John D/N Maddox
1830 ~ c.1865?

    John Maddox was born in Clermont Co., OH, in 1830, to William and Nancy Brandenburg Maddox.

     He first showed up in documents in 1850 when he was listed as the oldest son in the household of William Maddox, age 20, Bracken Co., KY.

     In the 1853 tax list of Bracken Co., KY, he was listed as one white male 21+ with no land or animals.

     I have not found John in Bracken, Pendleton or nearby counties in Kentucky in 1860.  Was he gone to the war?  Between 1860 and 1865, John D. or N. Maddox served in Company D, 21st IL Infantry.  His home was Tuscola, Douglas Co., IL.  That is where father, William, lived.  Was he killed in the war?