carbon, #31 of Edwardsville and # 38 of Troy. Earliest birth dates were those of John Nix (1756) and his wife Winnifred (1764) .

Jacob Varner

Son of Nancy and George Died 1856

Nancy Varner died 1865

"Jacob Varner born in VA Sept 15 1796

died March 24 1864"

Two Judy sisters, Neomy and Martha died in 1849 of the plague. They were 20 and 19 years of age. There are many stones here that bear death dates in the 1840's. There are a great many infant graves as well.

Sarah Peters 1793 - 1872

Andrew Stallings 1826 - 1863

Jacob Nix died at age 22 in 1848

William and Mary Ann Lee

The Barco Family section of Nix/Judy.

The lower, newer section of Nix/Judy.

Ninian Stallings 1865 - 1921

John and Elizabeth Lee

The Greek Orthodox Cemetery next to the lower section of the Nix/Judy cemetery. Some information on this page from brochure compiled by Joyce Williams of the Glen Carbon Historical Preservation Commission, 2001.


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