Foster Maddox
1837 ~ c.1902

    Foster Maddox was born on a farm just outside of Foster's Landing, Bracken Co., KY.  The land of his father, William, his grandfather John Brandenburg, and two uncles ~ all adjoining each other ~ had been purchased from Israel Foster.  I'm sure this is who William's son was named after.

     He was in the 1850 census, age 13, with his parents and siblings, Bracken Co., KY.  In 1859, he married Amanda J. Rexrode in Coles/Douglas Co., IL.  I could not find him in any 1860 census.  I think he was out in Colorado by then and maybe censuses were hard to take out there.

     He served as a private on the Union side during the Civil War in Company A, 1st Regt, COLORADO Infantry Volunteers.  This company had a colorful and diversified existence.  In just February and March, they went to northern New Mexico.  There they fought the battles of Apache Canyon, Pigeon's Ranch (also called Glorieta Pass) and Peralta.

     In those days, people could sign up for just three months.  So when this enlistment was up, he re-enlisted in Co. A, 1st Regt, Colorado Cavalry who rode horseback.  It was formed partially out of the 1st Regt to guard the Colorado Territory and its gold mines from Coinfederates, and protect white settlements from Indian raids.

     In 1863 they were involved in isolated skirmishes against (1) the Utes in Idaho Territory (part of today's Wyoming), the Kiowa Indians, and the Commanches in Kansas.

     They reorganized again into the 1st Colorado Veteran Volunteers.  Now began the Indian War of 1864.  In Aprail they attacked a party of Cheyenne at Fremont's Orchart.  That spring, summer, and fall, they fought Cheyenne and Arapahoe in various skirmishes.

     In 1865 they fought the Cheyenne and Arapahoe at Julesburg, Colorado, part of the Nebraska Military District at that time.  They also fought the Cheyenne in the Powder River spring campaign.  And in June there was a minor skirmish at Rock Creek, Dakota Territory.  [Source:  Colorado Calvalry, Civil War, Film M534, Roll 2, and various Civil War websites on this regiment.]

     I have not found Foster in any 1870 or 1880 census in Colorado, Arizona, or nearby territories. 

     On July 1, 1882, in ARIZONA, Foster Maddox applied for an invalid pension.  [Source:  Appl. #490591, Cert. #582283]

     In 1885, his father, William Maddox, died back in Illinois.  I wonder how long it took him to get the word. 

     In 1896, Foster was admitted to the Homelake Colorado Soldiers' and Sailors' Home from Del Norte, Rio Grande Co., CO.  He was b. KY, and was 58 years old.  He was not listed among their 1898 residents.  But he was in 1899 and 1900.  In the latter, he was Foster Maddox, b. KY, age 63, at Homelake Colorado Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Monte Vista, Rio Grande Co., CO?.

     In 1904 he was not listed as a resident, but did not die that year, as he was not listed as a newly buried soldier in the Homelake Veteran Cemetery that year.  I estimate his year of death as 1902.