Sophia Maddox
1829 ~ aft.1880

    Sophia Maddox was the first born of William and Nancy Brandenburg Maddox in 1824, Lewis Co., KY, the year before her grandfather, John Maddox, died.   I think she must have been named by her mother because Sophia is a German name.

     When she was six years old, her father moved the family to Clermont Co., OH, just across the Ohio River from Lewis County.  Her paternal grandmother and aunts and uncles moved there too. 

     In the mid-1830s, her father moved the family back to Kentucky, Bracken Co., bordering Lewis Co. on the east.  Bracken also bordered Pendleton County on the west, and that is where Sophia met Milton Fryer.  She was seventeen when she married him.  They set up housekeeping in Pendleton Co.

     In 1848, son William E. was born.  He would grow up to marry Mary Prusell.  In 1849, daughter Vashti was born and John B. in 1850.

     In 1852 tragedy hit the family when Sophia's grandmother and mother both died of cholera.  Also that year, Fannie was born, Martha E. in 1853, Bianca in 1854, and Charles B. in 1857. 

     Milton and Sophia Maddox Fryer were in the 1860 census of Pendleton Co., KY, at Flower [Flour] Creek where the large and influential Fryer family all lived.  The Fryers had been in Pendleton County since the late 1700s.

     Soon thereafter the Fryers moved to Douglas Co., IL., where Sophia's father had moved.  In 1862,  Montrevilla B. was born, Lanita in 1865 and Hattie in 1869.

     Sophia was in the 1880 census of Tuscola Township with her husband and children, HH 502-506.  Also that year on May 14, Milton and Sophia Maddox Fryer sold to William Maddox a large lot in Tuscola at 301 S. Niles, for $600.  I wonder if this was actually a mortgage since William had already bought this lot in 1870.

     On October 19, 1885, Sophia's father died.  I do not know what happened to her after this.


William E.
John B.
Martha E.
Charles B.
Montrevilla B.