Adam Keener - Generation 1  


Generation 1


1.  ADAM2 KEENER  (PETER1) was born Abt. 1709, and died October 29, 1762 in Lancaster CO, PA1.  He married BARBARA.
Children of ADAM KEENER and BARBARA are:
2. i. JOHANN3 KEENER, d. 1759, Warwick TWP. Lancaster CO, PA.
3. iii. ADAM "JR" KEENER, b. 1732, PA; d. 1810, Warwick TWP. Landcaster CO, PA.
4. iv. LORENTZ "LAWRENCE" KEENER, b. September 24, 1744, Lancaster CO, PA; d. January 01, 1818, Warwick TWP. Lancaster CO, PA.

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