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A special "Thank You" goes to all those wonderful people who I have met through this endeavor, and who I am proud to call "Cousin".


They have worked diligently to trace their family genealogy, and without their dedication and willingness to share, the documentation of these families may not have been possible.


A very special "Thank You" goes to those non-Genies, many of whom are no longer with us, who were willing to talk about "family" and to share their memories.





The Family Genies


Henry Lunsford (Lunsford/Thompson Line) mailto:lunsfrd1@gte.net

Frances Pearce Finear (Lunsford/Ledbetter Line) mailto:franfin1@home.com

Gloria Wolford Stone (Lunsford/Ledbetter Line) mailto:glorian@bluebonnet.net

A C Williams (Lunsford/Williams Line) mailto:acwilliamsarchitect@cox-internet.com

Georgia Madrid Moore (Lunsford/Moore Line) mailto:gemama@cmspan.net

Bill and Mary Moore (Lunsford/Craig Line) mailto:mary10mee1@aol.com

Glenville and Judy Nettles (Aris Riley Lunsford Line) mailto:jnettles@bscn.com

Bryan Glenn (Lunsford/Osteen Line) mailto:pgandbg@bellsouth.net

Terry Holder Lampo (Linville/Isham Line) mailto:terrpooh@aol.com

Arkley and Kathy Busby (Linville Line) mailto:arkley@pacbell.net

Fleety Linville Cambron (Linville/McKee Line) mailto:fleetyc@hotmail.com

Henry "Hank" Linville (Linville Line) mailto:hcl53@yahoo.com

George Lassiter (Linville/Spears Line) mailto:glassiter@mediaone.net

Eric and Glenda Sandifer (Cole/Tully Line) mailto:egsandifer@hotmail.com

Mary Meyers (Tully Line) mailto:grammygirl@aol.com

Pat Jones Teder (Cole Line) mailto:teder@arkansas.net

Paul & Linda Davis (Cole Line) mailto:pforrest@mcmo.com

Barbara Jean Hathcock (Ferguson/Chipman Line) mailto:ray1693@aol.com

Jerry Sellers (Ferguson/Crook Line) mailto:JerSMarS@aol.com

Ron Hood (Crook/Spray Line) mailto:TraySar@aol.com

Brenda Ferguson Billhymer (Ferguson Line) mailto:BrendaBillhymer@itb.mckhboc.com

James and Eileen Binion (Meador Line)

Royal Wisemore (Yates Line)

Greg Shields (Morelock Line) mailto:hawkmoon@worldnet.att.net

Darrel Greenhaw (Greenhaw/Rimmer Line) mailto:DGreen93221@aol.com

Cyndi Brooks (Greenhaw/Rimmer Line) mailto:justcyndib@aol.com

Opal Taylor Mahan (Taylor/Ayres Line) mailto:rlmahan@blomand.net

Patsy Byrn Baxter (Byrn Line) mailto:grsbaxter@aol.com

Gene Turner (Thompson Line) mailto:ccbogieman@clearsource.net

Anne Wright Williams (Byrn/Dennie Line) mailto:musician@cox-internet.com

Ellsworth Wallace Haynes (Haynes/Dennie Line) mailto:ewhaynes@netzero.net


The Special Non-Genies


Marie Williams Loftis (1902-1994)

Monila Linville Lunsford (1917-1992)

Wilburn J Cole (1927-2001)

Mary Humphries Linville-Sanderson

Mae Williams Linville (1899-1972)

Allison Rufus Lunsford

Danny R Lunsford

John P Linville (1888-1971)

Etta Cole Chambers & Letta Cole Fryman

Johnny Wayne Yates

Odessa Knight Linville

Leslie Andrew Linville (1920-1981)

Larry and Crystal Bonds

Freeda Forehand Thomason (1916-1982)





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