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I hope you enjoy the collection of family documents below. Just click on the title to go to the documents. Each of these documents gives a great historical perspective, as well as rounding out the genealogical perspective... really bringing their voices (or faces) back to life.

You may also want to visit the Stories page to see additional information on individuals in the family tree.

Rose's Letters

Rose Plaisted's Letters: A collection of love letters to Rose from a variety of men and letters from Rose's best friend (Lucy Wyckoff). Very humorous as Rose was engaged to and jilted several young men before finally marrying. From Steuben County, New York in the 1880s.

Abercrombie Letters

Abercrombie Family Letters: A collection of letters between members of the Abercrombie family in Scotland and America. Interesting for its discussions of impressions of an immigrant to the midwest and a Civil War soldier. From the 1850s to the 1900s.

Civil War Letters of Quincy Plaisted: Quincy Plaisted served in the 161st New York Infantry in 1862 and 1863. These are letters he sent home to his parents and sister before his death in November of 1863.

Kornhauser Diary

Anna Viola Marshall Kornhauser's Diary: A diary kept by Anna Marshall Kornhauser in the 1910s when she traveled to Germany to be married to Sidney Kornhauser. Interesting for its impressions of German life immediately before WWI and how Americans did (or didn't) adapt to travel abroad.

Mystery Letter: This is a letter from Queensbury, Ireland in 1939 which was found in my grandmother's house. What is curious is that we have no idea for whom the letter might have been meant. Recent developments suggest that it may be some kind of hoax. The letter itself is quite humourous, however!

Scott Sisters, 1906

The Scott Sisters : These letters and postcards were written to and from Mabel, Eva, Gertrude, Reba, and Mildred Scott (Rose's daughters) in the early 1900s. The girls grew up in Steuben County, New York, attended college, and went abroad. The letters span their childhood and early adulthood. This page is still under construction.

Reba's Southwest Tour : This collection of photos was taken by Reba Scott in 1920-21 when she was teaching second grade at the Metcalf Grade School in eastern Arizona. Reba also traveled to California, Mexico, and Colorado, taking photos and collecting postcards.

Family Photos Slide Show: This slide show contains photos of individuals from my family (including cousins & unidentified people) dating from about the 1850s on. The originals go from daguerrotypes, to glass, to tintypes, to paper, really giving a full history of photography. There are captions at the bottom of each slide, giving dates and other information. You can also link to a copy of the photo album. The slide show requires Flash Player.

Early Postcards Slide Show: This slide show contains postcards dating from the early 1900s, mostly from upstate New York. There are captions at the bottom of each slide, giving locations, postmark dates and other information. You can also link to a copy of the album. The slide show requires Flash Player.