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Convict Links

These links come from applications made by convicts to have their spouse & family reunited with them, here in Australia. The information comes from a book called "Convict Applications to Bring out Families" by Coralie Mesecke , published by the Hobart Branch of Tasmanian Family History Society, 2001. Copies of relevant documents can be obtained by writing to them. Convict's Name , Ship & Arrival Year--Spouse Details-&-Other Family members-- Address of Family--Year of Application BOYCE, George Samuel Boddington, 1845 Ellen STEPHAN alias Boyce Dunmore,Galway 1847,1848,1849 (alias George BOYLE) BURKE, John Blenheim, 1849 Margaret + chn Lawrence,14;Pat;10;Maria,8;John,6. Clancore. 1855 * Form was returned by the Post Office. BURKE, Michael Richard Webb, 1842 Kitty Burke or Irwin + son,Pat,11. Rush Parish, Rosehill. 1852,1853 CONNELL, Patrick Waverley, 1841 Winifred(44- dead) ,Bridget,18 - unable to outfit. Kelford 1859 (or FOX) His nieces Bridget FOX (32) and Johanna Fox (24) came out on the Hermonidis in 1859. CONNOLLY, Mary Maria, 1849 Daughter Ellen Connolly (13) Lough Workhouse, Galway 1852 Came out on the "Australia" in 1852. CONNOLLY,Mary Martin Luther, 1852 Patrick (18) & Bridget (16) Strand Rd, Galway. 1861 * Form was returned by the Post Office. CONWAY, Fanny Blackfriar, 1851 Margaret HAYES (15) Galway 1857 COYNE, Thomas Robert Small, 1853 Biddy (--) Clifton 1854 CRADDOCK, Eleanor Hope , 1842 Richard BARNETT of Green Ponds + Bridget(20) married to Richard STANFORD + Bridget,5 & Ellen,3. Came out Per William Jardine, 1849. DEVINE, Patrick Samuel Boddington,'46 Mary (12) & Catherine (9) Galway. 1850 DUDUE ?,Patrick Samuel Boddington Mary (12) & Catherine (10) Woodford 1850. Per Genreal Sale, but defaulted. FLEMING,Bridget St Vincent, 1850 Bartholomew + Augustine,8 & Thomas,7 Galway FORDE, Patrick Dorothy, 1820 Patrick Ford (23) Galway 1849 Per "Anglia" 1849, but defaulted. GALLAGHER, James Lord Sidmouth,'21 Mrs B. (nee Darcy) Ballinasloe GALLAGHER, Patrick Calcutta, 1837 Mary (nee Hanlon?)+Michael,Martin & Patrick Galway 1849 Came out per success, 1849. HYNES, Michael Augusta Jessie, 1840 Margaret(43) + Michael(25),Catherine(20),Edward(18) & Honor(14). Portumna 1848,9 * Did not embark. KENNEDY, Thomas British Sovereign, 1841 Sarah (nee CONNELLY) & Martin(14),Mary(19)&Kath(18). Shawbury 1849 Sarah & Martin declined to come. Mary & Kath came out on the "Success" in 1849. KENNY, Patrick King William, 1840 Thomas(18) & Michael(14) Ballinamona 1849 * Did not embark. LAFFY, Bartholomew Earl Grey, 1836 Ann (nee Connolly) Ballinahinch, Clifton 1849 LAFFY, Thomas Waverley, 1839 Cecilia(42) + John(20) Clifton 1849 Came out on the "Anglia". LALLY, Bartholomew British Sovereign, 1841 Wife,Ann + Michael(19),Mary(20),Bartholomew(18),Patrick(13) & Bridget(11). Grayford 1848 LYONS, James British Sovereign, 1841 Wife,Mary + Martin(11),James(9),William(7),John(5)&Thomas(3) Killarchton 1842,3 LYONS, Patrick Norfolk, 1831 (No details or names) Milough, Clombo,Galway 1849 McCARGUE,James Orator, 1843 Wife,Mary + Michael,Mary,Kelly,Pat & Bridget. Killrowan,Balimore 1852 (alias John M.) McTEAGUE, John xxxxxxxxxxxxx Kate(44) Tuam 1866 Came out on the "Neuhoff". MELVILLE, John Eliza VI Bridget + Francis(21) Fahogh?,Metoby? 1851 Bridget is dead; Francis came out on the "Earl of Elgin" 1853. MOONEY, James Blenheim xx Margaret(22), single Galway 1865 Came out on the "Neuhoff". MULLIN, Morgan Lord Auckland, 1853 Ann(34) + Michael(11),Bridget(8) Clifton, Glen Orme? 1854 Came out on the "Raleigh" in 1854. NOYLAN, Martin Robert Small, 1853 Wife,Jane + Thomas(10) Coal Fen, Galway 1854 * Letter was returned. RAMPLING, John Scindian, 1850 Eliza(32) + Patrick(4) Lombard St, Lombard. 1856 Came out on the "Travancore" in 1856. ROGERS, James Forth, 1835 Nappy LEYDON Galway 1849 ROURKE, Patrick Hive, 1835 Mary (nee NEELAN) + Pat(18)&Mary(15) Ballinderry 1849. *Did not embark. THOMAS,Martin Robert Small, 1853 Mary Ballyannah, T---bollah? Letter was returned. WALSH, Lawrence Blenheim, 1834 Wife,Bridget + John, Mary(18) & Boy apprentice at sea. Near Land of Ross,Galway. 1849 Bridget is dead, John has already been transported. WARD, Patrick Marquis of Huntly, 1828 Margaret Belleogh? 1849 WOODS, Thomas Eliza, 1832 Margaret & 6 children (not named) Bangan,Girbally,Galway 1851

Biographical details of emigrants and their families

BLAKE My Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Blake came from Aughram, Co Galway. Her parents Patrick Blake & Mary Daly both died in the Irish Famine. She was a RC. She came out to New South Wales under the Earl Grey Scheme, which brought young women to the colonies from the Poor Law Union Workhouses as domestic servants and potential brides. She arrived at Sydney on the ship 'Inchinnan' 1848. She married a freed convict from Shoreditch, London, Charles Whittingham b. 1819 (per ship 'Marquis of Huntly 1835) (he was a Protestant) at St Michaels RC Church, Bathurst, NSW. They had 9 children. She remarried bigamously to Francis Young, Redfern, NSW, 1881. There were no children from this marriage. She died relatively well-off at Petersham, NSW, 1922. David Whittingham E-mail Address: [email protected] Senior Social Worker Woodland Centre 01895 279938 DEVIR I believe I have at least one more that can be placed on the data base. Unity Devir/Diver 21 July 1841 Came Free. Aged 20yrs. Abd.'Helen' A.K.A. 'Ellen'depart.Liverpool 4.4.1841. Unity was the daughter of Samuel and Unity Devir of Tullabehegley Galway. She married John Jones at 'Windemere' in 1844 and later David Peebles in 1851. She died in Coonabarabran in 1895. Lyn MacBain of Singleton. LALLY Thomas (born 1819)and Bridgitte Lally(Nee Allwood born 1821) came to Australia on the "Ramilles" and landed in Sydney (Botany Bay) on 19th November,1855. On the boat were Ellen (aged 12) born in Dublin (Galway) and Mary (aged 9)born in London, England. We don't know why they moved to England and then Australia but she had a brother and cousins in Sydney. We have no record of these. They may have moved to both places due to the famine in Ireland about that time. We have no further note of them until Mary Ellen Lalley married my great grandfather William Parsonage Tyson (1st) on the McLeay (Macleay) on 23rd Febrtuary 1963 and moved to the Bellinger River where William had a farm, near Fernmount, which he had selected in 1861. I am William Parsonage Tyson (4). You could put me on your Galway Information list if possible as I may be able to help someone else. From: Bill TYSON E-mail Address: [email protected] ROBBINS & LYONS ROBINS Patrick 1854 21 Lochreagh Patrick / Margaret xx Father dead; Mother at Lockreagh. Paid for by sister = Bridget, Pitt St. Ship = David McIver '54 I found a reference to his sister Bridget at (now defunct) which stated she arrived per “Thomas Arbuthnot” 3 Feb 1850 aged 17 years. I saved the text to a file before the website disappeared: Name/ Age/ Native Place/ Parents /Religion Robins, Bridget 17 Lochrea, Patrick & Margaret RC Clare (mother living at Lochrea) Other: J. Oakman, parramatta St., Sydney, £8, 1yr Patrick’s marriage certificate (VicBDM #3984, 16 Nov 1869, 34yo) and death certificate (Vic BDM #11622, 12 Jul 1899, 64yo) indicates that he spent 44 years in Victoria (arriving 1855). His parents were Patrick Robbins and Margaret Lyons. There is also a James Robbins in the Victorian Index (Vic BDM #3102) who died in 1865, 26yo (b~1839) Galway, parents named as Patrick and Margaret – I’m presuming this is Patrick’s brother although I’ve not yet ordered the certificate to prove it. I haven’t been able to find him on a passenger list as yet so I’m not sure whether he came before 1855. I’ve been living in Galway this past year and in the civil records here found the death of Patrick’s mother Margaret Robbins 1 Apr 1870, 70yo (spelt with a double ‘b’ incidentally) 1870 deaths registered in the district of Bullaun in the Union of Loughrea in the county of Galway (Townland = Annaghbride, Electoral division = Kilmeen, Registration district = Bullaun) Date and place of death Name and surname Sex Condition Age last birthday Rank, profession or occupation 1 Apr 1870, Annabride, Kilmeen Margaret Robbins Female Widow 86 years Shoemaker's widow In Australia… Patrick married Annie MEHEGAN of Co Dublin (parents Denis MEAGHAN and Ellen YOUNG) 16 Nov 1869 (VicBDM #3984) and they had 6 children: Ellen (1871), John Garrret (1876), Cecily Mary (1879), Teresa Anna (1881) and Leo Francis (1886) the last being my great-grandfather. Ted Barrington PO Box 238, Heidelberg VIC 3084 Australia Email: [email protected] WARD,Catherine Catherine Ward Born c1831 in Loughrea County Galway Ireland Catherine and her younger sister Mary arrived in Botany Bay NSW Australia as assisted immigrants on 4th April 1849 aboard the Digby. At the time of their embarkation Catherine and Mary were aged 18 and 16 years respectively, they were both house servants and could neither read nor write. Their religion was recorded as RC and their parents, Martin & Anne Ward, were both dead. On the 6th January 1851, Catherine married a fellow assisted immigrant from Wiltshire in England, Henry Amor, a farm labourer who had arrived in Botany Bay on the 8th April 1849 aboard the Midlothian (just 4 days after Catherine - could they have met during quarantine?). The marriage was performed by F (or T H) Wilkinson in the C of E Parish of St John, Ashfield NSW in Church by Banns and with the consent of friends. Henry signed his name and Catherine signed with her mark. Mary Ann Amor, elder sister of the groom, was a witness to the marriage. The couple appear to have lived in the Sydney suburb of Five Dock NSW for at least the early years of their marriage as this is where their two eldest children, Elizabeth Ann and Charles, were born on 5th February 1852 and 14th January 1855 respectively. As Henry's occupation at this time was a labourer, it is assumed the family lived very modestly. Catherine and Henry had 10 children altogether (two of whom died very young) and continued to live in the inner western suburbs of Sydney until their deaths, Henry in 1881 and Catherine in 1897. From: Barbara - [email protected] Your family could appear here - there is NO charge. Email me! [email protected]