Elizabeth Maddox
1842 ~ ?

   Elizabeth Maddox was born just outside Foster's Landing in Bracken Co., KY, in 1842.  She was in the 1850 census with her parents and siblings, age 8.  Two years later, her grandmother and mother died.  How sad for her. 

     In the mid-1850s when her father moved to Coles/Douglas Co., IL, she stayed behind and moved in with her sister, Mary Ann Maddox Fryer, in Pendleton Co., KY.  She was still with her in the 1860 census of Pendleton Co, next to Bracken Co. 

     However, she must have either moved to Douglas Co., IL, or visited her father there.  For in January 1864, she married Reuben B. Green in Douglas Co. 

     I have not found her in any other census.  I heard she moved to Indiana but do not remember where I got that information.