Enoch and Ednâ

Enoch - Ednâ
Mahlâlâil - Sina Descended from
Descended from Mahlâlâil and Sina
through their daughter Daniêla.
Yared Barâka
(1) Ezrâel


(2) Enoch. Died aged 365.

According to the Bible, he was 65 when he fathered Methusaleh. Unlike his ancestors, he walked with God and was taken by Him.


She is not mentioned in the Bible.

From this union:

(1) Matûshlah also known as (Biblical) Methuselah.

Relation with Ednâ.

(2) Bârakel.
From her descends the woman Bilanos who had a relation with Lamech.

(3) Enoch.

Relation with Rakel.