Introduction to Fontana Dam  


The above picture was provided by Echo Valley Creations. Their site provides a lot of insight into the past and present of Fontana Dam and Fontana Lake in Western North Carolina. Please visit this site and read about the boat trips to reach Cemeteries across the dam that can not be reached by roads.

While the waters of Fontana Lake provide a beautiful
and fun place to visit, there lies a world below the waters that only those of us researching family ties may be aware of. This site is to provide a list of graves impacted by TVA Project 19 in North Carolina. It contains a full list of names, dates, original cemetery and plot location, if relocated or remain, new cemetery and plot location.

This Data Base was provided by TVA and permission
received to post it on my web site. Data starts HERE

For facts about the dam follow the links below:

Fontana Lake and Dam

Graham County NC - Fontana Dam

Fontana Dam

For Information about the Lake and it's recreation, lodging, hikeing and bikeing follow the links below.

Historic Fontana Village

Norht Carolin Southern Mountains Map

Many other links can be found by searching for web sites or following the links provided on the 5 above listings.

Good hunting to those Genealogist searching this data base. I was able to locate my Great-GrandParent's grave sites because of this list.

The surveys of the Cemeteries listed in the Fontana Dam Data Base were done
in 1942 and 1943.  Many of the Cementeries did not have to be moved and are
still active. Please contact the Swain County Society for updated and current listings of the active Cemeteries or research "The Cemeteries of Swain
County" Book.

Lynda Gibbs

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