Van Vliet Genealogy, Holland to Kingston, Ulster County, New York

Family Trees of Early New York . . . Albany, Dutchess, and Ulster County

© Copyright, Lorraine Luke

1. Adriaen Gerritsen, from Utrecht; farmer, and Wife and five children

2. Jan Gerrits, from Emderlant; labourer

3. Jacob Wouters, from Amsterdam

4. Barent Witten Hooft, from Munster, Tailor

5. Willem Jansz from Berckeloo

6. Harmen Jansen from Berckeloo, wife and 2 children 5 and 3

7. Stoffel Smet, from Keurlo, farmer

8. Adriaen Hendricks, farmer from Berckeloo

9. Precilla Homes, and her brother, 9 years old and an infant

10. Thomas Harmensen Brouwers, from Sevenbergen; farmer

11. Symon Cornie; farmer from France, andWife [Simon was a Corporal at the time of the surender]

12. Albert Jansen, from Steenwyck; Tailor

13. Reinier Petersen, from Steenwyck; farmer

14. Claes van Campen, from Oldenburg; farmer's boy

15. Adriaen Aartsen from Thillerwarden in Guilderland

16. Hendrick Arentsen, from the same place; labourer

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