Decendants of Walter Ellis - Generations 1 and 2  

Descendants of Walter Ellis

Generation No. 1

1.  WALTER2 ELLIS  (ELLIS1) was born Abt. 1750, and died November 13, 1821 in Jackson CO, GA.  He married MARY PARKER May 08, 1776.  She was born 1756 in NC, and died Aft. 1840 in Gilmer CO, GA..

Military service: Revolutionary War

Notes for MARY PARKER:
It appears that Mary's Maiden name was Parker, and Moses Parker was her brother. Moses lived next  to Walter and Mary in NC and moved to Georgia when they did. Walter was appointed Guardian to Moses's daughter, Mary, after Moses died.
Children of WALTER ELLIS and MARY PARKER are:
 i. ELIZABETH3 ELLIS, b. October 03, 1778, Caswell CO, NC; m. ABRAM NELSON, December 25, 1799, Green CO, GA.
 ii. ANN ELLIS, b. March 08, 1781, Caswell CO, NC.
2. iii. STEPHEN ELLIS, b. August 27, 1783, Caswell CO, NC; d. Bef. 1870, Gwinnett CO, GA.
 iv. MARY PARKER, b. 1785, Greene CO, GA1; Foster child.

Guardian: November 08, 1800, Walter Ellis appointed Guardian

 v. MARY ELLIS, b. February 13, 1786, Caswell CO, NC; m. JOSEPH BOGGS, August 25, 1808, Jackson CO, GA.
3. vi. JAMES E ELLIS, b. 1791, Green CO, GA; d. July 1850, Gilmer CO, GA..
4. vii. ISAAC H ELLIS, b. January 20, 1798, Greene CO, GA; d. December 15, 1864, Gwinnett CO, GA.
5. viii. ELIJAH MARION ELLIS, b. December 09, 1800, Greene County, GA; d. September 03, 1863, Toccoa, Fannin CO, GA.

Generation No. 2

2.  STEPHEN3 ELLIS (WALTER2, ELLIS1) was born August 27, 1783 in Caswell CO, NC, and died Bef. 1870 in Gwinnett CO, GA.  He married RENECCA IVY 1804.  She was born 1782 in GA, and died Aft. 1870 in Gwinnett CO, GA2.

Stephen Ellis was born August 27, 1783 in Caswell County, North Carolina, the son of Walter and Mary Ellis, the Revolutionary Soldier.  He married around 1804, Rebecca Ivey born 1782 in Georgia.
 Stephen is first found in Jackson County Georgia Census of 1820; Hall County 1830; Carroll County in 1840 and Cherokee County in 1850.  He must have died before 1870 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, for  his wife Rebecca is found on the Gwinnett County, Georgia Census of 1870, living in the household of her son-in-law and daughter, Ellijah Boggs and Jane Ellis Boggs, both age 56.  Rebecca's age listed 88, born in Georgia.
 I have copies of two letters that Stephen Ellis wrote to his brother, Elijah Ellis, exactly typed as written, Letter #1:
 Georgia, Gwinnett County, August the 9th 1863
 Stephen Ellis and Issac H. Ellis to Elijah Ellis
 Dear Brother and sister and family after our best respects to you all, this is to inform you that we are all in reasonable good health at this time  Through the goodness of God towards us for which we should ever be thankful and we do hope that these lines may come to hand and find you all well & doing well  Brother Elijah we say to you that we have recd your kind letter dated the 18th of July which was gratifying to us to hear that you were all alive & in common health but sorry to hear of your sore afflications in looseing your eye sight and also your mind being impard but Brother we say to you that we are by age experienceing the same in part of the infermities of old age, therefore Dear Brother let us all try to exercise patience under those infurmities for we well know that we have great need of patience. Dear brother it is now a time of great trouble & distress in our land friend, dying & falling on the battle field, woman & children weeping & mourning & many suffering of Brother where is the blame to fall, I would say on the ceseders for the Union had gaind when it was left to the people we should not have had this awful war we voted for the union & if the ceseders had faild in number we should not have had this unholy war & see now what is our situation  Dear brother we would say to you all be ye also ready for we know not what hour we may be call.  Brother Elijah while we are writeing to you, we do not forget sister Nancy & family & we do hope that the Lord will bless & take care of them all in time & save them in eternity  Isaac says to you that he has lost one son his son Richard and he dare not know what has become of him that his son William of his first children has died lately and has left his wife & children & his son Henry is now in the Atlanta guard & was well some days past. Brother Elijah we say to you that crops are tolerable promising with us at this time But we have now some dry hot days that seem to take hold on the crops & if it should not coming it will cut off the crops very much.  We say to you that Elijah Boggs & family is in common health & send their respects to you all, our connection that is near us is all in reasonable good health we say to you that Elijah son Stephen is in the war & in a battle he received wound in the should & arm but we understand the last account he was nearly well enough to go into service again Dear Brother we say to you as this is the only way we have of conversing together is by letter let us not fail to write although I Stephen am now nearly 80 years old I can write tolerable good yet, thanks be to God for his goodness toward me and mine dear brother & sister do not fail to write to us as often as convenient so we close now by saying faryouwell for this time.
      Stephen & Rebecca Ellis
      Isaac H. & Mary Ellis
      To Elijah & Lavicy Ellis
 Letter #2 is written after Elijah died September 3, 1863.

Georgia Gwinette County Sept 25 1863
Stephen Ellis & Rebecca Ellis to Levicy Ellis.  Dear Sister after our best respects to you this is to inform you that we are still blest with common health at this time & we do hope these lines may find you & your family well & doing well. I inform you that I have recd your kind letter dated September the 16th which I was glad to receive from you but Truly Sorry to hear of the Death of my Dear Brother Elijah being Dead but he has paid the debt we all have to pay Dear Sister I would say to you to try to bear up under those (torn spot in letter) & look to God for help for has said he would be a father to the fatherless & a Husband unto the Widow look unto him from whome all our blessings both spiritual & temperal must come. So sister do not be discourage? but do the best you can and the Lord will provide. So  I want you not to neglect to write to me and let us hear from you and I want sister Nancy to hear from us and wish her to write & let us hear from her. Elijah Boggs family are all well & they would like to hear from you & Brother Isaac (letter very worn) his family is all in common health he has lost one son in the army, dear sister I say to you that crops is short with us this year & now a severe drouth times is serious.  I say to you siter I want to know of you if Brother did make use of spiritous licquors through his afflication I have been deareful that he did so I look for a letter from you soon. So no more at this time but remain your Brother till death.     Stephen Ellis and Isaac H. Ellis

Children of STEPHEN ELLIS and RENECCA IVY are:
 i. BENJAMIN4 ELLIS, b. 1804; m. SUSANNA BROOKS, December 18, 1819, Jackson CO, GA.
 ii. J ELLIS, b. Bet. 1804 - 1824; m. SOLOMON BROWNING, November 13, 1817, Jackson CO, GA.
6. iii. MILES ELLIS, b. 1806, South Carolina.
7. iv. EMILY ELLIS, b. 1819.
8. v. EZRA ELLIS, b. 1820, Ga.
9. vi. MALISSA ELLIS, b. 1823, GA.
 vii. JANE ELLIS, b. 1824, GA; d. Aft. 1870; m. ELIJAH BOGGS; b. 1824, GA; d. July 13, 1901, Gwinnett CO, GA.

3.  JAMES E3 ELLIS (WALTER2, ELLIS1) was born 1791 in Green CO, GA, and died July 1850 in Gilmer CO, GA..  He married NANCY MCCLURE Abt. 1810 in NC.  She was born 1792 in NC, and died March 11, 1871 in Fannin CO, GA.

Notes for JAMES E ELLIS:
James E. Ellis was born in Green County, 1791, the son of Walter and Mary Ellis.  James Ellis married Nancy McClure, she was born in North Carolina, where they probably married, since their first three children Silas, Walter and Thomas were born there.  They came back to Jackson County, Georgia, where his father Walter was living and there my great grandfather James Madison Ellis was born October 28, 1816.  By 1822 they moved back to North Carolina, where James and Nancy are listed on 1830 Census of Macon County, North Carolina with 7 boys and 4 girls and Walter, Jr. and Sarah, his wife are next door.
 From the book "Whites Among the Indians" James Ellis is listed in Murray County Georgia in 1832 in the area of the Vann House. Two of his sons married there;  James Madison Ellis married Rachel B. Harrison in 1838 and John W. Ellis married Margaret Black on January 23, 1840.  On the  1840 Census of Murray County, the three families are living next door to each other.
 James Madison Ellis came to Gilmer County in 1841 and his parents came around 1845.   James Ellis died unexpectedly in July 1850, at the age of 59, born in Georgia, leaving no will or estate papers.  His son, Walter Washington Ellis, also  died in Gilmer County September 1850, at age of 38, born in North Carolina.  Nancy Ellis is listed on the Gilmer County 1850 Census, a widow with two children in the household, Mary and Joseph, next door is her daughter-in-law, Sarah, widow of Walter Washington Ellis.
 In the 1860 Census of Fannin County, Nancy Ellis is listed as a widow living in the household with her son, Joseph and his wife Mary and their two children.  Nancy died March 11, 1871 in Fannin County and she is buried at Harmony Cemetery in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

 ("Whites Among the Cherokees; 1830 Census Records of Macon County, North Carolina, pg.
 21; 1840 Census Records of Murray County, Georgia and 1850 Georgia Mortality Schedules  and Census.
1830 Macon CO, NC Census

James Ellis 1m(0-5) 2m(5-10)3m(10-15)1m(15-20)1m (40-50)
                    2f (0-5) 1F (10-15) 1F(15-20) 1F(30-40)[NewEllis3c.FTW]

Burial: Harmony Cem, Blue Ridge, GA
Children of JAMES ELLIS and NANCY MCCLURE are:
10. i. SILAS4 ELLIS, b. September 01, 1811, NC; d. January 03, 1873, Blount CO, AL.
11. ii. WALTER WASHINGTON ELLIS, b. 1812, Haywood CO, NC; d. September 1850, Gilmer CO, GA..
12. iii. THOMAS JEFFERSON ELLIS, b. 1815, NC; d. April 1891, Fannin CO, GA.
13. iv. JAMES MADISON ELLIS, b. October 28, 1816, Jackson CO, GA; d. June 26, 1909, Roundtop, Gilmer CO, GA.
 v. JOHN W ELLIS, b. 1817, Murray CO, GA; d. Bef. 1860, Murray CO, GA; m. MARGARET BLACK, July 23, 1840, Murray CO, GA; b. 1818, NC.
 vi. ELIZABETH 'BETTY " ANN ELLIS, b. 1820, NC; m. WILLIAM W LATCH, January 28, 1847, Murray CO, GA; b. 1824, SC; d. Bef. 1860.
14. vii. REV WILLIAM AUSTIN ELLIS, b. January 29, 1822, NC; d. March 16, 1904, Calhoun CO, Alabama.
15. viii. ELIJAH MARION ELLIS, b. November 13, 1823, Buncombe CO, NC; d. June 26, 1863, Springplace, Murray CO, GA.
16. ix. CHARLES J ELLIS, b. 1827, NC.
 xi. PRICILLA ELLIS, b. 1832, GA.
 xii. JOSEPH L ELLIS, b. 1834, NC; m. (1) M1 MARY, Abt. 1858; b. 1830; d. 1868, Fannin CO, GA; m. (2) FRANCES ALLEN, December 13, 1868, Fannin CO, GA; b. 1839, GA.

4.  ISAAC H3 ELLIS (WALTER2, ELLIS1) was born January 20, 1798 in Greene CO, GA, and died December 15, 1864 in Gwinnett CO, GA.  He married MARY BOGGS October 19, 1837 in Jackson CO, GA3, daughter of ELLIS "SR" BOGGS.  She was born June 27, 1807 in GA4, and died March 11, 1897 in Gwinnett CO, GA.

Notes for ISAAC H ELLIS:
Isaac H. Ellis, the son of Walter and Mary Ellis was born in Green County, Georgia January 20, 1798. He married Mary Boggs, born June 27, 1807, the daughter of Elijah Boggs, Sr.  Isaac H. Ellis is listed on the 1860 Census of Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Isaac H. Ellis died December 15, 1864 in Gwinnett County, after Stephen Ellis, his brother, wrote those two letters to Elijah Ellis in Gilmer County.
 Mary Boggs Ellis is listed on 1870 Census of Gwinnett, as age 63, with daughter Vilater and son Isaac, Jr.  Mary died March 11, 1897 in Gwinett County, Georgia
 Several years ago, an old Bible was found near Gilmer County, Georgia and was brought into the newspaper office.  No one in the county seemed to know who Isaac H. and Mary Ellis were.  My cousin knew of my interest in genealogy, so she made a copy of the Bible's family record and sent it to me.  I hoped to connect Isaac to the Walter Ellis family, but with no success until the Civil War letters between Stephen and Elijah Ellis of Gilmer County were located by descendant Dennis Rice, it was the first positive proof anyone had known that Isaac H. Ellis was son of Walter and Mary Ellis.

Notes for MARY BOGGS:
Because of Mary Boggs birthdate, it appears that Isacc H Ellis had a prior marriage and all children born prior to to 1838 were from that first marriage. Isaac would have been almost 40 and Mary 13 if 10-19-1837 marriage date  is correct. Need marriage record from Jackson County, Georgia. 1840 census also needed.
Children of ISAAC ELLIS and MARY BOGGS are:
17. i. JAMES M4 ELLIS, b. November 20, 1820.
18. ii. SOPHIA CAROLINE ELLIS, b. January 13, 1823.
 iii. WILLIAM H ELLIS, b. November 20, 1835; d. 1863, Gwinnett CO, GA; m. MARTHA H HARRIS; b. January 09, 1858.
 iv. REBECCA JANE ELLIS, b. December 14, 1838; m. ABRAHAM BARTON, April 04, 1865, Gwinnett CO, GA.
 v. VILATER ANN ELLIS, b. July 29, 1841.
 vi. RICHARD PARKS ELLIS, b. January 16, 1843, Gwinnett CO, GA; d. 1863, Civil War.
19. vii. WALTER HENRY ELLIS, b. November 08, 1844; d. July 06, 1922, Gwinnett CO, GA.
 viii. ISAAC ESEKIEL ELLIS, b. November 11, 1846.

Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1865, Co G 35th Inf GA

 ix. JOHN WESLEY ELLIS, b. August 15, 1847; d. 1856.
 x. MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS, b. July 07, 1851.

5.  ELIJAH MARION3 ELLIS (WALTER2, ELLIS1) was born December 09, 1800 in Greene County, GA, and died September 03, 1863 in Toccoa, Fannin CO, GA.  He married LAVISIA "LEVICY" SANTER Abt. 1828.  She was born August 11, 1811 in Bryson City, NC, and died August 28, 1892 in Fannin CO, GA.

Elijah Ellis, the youngest son of Walter and Mary Ellis was born December 9, 1800 in Green County, Georgia.  He married Levicia Sartin who was born August 11, 1811 in Bryson City, North Carolina.
 It is not know exactly when Elijah and Levicia Ellis came to Gilmer County, but there is proof they were living there when his nephew, James Madison Ellis enlisted in the Indian War in Ellijay on December 1837.  In the late 1830's, Elijah's mother, Mary Ellis came to live with them and in 1840 he helped her acquire her widow's pension on her husband, Walter Ellis, who was a  Revolutionary War  Soldier.
 In the 1850 Census of Gilmer County Elijah and Levicey are listed with their children: Josiah Newton, Madison Alexander, Besthenia Adaline, Anderson Russel, Francis Marion and James Cass Ellis.  By 1860 the area where they lived, that part of Gilmer became Fannin County and they are listed on the 1860 Census with Andew, Frances and James still in the household.
 Elijah was the brother that Stephen Ellis of Gwinnett County who wrote the beautiful and inspiring letter on August 9, 1863.  Elijah died September 3, 1863 in Fannin County and his buried at Toccoa Church Cemetery.  The second letter that Stephen wrote is after the death of Elijah, when Levicey writes and tells him of his death.  Levicey Sartin Ellis died August 28, 1892 in Fannin County and is buried beside Elijah.

Burial: Toccoa, Fannin CO, GA

Burial: Toccoa, Fannin CO, GA
 i. MARY ANN4 ELLIS, b. 1829.
 ii. JOSIAH NEWTON ELLIS, b. March 11, 1832, GA; d. August 12, 1863, Fannin CO, GA; m. NANCY BRANCH; b. 1842.
 iii. WALTER JASPER ELLIS, b. March 22, 1834, GA; d. March 12, 1847, Fannin CO, GA.
20. vi. ANDERSON RUSSELL ELLIS, b. December 28, 1841, GA; d. May 14, 1927, Fannin CO, GA.
21. vii. FRANCES MARION ELLIS, b. 1844, GA.
22. viii. JAMES CASS ELLIS, b. May 21, 1848, Fannin CO, GA; d. February 21, 1905, Fannin CO, GA.

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