A History of Czechs in Nebraska


by Rose Rosicky

Page 176


. . . and it is estimated that the number of those of native birth or immediate Czech descent is near 12,000. These, with the exception of a few small farmers in the vicinity, represent the entire Czech population in the county.

V.L. Vodicka (of whom mention has been made in the introduction), came to Omaha March 6, 1868, and according to his recollection, the following were here at the time. Most of them had come from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Joseph Novacek, who conducted a boarding house on 12th Street
near Dodge, which building later was used by
Josiah Redfield for his printing house.

Vaclav Sulek, died in Omaha.
John Hula and F. Horak, both returned to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

George Dvorak, who had come from St. Louis, Mo., in 1867 and whose son, Joseph, later became county clerk of Colfax County.

Eman Schlesinger, a carpenter, son of L.A. Schlesinger.

Vaclav Kucera, born in Makov near Litomysle, 1847. He came to Omaha in 1868, in 1870 built a dance hall on Thirteenth Street, between Williams and Pierce, which later was converted into the first Bohemian Catholic Church (St. Wenceslaus). In 1877 he built another on Leavenworth, between 13th and 14th, and later moved to Chicago.

Vaclav Stepanek. In 1869 he built the first Czech dance hall on Thirteenth and William Street, where Prague Hotel now stands.

Frank and Joseph Mejstrik, brothers, who had been working as carpenters on railroad construction between Omaha and Cheyenne.

Vaclav Tucek, born in Caslav, 1837, came in 1864 or 1865. His son, Joseph, was the first Czech druggist. (Died Dec. 9, 1928.)
Note: Tusek may be a spelling variant of Dusek

John Reznicek, father of John Reznichek, who now has a grocery and meat store at 2711 Leavenworth street, Omaha.
The elder Reznicek was a cigar maker and came in 1868. He left for West Point, Nebraska, where he died.

The Marusak brothers, who took land in Butler County; Vaclav Basus; Frank Boukal; Matej Nerad; Frank Mares, married Eleonora Vodicka. V.L. Vodicka's sister. Lived long in Crete, Nebr. Joseph W. Zerzan (detailed mention in history of Colfax County); John Savlik; Anton Hajek; Thomas Killian, - (all three settled in Saunders County); Charles Jankele, moved to West Point, later died in Wisner; Joseph Katl, settled in Saunders County; W.F. Kriz, Joseph Klikos, Anton Jansa, . . .



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