Robert Maddox
1858 ~ ?

   After Robert's father was widowed in 1852, he remarried to widow Nancy McCarty Artt.  In the mid-1850s, they moved from Bracken Co.,KY, to Coles/Douglas Co., IL.  It was there that Robert was born in 1858.

     He was in the 1860 census of Douglas Co., IL, age 11/12 and born in Illinois.  Also in the house was his older full sister, Georgia, his step-sister Sarah Arts, and four half-siblings.  [Source:  Douglas Co., IL, Census, 1860, Comargo Twp, household 487]  His mother died in 1866.

     He next showed up in the 1870 census, same county, but now in Tuscola Twp. where his still-widowed father had moved to the town of Tuscola.  Robert was now age 10.  At home was his full sister, Georgia, and two older step-siblings.  [HH 210]

     In 1871, Robert's father remarried to Amanda Rina, but they did not have additional children.

     In 1885, Robert's father, William, died in Douglas Co., IL.  I do not know what happened to Robert.  He was not in the 1880 census of Illinois or any other state I have checked.