Teunis Dircksz, Van Vechten Progenitor, Genealogy, Holland to Albany, New York

Family Trees of Early New York . . . Albany, Dutchess, and Ulster County

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1.  Arent Andriesz de Noorman [Bradt]

2. Albert Andriesz de Noorman [Bradt]

3. Teunis Cornelisz van Vechten -- probably went back the Netherlands and returned again in 1638. He was a boy in 1637. <Note: this name appeared as Teunis Cornelisz, not Teunis Dircksz. Many genealogies have presumed the person mentioned is one and the same>.

4. Thijs Barentsz, a shoemaker

5. Maurits Jansz van Broeckhuysen -- came as a farmhand; and evidently returned in the Netherlands in 1642. A young relative of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer.

6. Carstens Carstensz (Christen Christensz), commonly referred to as Carsten

7. Carstensz Noorman -- prob came on the R'wyck.

8. Gijsberet Claesz (Gijsbert Claesz Jongen [the boy]) worked for the Bradts.

9. Pieter Claesz (Niclaesz) from Nordingen or Norden, East Friesland. He was the son in law of Cornelis Hendricksz van Nes.

10. Crijn (Quirijn) Cornelisz from Houten near Utrecht

11. Roelof Cornelisz from Houten near Utrecht ... brother Crijn Cornelisz

12. Pieter Cornelisz from Munnickendam, North Holland; occasionally referred to as Pieter Cornelisz Meulenmaecker (millwright)

13. Goossen Gerritsz from Westerbroeck

14. Robert Harmensz -- probably came by R'wyck

15. Adriaen Huybertsz - probably came by R'wyck

16. Rutger (Ruth) Jacobsz from Schoonderwoert, South Holland

17. Claes Jansz from Nykerck, Gelderland

18. Dirck Jansz from Edam, North Holland

19. Jacob Jansz from Amsterdam

20. Thomas Jansz from Bunnick near Utrecht

21. Jean Labatie 'fransman' -- from France

22. Arent Pietersz 'jongen' -- the boy

23. Jacob Pieteresz from Utrecth -- alias was Veeltje

24. Hans van Sevenhuysen -- sailed by the R'wyck butwas arrested in England for killing his master Cornelis Thomasz in a tavern at Ilfracombe, Dec 8 1636.

25. Arent Steffeniersz -- married at Manhattans the widow of the murdered smith

26. Cornelis Thomasz on 22 March 1637.

27. Cornelis Teunis from Westbroeck; also referred to as Cornelis Theunisz box, Teunisz vanden bos, Cornelis Theunissen schoester and Kees schoester -- signs his name 'Cornelis thonisen bos'.

28. Reynier Thijmensz (Tijmense, Timansz, Tymasen) from Edam, North Holland.

29. Cornelis Thomasz from Rotterdam -- was killed in England by his servant Han van Sevenhuysen

30. Symon Walichsz (Walichs, Walichsen, Walinschsz, Walings, Walingen, Waelingen) from Wijngaerden, district of Bildt, Friesland.

31. Jean de la Montagne

32. Rachel de Forest

33. Maria de la Montagne (born on the voyage)

Source: ijan tiepks Schellinger Log of the Ship Rensselaerswyck... Sept.25, 1636 -- Nov 7, 1637 in VAN RENSSELAER

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