EATON Family Genealogy

Last updated October 2005


My wife's family ancestry includes people of the surname EATON who were living
in the Parishes of Rochford  & Eastham and Hanley Child in Worcestershire, in the 
period 1730 - 1800. Other EATON families continued to live there after this.

I have examined LDS filmed Parish Registers for Eastham and Rochford, and have
thoroughly checked the baptisms, marriages and burials. These entries were
matched to IGI entries, where possible.

Potted Family Tree

*1   William EATON (born elsewhere) married Susannah CHEESE on 10 Feb 1729
       in the Parish of Rochford, Worcestershire.

        Click here to view the CHEESE page: 

              Genealogy of the surname CHEESE, Worcestershire, England. 

       William was buried 10 Jan 1764; Susannah was buried 25 Mar 1759. (Rochford)

       They had 7 known children in the period 1731 - 1749, including:


*2    James EATON baptised 4 Apr 1734 at Rochford.
               James married Esther OWEN on 27 Mar 1757 at Great Kyre.

               Their children include:  (born at Rochford)

                    Mary    born 1761
             *3     James   born 1763 (see below)
                    John    born 1766
                    William born 1768
                    Esther  born 1772

*3    James EATON (born 1763) married Mary WEAVER on 27 Nov 1788
      in the Parish of Eastham.

      James was buried on 18 Jun 1825 aged 62, at Rochford.
      Mary was buried 5 Feb 1812 at Eastham.

      Their children were:   (all baptised Eastham)

    Sarah             baptised 6 Mar 1789 maybe married John LAWLEY 13 Dec 1841, Old Swinford.
    Mary Ann          baptised 28 Nov 1790 married Stephen COLLET 24 Sep 1827, Old Swinford.
    Susannah Weaver   baptised 23 Nov 1794 married Benjamin BRAZIER 25 Oct 1836, Old Swinford.
    James Eaton       baptised 6 Jun 1796
    Thomas Weaver     baptised 25 Nov 1798
*4  Elenor            baptised 19 Aug 1800 (see below)

*4   Elenor Eaton married Richard BALL on 27 Jan 1828 at
     Old Swinford, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Richard born c1805, where ??
     (To find the origins of the BALL family, I will need to locate Richard on the 1851 census)

    Their children were:

        James Eaton BALL     baptised  ??  c1829 (from details on Australian shipping records + 1841 census)
        Mary     BALL        baptised 12 Nov 1832 at Kidderminster
        Richard BALL         baptised ??  c 1835 (1841 census)
        William Henry BALL   baptised 4 Feb 1838 at Dudley, St Thomas.  Died 2 Apr 1838.
        Thomas 'Edward' BALL baptised 14 Apr 1839 at Dudley, St Thomas.
        Ellen    BALL        baptised 26 Jun 1842 at Dudley, St Thomas.

       ** In 1841, this family was living at mid Vicar St, Dudley, Worcestershire. No house number.
          With them was Ann BALL, aged 70, who is presumably Richard's mother.
          Richard is a policeman, and both he and his mother say 'not born in county'.

      **There is NO webpage on this BALL family as nothing further is known.
         Richard (senior) has not yet been located in 1851.
         Richard junior was found in1851, aged 15, not living with family members.

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