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The Trampe Family

Metropolis, Illinois U.S.A.

August Wilhelm Trampe 1839-1896 Sophia Louise Hoffmeyer Trampe 1849-1922 and son Otto Trampe 1889-1955

WELCOME--I hope you enjoy reading about our family. 

      I am the daughter of  Leonard George Trampe born in Metropolis, IL and raised on the Trampe farm my dad bought from his dad, Otto Trampe located then on Route 45.  My grandfather, Otto Ernest Trampe,  was born Dec. 31, 1889 and pictured above as an infant with his father, August, and his mother, Sophia.   My dad, born Oct. 19, 1916 and his sister, Virginia Trampe Busclas Malin, born 1913, have many memories I will share along with pictures of family members.  The family history was first written by my uncle Howard Trampe of Metropolis, IL and cousin Gerald Trampe of Golconda, IL from which I have obtained much information.  For the last three years I have been locating family members and updating our family history records. This is a work in progress and my first attempt at composing a web site so please advise me if you see changes needed or would like to help.  Birth and death information will only be given on those members  who are now deceased.

 Submitted by: Sharon Trampe McKavanagh

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