William Maddox
1834 ~ 1911


William was born in 1834 just outside of Foster's Landing in Bracken Co., KY. 

In the 1850 census of Bracken Co., he was living with his father father, William, and was age 16 years old.    Soon thereafter, his father moved to Coles/Douglas Co., IL.  On March 23, 1857, he married Nancy An DeGrace in adjoining Coles Co., IL.  In 1859 their first child, Stephen Douglas, was born. 

By the 1860 Douglas Co., census, he was 26, and living with his wife and one child.  Daughter Ella E. was born in 1861, Jeanette in 1863, an unknown child in 1864, and Abner in 1869.

In 1869, he sold to Jacob Bagley five acres off the east end of Douglas County:

West 1/2 of the
SE 1/4 of
Section 11 in
Township 15
Range 9 (?)

In the 1870 census of Douglas Co., IL, he was still with his wife and one child.  Age listed them was 34. Then he moved to Oxford Twp, Sumner Co., Kansas.  Son Frank was born in 1873, Rufus in 1875, and Sophia in 1880. 

William lived the rest of his life in Sumner Co.  His wife, Nancy, died in 1889.  He died a dozen years later.  Both were buried there.

Sometimes I have thought that William was a son of his uncle (William's brother), Benjamin, because he always lived in Sargent Twp. where Ben's family lived and even buried his infant children in Ben's cemetery. However, Ben's son, William, had the middle name of Holman and was married to Mary Jane Redden. Also, Ben was living in Ohio at the time William (husb. of Nancy An de Grace) was born, and he always reported on censuses that he was b. KY. Therefore, this just shows that he was quite close to his cousins. Also, it may have been coincidental that when he bought land, it was near Ben's family's land and not his father, William's.