Do You Remember

St Lambert, Quebec

Do you remember ....... way back in September !!!!!!....... What do you remember !!!!!! ......

The St Lambert Centenial medal 1857-1957, ....... I still have mine

The hill at the garbage furnace - Upper Oak ... now a housing development

The fountain in the pool at l'Esperance Park , ...............long gone.................. only the pool remains the same

The original school 81 Green St ............... boy has it changed ...........



Chambly County High School

The temporary classrooms at the back of CCHS ( there is now a permanent addition to the High School, some thing they said in out time would been done in six months - BUT then again no one said six months from which date) )


The swimming hole at the end of Victoria ( well acutally floating squares)


Taylor's toyland, at one time on the thrid floor, then removed to the basement

Ahearn's Variety on Green St

Max Nyveen's Music Shop , Green St and Oak St

Rainbow Market , Desauliner Blvd

Modern Meat Market , Green St and Oak St

Johnny's Corner , Tiffin ( well not quite in St. Lambert, but close enough)

Ranger's Hardware , Victoria St

The Sanford School, - the Merton School finally named the Margaret Pendelbury Primary School , Green St at Merton St

The St Lambert Annex , Mercille St

The St Lambert bowling Alley over the United Stores 5-10-15 , Green St

The Pool Hall, over the Victoria Theater ( a place I never was allowed to go)


Romeo Taxi Company

Romeo Snack Bar (corner Oak and Green)

The Friday nite movies at the United Church hall.

The Montreal and Southern Counties Railway .... tramcars .........

tramcar notes

Click on car to get to history

Jazzar's on Green St.

The St Lambert Bar B Q Vitcoria St ( owned by Gregory Spiro's family)

Thrift ( later Dominon) Stores

A & P Grocery Store Ltd

The Rousseau Record Bar

The Suburban News , which changed it 's name 11 August 1952 to the South Shore Echo, Echo de la Rive Sud

The Blue and Grey Shop

Hughes Gift Shop

Hughes Shoe Store

The Chow Mein Gardens

Rexall Drug Store Corner St Denis and Elm

Doctor Brown .............

Gym uniforms from Taylor's

Elmhurst Dairy and the milk wagon pulled by horse

Rollie the delivery man from Rainbow Market ( he knew the layout of every one's kitchen)

South Shore Electric - Your G E dealer

Letourneau Plumbing Ltee

Eric Sharp , Dougie Parsons ( sports celebrities)

Don's Marine & Sporting Goods Ltd

Benny Bar B Q ( more french fries than any one else)

Miss Italia ( today you still cannot beat their pizzas - often my son brings one when he comes to visit )

The Street dances at Seaway Park

Zodiac Audio Visual Inc

Albert's Hamburger Eat Shop ( corner Green & Victoria , where the Bank of Montreal is now)

Victoria Shoe Repair

St Lambert Meat Market

Barber C Cartage
St Lambert Convent

John Gravel Automobile Ltd

St Lambert   1857  -1957 

Other scenes circa 2007

St Lambert's beginings ( ( St Lambert on one side of the tracks and Victoria Park on the other)

Early beginnings of Mortlake Street , St. Lambert

Conrad Porier took these photos in 1946 : they are on file at the Biblioteque National du Quebec - Montreal

Ranger Hardware


Teen Club

Post Office

Victoria Theather

J L Taylor

War Memorial

Victoria St

Afew photos courtsey of the CNR people, photos are on file at the Canadian Archives - Ottawa

Control Tower

The real  train station

The present train station

And again

Victoria bridge

Freight yard

Freight yard

Sharing the bridge

Check out Lovell's directory listing for the South Shore - this should help your memory
Not knowing how many visitors to this page have actually taken the time to do a look up in the Lovell's street Directory, so I have decided to post a small sample of the listing of Victoria Street from Riverside Drive to where it changed names to Devonshire. Beginning with the year 1935, which is way way before my time , the listings will be increments of 5 years , that should make most every one happy . If I see that there was a big change in any of the other years, I might decide to post that year in particular. In any case a lot of the names you will see on this street listing are names that were quite evident in the Village that most of us remember.

The Village of St Lambert 1935

Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St , Denis

The Village of St Lambert 1940

Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St , Denis

The Village of St Lambert 1945
Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St , Denis

The Village of St Lambert 1950

Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St . Denis

The Village of St Lambert 1955

Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St . Denis

The Village of St Lambert 1960

Victoria Green Elm
Riverside Drive to Green Green to Woodstock Woodstock to Devonshire Tiffin to Victoria Victoria to St . Denis

I do remember ....... way back in September !!!!!!....... Some one very ...... very special ...........

Some scans from ' The South Shore ECHO de la Rive Sud ' Wednesday August 26, 1959 issue

What or who Have I Missed

Rob Edlefsen
Cambridge, Ontario Canada writes .........

This sight was a treat to find!

As I read down the list of places and things from the St.Lambert of my childhood (the horse trough on Victoria - classic),

I couldn't help but smile.

I came to St.Lambert as a boy of about 4 or 5 from Malton (dad worked on the Avro Arrow until it went Kaput)and lived first on Desalunier (near Johnny's corner) then up on Mercille.

I remember the Lion's head fountain and paddling pool at the youth center on Lesperance and the lane-ways we walked to get there on those hot summer days.

Then a 5 cent popsicle on the way home from Lawsons

I could go on and on. Dr.Brown (on Notre-Dame) and his nurse Therese (with her big dog Blackie? beside her in the office)was my doctor.

I guess I saw the tail end of a lot of the St.Lambert you have described.
My sister went to Margaret Pendlebury then we both went to St.Lambert elementary.
I used to sit in the park across the street next to the war memorial and play "I spy" with my mum then maybe go into Jazzars (under the bowlig alley) for a treat and a look around. I believe the fellow who owned Jazzars also owned the duplex we rented on Desaunier.
Miss Italia pizzas were the best Pizzas around. ( Miss Italia is building a new two story place up across for the old Devonshire Shoping center at the end of Alexandria St. ( unfortunately in the town of Greenfield park) )
I had many a "bean-shave" in Romeo's barber shop.
I also remember the X-ray machine in the shoe store.
There was still the old coal cellars in the older tenaments some of my wee chums lived in and used to scare heck out of each other with dares of going down into those old cellars.
I could go on and on but again I just want to thank you for filling in the names and places of many of the puzzle pieces of my
life which I hadn't thought about for a long long time.

Cathy Harper of Huntington writes ....

I too have many memories of St.Lambert and if I had not gone to Margaret Pendlebury School in Grade 3,Norm Craig would have counted a 9th first cousin.

My love of horses started at a young age as I would get up early in the morning and follow the milkman on his route with his horse drawn vehicle and I would never tire of patting is horse every time he would stop at a house.

I also remember going around town after school with Mr. Hughes from Hemmingford who sold apples,plums and peaches from the back of his blue panelled truck. We were not worried about kidnapping etc. back in those days.

Other thoughts - sponge toffee from the little store on Green across & up from the elementary school (was that Ahearns'?)

The St.Lambert BBQ on Victoria with the best (dark brown) sauce!!

Diving from the high board at the big swimming pool. The winter carnivals at Lesperance Park with the fabulous ice sculptures.

On and On...

Thanks for the memories.

Norm Craig of Virginia Beach, VA writes ....

My wife and I really enjoyed your site.

We were both kids in St Lambert.

My wife (Carol Langston) graduated fm CCHS in 1959 or 1960; my parents left town in the early 50s though we returned most years thereafter to visit family.

We were both born in the Home Hospital - also my parents were both born in St Lambert - my Grandfather served two terms as mayor in the 1930's.

In the school list we found no less than eight first cousins. Our only contact in town now is Bob Taylor who is still running the family business (i.e. Taylors Store).

1. The list of "Do you remembers" really hit home - between the two of us, we could relate to every single one.

The "Dougie Parsons" comment brought back memories, I lived with the Parsons family for a year before my family moved to the states. He and his brother Lloyd were really good to me during a tough period.

I remember Dougie constantly giving me a hard time because I was moving to a "foreign" country and I hadn't yet learned to speak the new language (I was in fourth grade - so what did I know). - also I had the famous (or as we then thought 'notorious') Miss Pendelburry in the Annex in, I think 2nd, grade. I remember that, despite her handicaps, she could still wield a ruler with great precision.

3. If you expand the list:- Watching movies (cartoons) on Friday night at the bandstand (Mid 1940s)

- The horse watering fountain at the intersection of Victoria and Logan

- The X-Ray machine in Hughes Shoe Store so we could see how the shoes fit - how little we knew.

- Ernie and Guaranteed Milk

- Vardun's Candy Store

- The old Post Office (which in my opinion had a great deal more class than does it's replacement)

- Watching them assemble the Fairchild pre-fabricated houses on Mortlake.

Thanks for the memories!

contributed by Sheila Kerr

I do not see "Tom the Greek" anywhere....

Living in Longueuil meant that we had to bring lunch and we used to eat at his restaurant (with our own lunch) everyday....

Don't you remember Tomsicles?????

Tom the Greek - an expression that is politically incorrect today, was the name that Tom ? was known by and it was an endearing phrase at that time. We would bring our lunch - sit in his booths and listen to the juke box. You had to be in either grade 10 or 11 - because he would sell cigarettes to the older guys - I think two for a nickle. The restaurant was immediately beside Moscovitch the Cleaner and across from the Bowling alley on Green. His long suffering wife was known as Mrs.Tom. The restaurant was known as Tom the Greek's - circo 1951, 1952, 1953.........

After reflecting for a few days, here are some more institutions of
St.Lambert in the 50's: contributed by

1. Seminuk Electrical Repair Store
This was just behind Parker's Dry Cleaning. Mr. Seminuk had a mountain
of old toasters, radios, etc. behind his counter. Perhaps not the most
organized individual, but of good heart and intention. Supplanted by
Jardines in the early 1950's.

2. Parker's Dry Cleaning

3. The cement trough for horses to drink from (on one side) and people
(on the other side).
Like the fountain in the center of the L'Esperance Park Wading Pool, the
horse / people fountain was sponsored by the Lion's Club. It was located
on the St. Barnabas Anglican Church side of the park formed by the
intersection of Victoria and (?) Horsfal opposite the Victoria Theatre /
Taylor's Store. I recall it well, as I used to lean my bicycle against
it while drinking from the fountain (people's side, that is!)

4. Dr. Brown, on Mercille Avenue, almost next to the St. Lambert
Elementary School.

5. The first St. Lambert Library, built around 1953

6. Smiley's Coal, delivered in horse-drawn carts. (They used to shovel
the coal down a chute into a room in our basement, from which my dad
shovelled it into the furnace.) This became Smiley's Fuel Oil, delivered
in tanker trucks. ( Note from Doug Macfie -- ah!!! Joan Smiley now that is someone to remeber)

7. Gargbage collected by horse drawn city wagons, pulled through the
lanes behind all the houses in the first section of St. Lambert.

8. Chambly Transport (aka 'Shambles' Transport) and their dogpatch
buses, which replaced my beloved Southern Counties Railway streetcars -
still a few in Delson?

9. Romeo's Barber Shop, on Victoria Street - 25 cents for a haircut, and
ten cents for a tip

10. The outer suburbs - Mackayville, Lafleche, Ville Lemoyne, Greenfield
Park - where are they all now?

11. Brown's Pharmacy, on the corner of Horsfal and Victoria, opposite
Parker's Dry Cleaning. Mr. Brown Senior and his son ran the store.

On the same theme

Lynn writes ...

Another St. Lambert Memory follows,as it ended up in your Guestbook rather than in the posting section.

" I too well remember Brown's Pharmacy on the corner of Victoria and Webster,opposite Parker's Cleaners. J.G. Brown and his son Jim never advertised as each prescription was dispensed along with a joke or funny story. They knew that the best advertisement was a satisfied customer and my grandfather and uncle had more doctor and prescription business than any other pharmacy in town. "

Lynn Chisnall (MacGyver) Toronto, Ontario

What a trip down memory lane!
I always thought I was "the only one" who remembered such seemingly unimportant highlights of my growing up years but, obviously, I am not alone in treasuring
these golden nuggets!
Friday evenings at the Youth Centre dances (L'esperance) with the disco ball glittering from the ceiling and Aker Bilk playing "Strangers on the Shore" as
the last dance.
Summer days at the "Youth camp" across from Holy Angels school where we got chocolate milk in a bottle with the cardboard top.
We lived across the street from the park on St. Denis so all I had to do was cross the road to watch my brother play baseball or play on the monkey bars
(forget today's plastic stuff - this was the real thing: metal) or swim in the small concrete pool.  There was a wooden chalet where, during the summer, they
played music from the juke box (Wake Up Little Suzie) and during the winter we laced up our skates while the pot-bellied stove warmed us and then we went
outside to the rink and skated around to recorded music.
My Dad was a writer and avid photographer and snapped pics of The St. Lawrence Seaway's opening amongst many other "happenings".  If you need any old photos of
St. Lambert, please contact me.  They're amazing! 

I remember going to see "Psycho" at the cinema on Victoria Street and being so scared we were afraid to walk home so we went into the little Chinese restaurant
across the street - we spent an hour eating 2 almond cookies - enough time to get our nerves up to run home.
My Mom would drag us to the A&P every Saturday morning to do our shopping my big treat was to pour the coffee beans into the grinder and push the button - I can
still smell the aroma!
'Round about 1970 or '71 St. Lambert had a weekend craft fair - started out in the morning with pancakes and sausages and went all day with various artists
showing their wares.  Don't know if this was just a one-off or if it went on for a few years.
Anyway, so sorry to bore you with all of this nostalgia but I was so taken by your site and the memories it conjured I just had to let you know how
appreciative I am.  I moved to St. Lambert when I was 9 months old and left when I was 23 so you can
imagine how dear to my heart this wonderful place is!
Please contact me should you want to see some great photos!
June Shirley    
June Killen <>
Oakville, Ontario Canada 
Monday, October 06, 2008 at 13:45:26 (CDT)

Mary van Woerkom
Calgary, Alberta Canada
wrote :
My younger sister directed me to this site. It was a moving experience. I moved to St. Lambert in 1960 or so when I was 2. I stayed in St. Lambert until I was 19 when I moved to Lemoyne, then Greenfield Park and Brossard but St. Lambert will always be home to me. Now I live out west. A few years ago I happened to watch a kids movie on TV about a cat turned human or vice versa and I immediately recognized St. Lambert as the place that the movie was filmed. My how it has changed. I have spent years trying to find Chinese food as good as Chow Mein Gardens. I have so many memories of "firsts" from St. Lambert. It was a wonderful place to grow up. My father is buried there facing Seaway Park. I
hope to go back some day with my kids and show them my "home town".
Thanks for the awesome website.

Something special way back when

School Promotion List -
St Lambert Elementary
August 26 , 1959

Kindergarten :

Joseph Allen, Elizabeth Arnold, David Bradwell,Christina Cash, Barbara Chapleau, Nicolas Day, Susanna Dean, Alexander Douglas, Christopher Field, George Caty, Shirley Gigon, Dianne Glasser, Joanne Hale, Cynthia Halchin, Pamela Hammond, Richard Hill, Pamela Hillard, Debra Homles, Sussane Jackson, Donna Lee Johnson, Barbara Jones, Deborah Kirk, Kimbery Lansing, Cheryl Lewis, Catherine LeDrain, Sharon Martin, Robert Martin, Helen McDowell, Laura McLellan, Joan Milne, Frances Milligan, Wendy Gwen, Ingrid Peets, Scott Rappard, Barbara Robertson ,James Shepheard, Barbara Smith, Eleanor Smith, Jo Ann Strathdee, Carolyn Watson, Kenneth Williams.

Grade One

Judy Andrien, Debbie Archer, Stuart Birnie, Roger Brendish, Mary Bridgeman, Heather Campbell, Patricia Darlington, Laurel Eaves, Shirley Elliot, Mavis Fellows, Billy Fergusson, Susan Grey, Betty Lou Harper, Terry Harris, Leslie Hunter, Kitty King, John MacArthur, Heather MacGillvray, Mark Middleton, Tommy Nowers, Keith Ogg, Ross Ogilvie, Billy Olsen, Margaret Perrott, Keith Robinson, Rhoda Ryan, David Small, Wendy Steven, Susan Tarbuck, Roberta White, Terry Yeoman, Lillian Young.

Grade two-1

Margaret Boyd, Jancie Brown, Kevin Burchmore, Goerge Burbidge, Gordon Campbell, Raymond Carter, David Crouch, William Croucher, Brent Daigle, Anne Darley, Gary Delo, William Dempsey, Bonnie Dewar, Grant Doak, Carolyn Dunster, Janice Farrer, Kenneth Geddes, Steven Gillians, Adrian Goss, Gail Harris, Carrol Horne, Christopher Knight, Christopher Lansing, Sandra Matheson, Jackie Philips, Anne Poulton, Jane Poulton, James Richards, David Simpson, Kennth Williams, Judy Allen, Lenny Carter, Derek Finchom, Patrick Friedman, Lynne Gregory, Robert Harris, Kent Leach, Jacqueline LeDrain, Susan Mahon, Peter Marr, Archie McInnis, Campbell Miller, Carol Milligan, Janet Milligan, Linda Mosher, Grant Noakes, Neil Ogg, Gordon Ogilivy, Fred Olsen, Colin Pilmer, Gordon Pinneo, Reid Preston, Douglas Robinson, Peter Rugg, Wesley Scharff, Gail Smith, Michael Smith, Morton Wengler, Thomas White, Kirk Williams, Diane Yurkowski. .

Grade three

Richard Arblaster, Russull Bunrham , David Campbell, Janet Cayford, Cheryl Clinton, Pamela Corbett, Heather Dewer, Donald Erskine, Geaffney Gibbons, Donna Gourlay, Arabey Hagyard, Victoria Haliburton, Michael Hanley, Patricia Holloway, Michael Home, Robert Horne, Mark Inman, Renate Kessler, Michael Koculym, Terry Lanning, Janice Loney, Soon Ying Mark, Steven Mosher, Jay Myers, Michael O�Brien, Virginia Owen, Daniel Pinneo, Marion Scheulze, Linda Smith, Roger Smith, Joseph Yeoman.

Grade four �1

Nan Baird, John Bloxham, Bobby Brown, Patsy Carley, Ronald Chapleau, Bruce Clark, Debby Day, Joanne Harding, Susan Jones, Ross Milligan, Earle Newbury, Allan Philip, Brenda Pollitt,
George Simms, Audrey Stone.

Grade four � 2

Gary Armstrong, Craig Bloxham , Joanne Corneil, Ronald Esber, Heather Gigon, David Haigh, Robert Hastings, Susan James, John Kobelt, Cecile Lomon , Scott Mackay, Kwong Mark, Tommy Mayhew, Gary Millward, Mary Norton, Ian Ogg, Bruce Oglivie, David Parry, Lorraine Plimer, Lyn Potter, June Rawlings, Carman Roberts, Jean Roth, Gaye Shepard, Laura Storen, , Lynne Taylor, Joan Telfer, Louise Villeneuve, Audrea Whittaker, Warren Wilson.

Grade four �3

Ruth Barrier, James Baxter, Michael Brewer, Linda Berry, Caroline Brendish, Richard Bridgeman, Cheryl Curran, Katherine Carter, Bruce Crisp, Sylvia Dean, Shelia Darley, Elizabeth Douglas, Alan Dunfield, Valerie Eaves, Lynne Gibbons, Leslie Gilbert, Janet Glasser, Stephen Hartshorne, James Harris, James Hindes, Ian Hunter, Katherine Hanson, Cathryn Haynes, Marliyn Heatie, Edmund Jack, Glenn Mehienbacher, Donald Morley, Judith McConnell, Marian Malvet, Susan Myers, Charlene Rugg.

Grade five � 1

Robert Baxter, Russell Carter, James Charlton, Gail Connick, Hal Terris, John McClay, david McKinley, Linda Smith, Ross Taylor, Carole de Trizac, Dewar Willis.

Grade five � 2

Patrica Bird, Michael Boggild, Wendy Daigle, Peter Dickie, Douglas Fellows, Connie FitzRandolph, Wyane Greene, Donna Harris, Lynds Heaney, Wanda James, Richard Lillico,, Sandra Mayer, Donald Simms , Douglas Smith, Sandra Robinson, Linday Tarbuck, Ronald Zinnicker.

Grade five � 3

Robert Beil, Stephen Berridge, Robert Grigg, Ronald Hill, Mark Twin, Gregory Heushner, John Neilson, Teddy Nyveen, Geoffroy Orrell, Alan Preston, James reid, Brian Ross, John Savage, Donald Semper, Kenneth Snedden, Berry Stemshoon, George Welcher, Barbara Ascah, Christine Cole, Spring Hadkinson, Susan Kirkwood, Rosemary Manning, Cherly Pope, Linda Rowe, Hynne Seaman, Kathleen Stephenson, Tineke Struyk, Lynn Thwing.

Grade five � 4

Carol Bourne, John Burbide, Marie Carter, Donald Clinton, Eric Hartmann, Derek Hynes, Rouglas Luckhurst, John McNeish, Kenneth Myers, Pat Middleton, Ken Muir, Linda Newton, Derck Oppen, Linda Pass, Joyce Radcliff, Helena Richards, Janice Simkins, Joan Smiley, Celia Smith, William Stady, Martha Stewart, Donna Taylor, Karen Tilly, Diane Villeneuve, Jim Venus, Ketith Walden, Susan Walton, Bill Ward, Gail Westlake, Norman Wheelwright, Patty Wilson.

Garde five �5

Jean Alford, Marianne Biske, Robert Bonar, Ian Bourne, Rodney Brown, Peter Chabot, Lorraine Charron, Patrice Cloran, Larry Coby, Duncan Cross, Valerie Dean, Dale Edmunds, David Elliot, Patrick Evans, Helen Falins, Ann Farish, Larry Fokes, Beverly Fraser, June Fursey, Barry Gibson, Judy Grosskurth, Heather Hass, Diane Hoy, Arlene Jackson, June King, Rosilyn King, Carol Lauer, John Martin, Arthur Matheson, William McKinnon, Jennifer Rodger, Elena Bearle, Roger Taylor.

Grade five � 6

John Croll, Gerard Haliburton, John Hodkinson, Heather Lewis, Douglas Macfie, Donna McInnes, Merle Mead, Adrea Miller, Clifford Morham, Lorraine Owen, Stephen Pickersgill, Cornelia Pfaff, Dorothy Rowe, Joanne Sauvey, Gregory Spiro, Michael Wallis, Jacqueline Watson, Larry Yatsushiro.

Grade five - 7

Marguerite Ancliffe, Patricia Burdon, Larry Chandler, Donald Collins, David Corbeil, David Craddock, Norma Cross, Janis Davidson, Lynn Ferrie, Joyce Fletcher, Paul Gibbon, Pamela Hanson, Gordon Harrison, Brian Hillman, Kathryn Hobbs, Sydney Jones, Janice Lawerence, Michael MacBride, Jim MacClellan, Gordon McIntosh, Diana Millen, Barbara Newbegin, James Partridge, Diane Rattray,Ian Ruthven, Richard Wallis.

Grade six - 1

Vicki Barber, Susan Bloxham, Nick Brenner, Pamela Clark, Candance Coates, Robert Dowker, Duart Edgar, Petra Eizenger, Diane Gibson, Felicity Hay, Allan Hayden, David Heatlie, Lynn Hillman, Marcus Jones, Stewart Jones, Norman King, Gordon Lang, Charles McQuade, Margaret McQuade, Ted Moore, Ross Stanley, Judy Weeger.

Grade six - 2

Bruce Burrows, Gordon Cameron, Cothy Ellicott, Del Embury, Patricia McGale, Peter Harrison,
Nancy Heeny, Gus Jones, Nelson Jones, Richard Murray, Hilany Nowers, Janice Pavuk,
Inglelore Schulze, Warren Shufelt, Alan Swanson, Kathryn Smith, Linda Thi�band, Malcolm Young.

Grade six � 3

Elaine Bennett, Ted Buck, Pat Chansel, Barrie Cross, Bruce Dunn, Peter Gilbert, Gordon Gillespie, Derek Grout, Karen Leach, Pat MacMillan, Rosemary Mills, Barbara Myerson, John Nourse, David Parker, Pamela Patterson, Allan Petley, Bruce Rattray, RonaldRenwick, Paul Smalley, Bruce Smith, Alan Stafford, Judy Storen, Mark Tait, Donald Toy, Eldred Vivian, Linda Willis, Peter Wolfinger.

Grade six � 4

Lynne Bentley, Richard Brown, Susan Collins, Joyce Croil, Drinda Firling, Peter Folkes, Jane Fursey, Donna Gettes, Rae Harris, Robert Hillard, Meredith Howie, Gregory Kennicle, Kathleen Kilburn, Karen Laduke, Neil Lowes, Callum MacDonald, Susan McArthur, Ian Mercer, Duncan Miller, Pamela Munro, Billy Munrray, Kenny Robinson, Barbara Shotten, Lynda Simpson, Joy Smith, Daphne Thierry, Robert Townsend, Brian Trottier, Linda Walker, Margaret Watson, Robert Westlake, Linda Wright.

Grade six � 5

Waston Anderson, Kevin Andrien, Wayne Arblaster, Linda Barker, Peter Brown, Susan Burchmore,Susan Chapleau, Keith Chapman, Ian Cross, Linda DeMoon, Mary gilbert, Donald Hammond, Ralph Howe, Robert Irvine, Ashlye Ivey, Robert Johnston, Susan Keen, Lynne Keelty, Peter Keller, Gunther Knoblock, Hans Kreler, Pasty Mehienbacher, Patricia Myers, Peter Parry, Robin Pollitt, Melvin Smith, Karen Thompson, William Whitehead.

Grade six � 6

Barbara Alexander, Jill Allen, Dawn Brawley, Duncan Brown , Gail Clark, Ross Cloran, Susan Darley, Ronald Dempsey, Paul des Trois Maisons, Mary Eastman, David Gillians, Peter Grout, Richard Hamilton, Carol Hodgson, Barbara Holmes, Elizabeth Humphreys, Thornton Larocque, James Lawson, Robin Leatherbarrow, John Lovelace, Lorraine Milligan, Harry Moon, Sylvia Mosher, Richard Mulanax, Carol Phillips, Kathleen Rodger, Edward Saunders, Angela Shepard, Ronald Scott, Geoffrey Thomas, Janice Ward, Gary Whittaker.

Grade seven �1

Carole Bergeron, Barbara Boulerice, Brent Burrows, Don Clark, Gary Dennis, Corine Dingwall, James Evans,David Erskine, Joyce Folbourn, Leslie Griffith, Heather Lambe, Kim Lee, Barry Lidstone, Jame Mayhew, Ken Partridge, Lynne Patterson, David Philip, John Rogers, Stephannie Rosevear, Carol Sanders, Graham Worden.

Grade seven � 2

John Anderson, David Austen, Jim Ballantine, Bob Charlton, Gleen Christensen, Susan Daigle, Eric Ferrie, Tim Hanson, Lynn Jacobson, Terry McCoy, Sandra Parr, Brian Parry, Lynne Pearcey, Stewart Phelan, Douglas Proctor, Lynne St Onge, Kathleen Willey.

Grade seven - 3

John Amyot, Robin Armstrong, Grant Barry, Melaine Bishop, Trevor Burchmore, France Burns, Robert, Dunn, Barry Elder, Edward Harding, Barbara Harper, Penny Hodgson, John Kennedy, Heather Llody, Geoffrey Luckhurst, Peter Maidment, Robert Norton, Shelia Perry, John Quayle, Alan Nidge, Anne Sansoucy, David Saunders, Gary Schram, Diane Seawald, Jennifer Stanley, John Fatham, Barbara Willis, Andrew Yatshushio

Grade seven � 4

John Baxter, Malcolm Brigden, G Brett Cane, Sandra Caverly, Beverly Chandler, Delcie Chaplin, Carolynn Chisnal, David Crisp, Robert Deadman, Susan Doak, Catherine Grant, Charlotte Green, Irene Grimard, Savah Hastings, James Hoskin, Karen Jackson, Marilyn King, Elisabeth Knoblock, Norman Lamarre, Gordon Marr, Susan McCoy, Douglas MacLaren, Adele Middleton, Richard Owen, Clifford Read, Doug Smith, Lesley Smith, Sharon Smith, Joseph Stelner, Ann Taylor, Gail Todd, Robert Tucker, Vivian Weir, Susan Weiser, Michael White.

Grade seven � 5

Richenda Atkinson, Brian Barber, Mary Bagso, Robert Boulerice, Maurice Brewer, Hedda Deissner, Kack Eaves,Bruce Firing, John Green, Bob Hawkins, Judy Hanger, David Fillico, Barbara Lloyd, Bobby Laman, Douglas Matthews, Sharon Preston, Larry Read, Lynne Smith, Pat Storen, Henry Symore, Bobby Taylor, Eric Templeton, Jennifer Tilley, Russell Witt, John Wrigley.

Grade seven � 6

Marylin Allen, Bill Barry, Dorothy Bourne, Cathy Cross, Dick Fransham, Don Haynes, Margaret McPherson, Bill Redman, Margit Scholz, Ron Thorp, Barbara Tovey, Stewart Welcher.

The following is from the promotion list of Chambly County High School August 1959

Grade VIII �1

John Baglow, Barbara Barton, Edward Bates, Lorne Beckett, Allan Cruickshank, Murry Dorning, Andrew Edwards, Claire Fraser, Barbara Greene, Pamela Gunning, Brian Harvey, Heather Hume, Anna Kelimbet, David Langille, Ellen Larsen, Ruth Leonard, Andrea Long, Richard Lockhurst, Rosemary Martin, Karen McClay, Cadman Mercer, Jill Mockridge, Peter Muller, Leslie Porteous, Bruce Raham, Julie Ross, Joan Rowe, Luigi Sarcoli, David Sproston, Manfred Schilling, Richard Williams, Richard Wright, Wendy Wright.

Grade VIII �2

Carol Bell, Edward Burchmore, Robert Curren, Richard Desserud, david Free, John Harris, David Jensen, Marliyn Leushner, Lynn Martin, Lynne Olsen, Janet Orr, Chester Phillips, Eric Poulsen, Tommy Poulton, Howard Rhodes, Peter Skaaning, Susan Tatham.

Grade VIII- 3

John Amyot, Bob Bennett, Peter Bisson, Carol Chapleau, Karl Erdmann, Linton Lovelace, Isabel McPherson, Sandra Millen, Ernest Phipps, Bruce Ward.

And finally

Grade VIII- 4

Margaret Brown, Frances Coastes, Gary Colby, Carol Culkin, Linda Daigle, David Elder, Kathleen Floyd, Linda Harris, Thomas Heeney, Donald Hossack, Glenn Jones, David King, Nicholas Lee, Bruce Mackay, Margaret Moore, Ronald Smith, Suzanne Villeneuve, Libby Wiser.