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I am SO happy to be able to revamp this page yet again, so soon. I've recently found a few more tidbits about our ancestors, both in Ireland and (possibly) Canada. I say 'possibly' because I haven't quite been able to connect that line up...but I'm working on it. My husband's family has always claimed a relation to Gus Dorais, who caught (or threw??) the first forward pass in football, along with Knute Rockne, at Notre Dame. I've been in contact with Gus Dorais' grandson, who has given me his family information, but it just doesn't quite reach Louis Pierre Dorais, who must be a more distant cousin. Please click
here to read about this family--maybe someone out there can find our missing link. And the latest information I've gathered comes from Eureka, California, where Louis Pierre emigrated to. He married Clarissa Sidney Hanna, granddaughter of the first sheriff of Humboldt County, California on her mother's side and granddaughter of a State Senator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and great great granddaughter of Betsy Ross on her father's side. I now have quite a bit of information about these families.

Now, on to who's who...



Welcome to the Dorais branch of our family's genealogy. We come from Northern California, Eureka and San Francisco. We come from Quebec (at least we think we do). We come from Ireland, Counties Kerry and Kilkenny and Down. And we come from Middle America, from Betsy Ross and her third husband John Claypoole.

So far, we have been able to discover very little about the Dorais branch of our family. There are not many left alive who remember, and we haven't had as much luck locating cousins on the internet as we have with our other branches. So this is truly a working genealogy page.

I'd like to thank 2 people that I have found on the net who have helped tremendously in determining who some of these elusive ancestors were. First, Greg Fewer, from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, who has been searching for us, trying to discover if we are indeed related....the jury isn't in on that one yet, but he's still looking! Second, Cindy Arnold in Eureka, California, whom I found on the look-up volunteer page of the Humboldt County GenWeb site. She's not even a possible cousin, but she searched far and wide and found pages and pages of information about our Hanna and Lothian pioneer families.

So... a BIG thank you to Greg and Cindy! Couldn't have done it without you!

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