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Welcome to the Lyly & Koski family site! This site is being created in the loving memory of My Grandmother, Sye and my Dad Arnold.
Also to all the Finns that crossed the ocean to a life here in the US, and to all of the Finn decendants seeking to find out more about our roots.

Saima Eleanor (Koski) Lyly

Arnold Allan Lyly

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         For information, contributions and to get copies when finished please email me! Thanks for visiting and come back to visit as these pages are updated!!! Special thanks to those of you who have contributed and sent me information; Norma (Koski) Holmes, Lennea (Lyly) Saari, Laina Dampsten, Beatty Koski, Andy Hepokoski, Julie Pyorre, Birtha (Karkeinen) Stenlund and her daughters and recently a distant Ainassaari cousin in Finland Juha Kuru. Thanks so much for the ongoing help and letters!!
         Some of the Finnish surnames that are included in the family tree are: Lyly, Koski, Känsäkoski, Saari, Ainassaari, Simi, Salo, Kaanus, Pajukoski, Pyorre, Harju, Hepokoski, Karkiainen, Rahja, Nauha, Ainasoja, Koskiniemi, Hietala, Hakala, and many more! Please recheck web sight for updates and visit frequently!! There are links below to decendant pages and individual trees. For a complete and somewhat up to date family tree link to the GEDCOM file pages and search around!

God Bless.

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