Absalom Maddox
1843 ~ 1844

 Absalom Maddox was born on a hilly farm by the rippling Holts Creek on April 28, 1843 in Bracken Co., KY.  He was named by his mother for her elder brother who had been a wilderness guide with Daniel Boone.

     However, he was weak and died when he was a year old on August 12, 1843.  His grandfather, John Brandenburg, had died earlier and the family had begun a family cemetery up on the hill north of Holts Creek, but by road a gradual incline out of Foster's Landing.  He was laid to rest next to his grandfather.  A few years later his grandmother would die and be laid to rest on the other side of his grandfather, and his mother a few months after that.  She was buried next to her baby.  How sad it all was for this family.

     Efforts have been made to restore this "Brandenburg Cemetery" (earlier called the Hughbanks Cemetery).  The normal route from Foster, a gradual incline, was blocked when a highway was put in, so access is only by climbing an 835' hill.  The tombstones have been thrown into a dump on the side of the hill and the present owners of the land have not allowed descendants to drive up the steep hill (almost impossible to climb) to restore it.  So our ancestors' final resting place is almost lost forever.