Tjerk Claeszen DeWitt and Barbara Andriesse Genealogy, Holland to New Netherland

The Feast of St. Nicholas
by Jan Steen, 1630

Zundert is a municipality and a town in Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. Zundert lies about 10 metres above Dutch sea level, and is located 15 km south-west of the city of Breda, and 35 km north-east of Antwerp, Belgium. Zundert is surrounded by the municipalities Etten-LeurBreda on the north, Hoogstraten (Belgium) on the east, Wuustwezel (Belgium) on the south, Kalmthout on the southwest, and Essen(Belgium) and Rucphenon the west.

Marriage Certificate, dated 1656, to record the marriage of Tjerk Claeszon de Wit and Barbara Andrieszon

Family Trees of Early New York . . . Albany, Dutchess, and Ulster County

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Tjerk DeWitts home in Ulster County, New York

The home of Tjerk Claeszen DeWitt in Ulster County, New York

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