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This site is dedicated to my beloved grandfather John Henry Lukomske (1891-1945) and his grandfather Jan Lukomski (1857-1911) who immigrated to the USA in the hopes of finding a better life for his family and future generations




The World Wide Web is ever expanding.  However, there is very little on the Łukomski name online.  So I created this website with the hope of finding & connecting all ŁUKOMSKI, LUKOMSKI, LUKOMSKA, & LUKOMSKEs.  So Please, sit back & browse through this website.  Before you leave, I would appreciate you signing my guestbookThanks.


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Please email me if you have any ŁUKOMSKI information or records you would like added to this site.  Available onsite is a Family Group Report Form you can fill out with your Lukomski info.

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Online Łukomski Records Transcribed

Lukomskiís Arriving Through Ellis Island

Frequency & location of Łukomskiís living in 1990 Poland

Łukomski & Łukomska BMDs for Sompolno, Poland

Lukomske Records for the State of Connecticut

Łukomskiís in the Index of the Repress

Lukomski & Lukomska Entries in the IGI


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   ŁUKOMSKI Genealogical Information, not just mine

 A list of ŁUKOMSKI researchers

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 Polish & Lithuanian Links

 Transcribed Records



Ancestors of Franciszek Łukomski:  1770-present; Sompolno, Poland>NY>CT; name change to LUKOMSKE

My Family Group Reports:  for all my Hungarian, Irish, Polish, & Portuguese ancestors (including ŁUKOMSKI & LUKOMSKE) available on my other homepage


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Lukomski Surname Message Board

Lukomski Surname Mailing List

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