Descendants of Peter Keener - Generation 1  

Descendants of Peter Keener

1.  PETER1 KEENER was born Abt. 1687 in Germany, and died 1757 in Bethel Twp, Lancaster CO, PA.  He married CATHERINE ULRICH Abt. 1708.  She was born Abt. 1690 in Germany, and died Aft. 1759 in PA.

We establish from the Intestate Court Records of Lancaster CO, PA of 1 March 1757 made in Bethel Township, Lancaster CO, PA that his wifet Catherine Ulrich (b. ca 1690 GR - d. PA), was left as administerix of his estate in Hanover Township for property along the Little Chickees River.  Catherine remarried a Henry Hartley after the death of Peter and prior to the estate settlement in 1758.

From William Plumsted# Register General for the Probate of hills, and granting Letters of Administration in and for the Province of Pennsylvania and Counties of Newcastle Kent and Suffek on Delaware, page 101 on I Mar 1757 Catharine is named Administratrix for the estate of Peter Keener who died intestate in Bethel Township.  Catharine was granted full Power to administrate and was to report to the court on or before 1 Mar 1758.

Henry Hartley and Catharine his wife late Catharine Keener, administratrix of the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of Peter Keener, deceased, exhibited to the Court the account of their administration on the estate of the said decedent whereby there appears as balance after the payment of debts and other disbursements of L-37"11"9' exclusive of the improvement whereof the said Peter Keener dyed seized which account being examined and approved of by the Court.  The balance after deducting L 0"i2l'O' their expenses at this Court it is ordered to be distributed as follows Viz:- To the said Catharine for her share L 12"6"7' To Peter Keener son of the deceased 8"4"4-1/2' To Barbara, Katharine, Mary and Elizabeth Keener each the sum of L-4"2"2-1/2' --- which totaled 36"19"S-1/2'

Adam Woolrick and Anastatius Uhler are appointed guardians over the persons and estate of Peter, Barbara, Catherine, Mary and Elizabeth Keener, orphan and minor children of Peter Keener, deceased during their minority.

Immigration: Aft. 1727, Sailed from Rotterdam. Holland


UPDATE: May 17, 2001

While family history indicates that Peter and Catherine may also be the parents
of Adam, Hans and Ulrich, there is no source to support this.  They may have arrived
in the colonies at a later date than 1727.  At the time of Peter's death, he had 5 minor children under age 16.  Catherine had remarried when she and her new husband were appointed to see over the property of Peter.  Guardians were appointed for the 5 minor children and neither Adam, Hans or Ulrich were included.  While the name Ulrich has been carried down even to the present generation,  (I have 2 first cousins who carry that name and proudly), it could be indicative of Catherine being Ulrich's Mother but this too has never been supported except as a possibility.

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