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We do not confirm nor deny the origins of Anne Tough, but as of 09 16 98, we can only reiterate the story that has followed down the family lines, Anne Tough was the daughter of William Tough who was the gardener at Langhouse . Why Alexander Macfie took up with Anne, we will never know, we are certain however that there was no out-of-wedlock births as Anne married Alexander in April 1823 and Robert was not born until March of 1824. (12 months later) after having posted the required marriage bonds in 1822.

As our research develops perhaps we shall be able to establish a better understanding of this relationship. In January, year 2000, while verifying the lines of John Macfie, a nephew of Alexander's, it was found that the wife of John , Lillias Fullarton had a great-grandmother named Janet Tough ( born Kilmarnock 10 Sept 1726) . Thus another Tough family  becomes linked to the Macfie line .

According to the writings  of Alexander Tough of Montreal, the Tough name is derived from the Norman " Touchet" a family who emigrated along with William the Conqueror in 1066 to England . At first they established themselves in the area of Chester England, then later at the request of the David II King of Scotland they were invited to move to the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland with the understanding that the family would protect the area in favour of David II and become good and true Scots (circa 1200).  In 1275 it is recorded that the family changed the spelling of their name from Touchet, Touch, to TOUGH a more Gaelic sounding of the original.

It is understood also that George William Tough did register  Arms and was so granted by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of all Scotland in the 1600's.

William Tough (1774 - 1855) , Anne's father, married (unconfirmed) Jane Munro (1777 - 1853) , William and Jane had two sons Charles and William and four daughters, Ann, Jean/Jane, Rachel and Agnes/Martha. They lived in Port Glasgow, just on the east side of Greenock, and that is where Anne was born in 1802. The two last girls being Christened in Inveraray and Glenarray . it is entirely possible  that the entire family accompanied Anne and Alexander with their newly born son Robert , on their trip to Canada, aboard the Quebec Packet in 1824 . Captian Anderson was the Master , the vessel being owned by Robert Catto & Sons, of Aberdeen, good friends of the Macfie family.

Jean/Jane took up with a Cameron of Sabervois in 1824 , this being shortly after the family arrived in the Noyan area of Lower Canada. ( A son Alexander Cameron was born of this union, Oct 13 1825.)

Agnes/Martha married a George Clark of Foucault or Caldwell's Manor , Oct 23 1834 when she was still a minor.

William married Jane ( Unknown) and may have produced his own family  .  We find a William and Jane  Tuff on the 1850 US Census in Moores NY

( As of Oct 10 1999 nothing is known other than the names, about this Tough family. Many possibilities open up with the finding of these other Toughs , many possibilities that will have to be looked into in the following years..............)
Rachel (who we just came across Jan 12 2000) has yet to be traced.

Another child has turned up in 2001, on the 1851 census in Missisiquoi   A  Charles Tough and his family of seven offspring

Obit from Canadian Huntington Gleaner Oct 23 1890

Macfie - At Clarenceville on the 13 instant ( October) Anne Tough, wife of the late Alexander Macfie and mother of Dr. Macfie of Fort Covington N Y in her 88th year

William Tough

Abt 1800

Port Glasgow, Scotland

Jean/Jane Munro

Charles Tough
Jane/Jean Tough
William Tough
Rachel Tough
Martha/Agnes Tough

The earliest Canadian  census 1825   lists   William Tough as living in Sabervois , district of Bedford head of a  family of 5 persons    One Male being himself, one female being his wife  and three children  unfortunately this is a  head  of family census only  with no really useful details

 One child (gender unknown) between 6 and 14 ,     one female under 14 years  and one single female over 14 years 

The neighbouring name on the list is John Cameron  listed as headof family with 5 members listing one male between 40 and 60 which is presumed to be John, one married female 45 years plus, one female child under 14 years and two other males between the ages of 8 and 25 one single and one married  ( which leads to futher confusion unless the head of the family is a son and the eldest male is a widowed father  There is no indication that a son was born before the census was taken,  so John Cameron born 1825  of John Cameron  and Janet (Tough) is not registered . The two single older children may be sibilings of the married male who may or may not be named John.

The 1842 Canada census had William and Jane living with Alexander Macfie andhis family  in the  stone house   there are 15 inhabitants recorded 


Anne Tough
Apr 23 1823
Inveraray, Scotland
Alexander Macfie

See Alexander Macfie

In the Seigniory of Foucault or Caldwell's Manor , near Missisquoi Bay ( at the head of Lake Champlain )also called Allard's Manor the Clark family  had lands showing George Clarke as owner of 100 acres, about or before 1827 were in Concession 9 , Lot 8 facing what today is know as South Beech Road, and backing onto the land of Walter Bruce,  (land that was purchased by Alexander Macfie in 1827). His immediate (whose land touched his) neighbours at that time were Peter Hawley, William Hawley, Francis Manning, Albert Chapman, Reuben Taylor and Samuel Millar.

Agnes or Martha Tough who married George Clark in 1834 moved with him to the Kingston Ont area and took up residence in the small town of Battersea Ont . Most of their family is buried in the Sandhill Cemetery there. Micheal Watson is one person who is researching this Clark line he can be reached at. Micheal Watson It has been found that a Mr Chris Kenney at 3863 Brewers Mills Rd RR#1 Seeleys Bay Ont has put information on the Tough - Clark faimily in the IGI system . He has used Tuff as his spelling instead of Tough, and has made a few slight errors as to their origins. As of Sept 1999 we have written him with our information.


Martha/Agnes Tough
Clarenceville, Quebec
George Clark
Edwin Clark
Thomas Clark
Clarinda Clark
William Clark
1843 -1928
George Clark
Mary Clark
Martha Clark
James Clark

The Clark family moved to Battersea, Ont where it appears all but Edwin were born, he being born in the Clarenceville Que area. Martha Clark according to Chris Kenney moved to Watertown NY where she died. Oct 10 1999 Contact was made with Steve Sleeth a descendant of Martha's through her son James Clark and we have been able to add the following to this family line. We are certain that Steve would be pleased to hear from all interested parties.



James Clark
Arabella Mary Sutherland

Charles Sutherland Clark
Margaret Clark
Albert Clark
Martha Clark
Victor Clark
Harold Clark

Charles Sutherland Clark

Nettie Edwards

Iona Clark
Mr Shannon

Eileen Shannon
Mr Sleeth

.Steven Sleeth

The Clark family now has it own page and can be seen at Clark    . All this through the great efforts of David A Wyatt

Jane/Jean Tough


Noyan ,Que
John Cameron
Alexander Cameron
Oct 13 1825
WOULD be very interested to find more on this line
it is believed that they lived in Sabrevois Que

it is this John Cameron who may be buried in the St Thomas de Noyan Church yard

The neighbouring name on the list is John Cameron  listed as headof family with 5 members listing one male between 40 and 60 which is presumed to be John, one married female 45 years plus, one female child under 14 years and two other males between the ages of 8 and 25 one single and one married  ( which leads to futher confusion unless the head of the family is a son and the eldest male is a widowed father  There is no indication that a son was born before the census was taken,  so John Cameron born 1825  of John Cameron  and Janet (Tough) is not registered . The two single older children may be sibilings of the married male who may or may not be named John.


Willaim Tough
Jane Unknown

Margaret Tough

William and Jane are buried in the town of Moores NY

The Town of Moores lies in the northern part of New York, bounded by the Canadian border, on the east by the towns of Champlain and Chazy, on the south by the town of Altona and on the west by the town of Ellenburg. The area where the town is established was on a gran of land originally given to Amasas Moore.

Margaret Tough
Feb 24, 1878
Champlain ,NY
Moses Garand

In 1860 we find the family of Alexander Goran (38) and his wife Elvira (35) living in Clnton county NY. The have as children Eliza (14) , Alexander (11) , Camile (8), Moses (6), and Henry who was (3)

In 1870 the family name was recorded a Garrow , living still in Clinton county NY. Alex the father( born abt 1824) , Alex the son , Camile and the mother Eliza (1825) are there as well as Dolphus ( born abt 1859) and Elmer (born abt 1868 ) . Elmer may have had a twin Josephine (1868) but it appears she may have died before the 1870 census taking.

We find Moses Garrow listed in 1870 however his name does not appear in the same grouping as the rest of the family. We do note that there is a Francis Garrow (brn about 1854) listed in the same family  group  so if could be  assumed that Moses may have been christened Francis Moses, or Moses Francis, or even François Moses.

Our information was taken fron the IGI records, and the 1880 census records for Moores, Clinton County NY and  provides us with Moses Garran and his wife Margaret.

The transcription of the 1900 census records is a bad case of  understanding as we find our family listed as  Marsh Garrant, his wife Magoina and a son Waller  who was born in 1887. The sone was most likey a  Walter . The 1910  records are not much  better , Moses is now at least recognized as  Moses Garrow and his wife in  recorded as Maggie ( which in most cases in the nick name for Margaret) .   There is a Walter B Garrow recorded in Washington County NY  who appeares to married to an Eugenia who was born in 1890. This could be the same family line, however we are  unable to confirm this as of 2008.

It makes it very difficult  to establish the correct linage as th original name had been transformed from French into American phonetics, and then  we have not had the opportunity to look at the original written census, but on that which has been transcribed.  We are fairly certain that this is indeed is a  correct interpertation of the how  family lines ran.

Charles Tough
13 Jan 1835
Grand Métis, Québec
Jane Cavil
1816 -

Sarah Tough
William Tough
Thomas Tough
George Tough
Robert Tough
1845 -
Agnes Tough

The 1842 census show Charles Tough  residing in Metis Quebec  a location  in the Gapse peninsula of Quebec, the  head of family censes indicates that he had 3  male children two under the age of 5 and one between the ages of  five and 14  which is not correct if we base ourselves on the more accurate information of the 1851 census  as it show Sarah  aged 18  

In 1851 on the census report we find Charles and his family living in a log house, situated just south of Robert Macfie's property and before the Miller residence. Charles is listed a a laborer . We  may assume , that he worked on either or both of the Macfie properties. It is presumed his sister Anne was living then in the stone house with her large family and her parents, Alexander having passed away by this time. Their son George does not appear on the census listing so we assume that he died at an early age, eventhough we have been unable to locate a internment record for him.

In 1881 we find  a Charles Tuff  (aged 60 )and Sarah A Tuff (aged 50)  both listed as married  living with Daniel Keeler ( aged 20) in the Storrington area of Ont  ( this does not match  Charles and Jane of Henryville) .

I am a decendent of Sarah Tough (Bricco) (Bricault). I have a copy of Sarah's death cetificate which shows Charles Tuff as her father and Jane Cavil as her mother.
It is the correct line. Thank you so much for helping me find this final connection.  I could not find Sarah's birth recorded at Grand Matice. 
Do you know where I can find it?  Sarah was my grandmothers' grandmother.
Mary Anne Moder
Saturday, March 08, 2008 at 22:14:51 (CST)

1st marriage
Sarah Tough
November 2 1853
Henryville, Quebec
Paul Bricault

2nd marriage
Sarah Tough
Olivier Greenier

Appleton Post Crescent
Dec 12 1922
Copy of article Provided by Pat Dorff

Sarah Tough
Jane Monty
Sarah Tough Jane Monty

Greatest Mother In America
337 trace ancestry
to County Pioneer

Bear Creek- Near this village is a quite, unassuming mother whose praises have been unsung,yet because
of the fact that she has 337 living descendants she might be termed : the greatest mother in the United States. Four geneations, are included in her mighty family.
This mother to 11, grandmother to 117, greatgrandmother to 190 and great great grandmother to 19 , is Mrs Sarah Greenier , 88, one of the easliest residents of the county.
Renown in this respect also is shared by Mrs Mary Jane Monty, one of Mrs Greenier's daughters, who has 91 descendants.
Promiinence frequently is given persons who posses 50 to 60 decendants, but both Mrs Greenier and Mrs Monty merely smile when this count is referred to as representing a large family

Was pioneer.

Mrs Greenier has lived a life that had its share of pioneering and hardships. Her madien name was Sarah Tuft ( Tough) and she was born of Scotch parents at Grande Matice, Canada Feb 2, 1834. She was married on Nov 2,1853, or 69 years ago to Paul Bricco. The ceremony occurred in a little village on Lake Champlain and the couple started west into the United States during the following spring to seek thier fortune.
The long pilgrimage in the days when travel facilities to Wisconsin were meager brought the pair to Fond du Lac. They resided there until 1870, when they came to Outagamie-co.They located on a farm at Maple Creek where they worked hard to bring up their family.
Mr Bricco met an accidental death May 14, 1877. Several years later Mrs Bricco was married to oliver Greenier of Northport, who died a few years later.

Spins her yarn

An example of how Mrs Greenier managed to bring up her children successfully was shown when her home was visited by a newspaper person. Although almost 90, she was seated at a spinning wheel completing her fourth fleece of wool this fall. She is keenely alert and enjoys good health. She visits her children frequently and is a regular attendant at church. Mrs Greenier make her home with her daughter Mrs Philomena Roberts.
All of the 11 children born to this mother are living.
The youngest is 45 years old and the oldest is 68.
These are Mrs Greenier's children :
Mrs Jane Monty , Bear Creek
Saul Bricco, New London
Mrs Philomena Roberts, Dear Creek
Mrs Sarah Ann Balthazor, Deer Creek
Mrs Agnes Balthazor, Maple Creek
William Bricco, Elderson
Mrs Adeline Belongia, New London
Mrs Emma Roberts, Clintonville
Alex Bricco, Wittenberg
George Bricco, Wittenberg
Mrs Jessie Balthazor, Wittenberg

Willaim Tough
Margaret Unknown

Margaret Tough
November 30 1884
Greenfield Mass
Octave Normandeau

Agnes Tough
abt 1867

William Curtis

Frank Curtis
William Curtis
Robert Curtis
Arthur Curtis

We find the Curtis family in Mooers , Clinton County N Y in 1880
Agnes is buried in the Mooers New Cemetery ( Tuft)
William is listed as a Teamster

The 1880 US Census lists a George Tough , 24, born Canada, papermaker ( his father 's birth place is listed as Scotland. George is married to a Martha who was also 24 and born in Canada . They are living in Watertown. N Y

Tough - General information :

While it is our intention to attempt to round out the Tough family tree for the above particular branch ,
there is a Tough family association in existence that may hold the key to other Tough lines.

The following was provided to me by Alexander Tough of Westmount, Quebec
(since deceased)

William Tough married 1759 Janet Mearns

a Margaret Tough b. 1760
married .1792 Joseph Beattie

b William Tough b 1763

c Janet Tough b. 1794 married 1787 George Milne
c1.George Milne b 1790

c2 William Milne b 1790
c3 William Milne b 1794
c4 Janet Milne b 1797
c5 Elizabeth Milne b 1805

William Tough b 1766 married Ann Robb
a Alexander Tough b 1800
married 1851 Susan Davidson b1830
a1 Alexander RobbTough b 1852

a2 Mary Tough b 1854
a3 James Tough b 1854
a4 David Tough b 1868
b William Tough b 1803 married 1836 Helen Anderson b1810
c Jean Tough b 1806
d Robert Tough b 1808
e John Tough b 1810

George Tough b 1769 married 1803 Jean Stephen
a George Tough 1804-1873
married Elspit Breck/Brick 1808-1892
a1 James Tough b 1828

a2 Jean Tough b 1830
a3 George Tough b 1834 married 1859 Mary Forbes b 1838
a4 Mary Tough b 1834
a5 Elspit Tough b 1839
a6 Barbara Tough b 1842
a7 Jannet Tough 1842-1923 married 1861 Daniel Ross 1830 -1899
a8John Tough b1848

William Tough b 1806
married 1838 Jean Sharp b 1813
a Christian Tough b 1839

b William Tough b 1840
c John Tough b 1841
d Anne Tough b 1845
e Mary Tough b 1808

Janet Tough 1810 1856 married 1841 Arthur Henderson b 1799
a Jean Henderson b 1841
married 1868 George Copland b1839
b Mary Henderson b 1843
c Jannet Henderson b 1846
d Margaret Henderson b 1848
e Ann Henderson 1853 -1923 married 1883 John Fraser 1850-1925
f Arthur Henderson b 1856

Jean Tough b 1812

Christin Tough b 1814 married 1836 John Gerries

Alexander Tough b 1816

Elspet Tough b 1818 married 1839 John Milne
a John Milne b 1843

b Joan Milne b 1848

Ann Tough 1820-1906
married 1843 James Wisley 1814-1892
a James Wisley b 1846

b Anne Wisely b 1849
c Arthur Wisely 1851-1913
d George Wisely 1853-1933
e Jane Wisely 1854-1918
f Andrew Wisely 1855-1910
g William Wisely 1860-1884

John Tough b 1823

Alexander Tough b 1774
Elspat Tough b 1774 married 1805 John Teviotdale

Baptisms from Alexander's notes

Alexander Tough
Dec 12,1734
Patrick Forman
William Gray

George Tough
April 18,1723
John Tough of Auchleven

April 6, 1725
Miln of Barnes
John Anderson
George Smith

Aug 5 , 1727
Miln of Barnes
the face of the Congregation
after Divine Service

Nov 6 1731
George Hall of Premnay
Mr. G. Matthewson

Apr 2, 1734
G Hall of Newtown
Alex innes of Braodfoord

James Tough & Jean Crombie
Apr 18, 1752
George Leslie
William Forbes
Margaret Taylor
Marjory Wilson

Jun 18, 1755

before the Congregation

Jun 17, 1759

James Tough & Christian Moir
Sep 21, 1754
George Leslie
James Gordon
Lilias Barclay
Margaret Taylor

Sep 27, 1758

April 19, 1761

James Tough
Oct 22 ,1780

John Touch/Tough
May 24 , 1720
George Touch of Premnay
William Touch of Auchleven

Jul 18, 1722

Jan 16, 1724
James Burges
William Forbes

William Tough & Janet Mearns
Aug 21, 1760
Sam Taylor
William innes
Annie Troup
Elspet Brecky

Jul 18, 1763

Aug 19, 1764

Nov 8, 1766
Alex Petrie
Alex Harper
Elspet Robertson

Jan 2 , 1769
George Knight
William Innes
Margaret Robertson

Apr 6 ,1774

Alexander Harper
James Tough
Ann Forsyth
Mary Stuart

Apr 6 1774

Alexander Harper
James Tough
Ann Forsyth
Mary Stuart

William Tough & ?? Emslie
Aug 5 ,1780
Gordons Mill

William Tough & Isobel Nobel
Feb 8, 1898

George Tough
Alexander Tough

Tough family connection from SHANNON who you may contact with any queries regarding this line

Her first three generations of William Tough of Scotland (1840-1855) who married Elizabeth Gordon (1842) New Deer Scotland

Page 1

The family of James Paul Tough

Alexander Tough
1635 - Kemnay

Thomas Adam
1615 Aberdeen
Married Jane 15,1664
James Tough

Elispet Adam
March 1644- Aberdeen

William Tough
April 1704 Kemnay

Margaret Crukschank

William/James Scott
1640- Kemnay
Margaret Scott
1669- Kemnay

William Tough
1738- Kemnay

William Browster
1675- Echt

Alexander Fraser
1655- Echt

Isobel Browster
Feb 1707 Ech

Archibald Tough

Elisabeth Fraser
Feb 1682-

Margaret Nivie
1660- Echt

Gilbert Booth

Janet Booth
Sept 1741 Kemnay

James Paul Tough
1813 Abeerdeen
married 1843
Sophia Innes
died 1877
Halifax NS

Agnes Glennie

William Robertson
1745 -

Jean Robertson
(died in Halifax N S)

Jean Ross

John Tough & Barbara Skene

Jane Tough

Huntington Quebec
Thomas Sellers

William Sellers
John Sellers
Isabella Angnes Sellers
Martha Elizabeth Sellers
Mary Ann Sellers

David Tough

April 20 1840
Montreal Quebec
Jane Thompson

Another Tough- Macfie connection :

Jasper Tough


Margaret Todd

Jasper Tough (jr)

Jasper Tough (jr)

Janet Taylor

William Tough

William Tough

June 14, 1715
Kilmarnock, Ayr Scotland

Margaret Hunter

Margaret Tough
Janet Tough

According to the IGI records, this union was blessed only with two daughters.
Margaret Hunter is also listed as Margaret Finlayson.

The Tough Family

Janet Tough
b 10 Sept 1726

15 Oct 1751
, Ayr , Scotland
William Muir
b 6 Jan 1725

The Muir Family

Agnes Muir
b 1764

Kilmarnock, Ayr Scotland

John Wilson

The Wilson Family

Janet Wilson

October 29 1810
Glasgow , Scotland

Allan Fullarton

The Fullarton Family

Lillias Fullarton

June 11 1851
Greenock, Scotland

John Macfie

(John Macfie nephew to Alexander Macfie )



Household: Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
John PARIS M Male Scottish 73 Scotland Farmer & Millowner C. Presby
Catherine PARIS M Female Irish 56 Ireland C. Presbyn
Catherine PARIS Female Scottish 18 Ontario Music Teacher C. Presby
Hugh PARIS Male Scottish 16 Ontario C. Presby
Thomas PARIS Male Scottish 12 Ontario C. Presby
William TOUGH Male Scottish 27 Ontario Carpenter C. Presby
Robert TOUGH Male Scottish 35 Ontario Clerk C. Presby
Alexander TOUGH Male Scottish 23 Ontario Blacksmith C. Presby

Source Information: Census Place McNab, Renfrew South, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375870
NA Film Number C-13234
District 113
Sub-district A
Division 2
Page Number 17
Household Number 79

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