Johannes Hendrik Luijkenaar - Alida Johanna Booij 1945

Luijkenaar - Booij
Jacobus Luijkenaar - Anna Verzijden. Jan Helders - Maria van Schaardenburgh Theo Booij - Aaltje Schaap. Paul Voogd - Jannetje Lodder
Leen Luijkenaar Anna Helders Piet Booij Grietje Martijntje Voogd
(1) Jacobus      



Johannes Hendrik Luijkenaar

(2) Joop. Born January 19, 1918 in Rotterdam. Died February 4, 1996 in Edmonton of heart failure.

Raised on Mathenesserstraat, Rotterdam.

Invited to join Dutch Royal Military Police, left Rotterdam August 11, 1939 for dépôt Koninklijke Marechaussee in Apeldoorn.

First decorated for saving people from drowning at Ostende during the Allied retreat from the German army in 1940. Trained as Secret Agent for the Netherlands in England. Air drop behind enemy lines in 1944, to instruct the Resistance in weaponry, and coordinate sabotage.

Post-war career as officer in the Nederlandse Landmacht. Active duty in Indonesia and Korea. Served in Bad Öhnhausen, Arnhem, La Courtine and Maastricht. Retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel in the early sixties.

Director at the Hotelschool in the Hague 1963-69. Emigrated to Canada in 1970 where he held positions in the hotel and catering business until his retirement.

Alida Johanna Booij

(1) Alice. Born October 27, 1919 in Rotterdam. Died December 13, 2002 in Edmonton of complications of pneumonia.

Worked as an au-pair in France and as a secretary in the Netherlands before her marriage.

Active in the resistance during WW II. Arrested during a raid in 1944. Imprisoned until the end of the war. After the war followed her future husband while he was on assignment in England.

The family lived in Indonesia during the late forties and in Germany during the early fifties.

With the children grown, Alice was employed in a bookstore in the Netherlands and in a hospital in Edmonton.

(2,3) Theo Paul
(5) Living
(4) Living
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Married August 9, 1945 in Westminster.
(1) Theo. Married Lia Helmer. (2) Vincent Johannes. Married Mirjam Hurink.

 (3) René Pieter. Born March 13, 1951 in Arnhem.

Married Bonnie Diane Patricia Houston.

 (4) Anneke. Born January 27, 19­ in Arnhem.

Married John Ozero and Private.