The names and relationship of my own direct relatives are underlined and in red.
J.N. Story
Justice of Peace
Prec. No. 1, Lee County

Giddings, Tx 2d / 1920

Mrs. Annie Wolle.

Dear Madam. Your letter of the 30th,day june recived and contents noted, I do not know just how much, it will take to make the trip the train fair is higher than it used to be,if I go and she is alive I will, find her (your mother) and telegraph to you,as soon as found,You send me as much as $15 Dollars, it might take me, two days to find her,in Waco, if she is gone to an other place I will go there,and hunt for her.
I almost always find who I hunt for. If I hear from you,soon will start out next tuesday evning or perhaps sooner.
Yours truly.