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My husband's grandmother came to the US by way of Ellis Island, and ended up in San Francisco from Ireland in 1902. Her name was May Anne Devine, and she was born August 13, 1882, in County Kerry. She died in 1983 at 101!! I am now trying to trace back the family's roots.

May married another Irish immigrant, Edward (or Edmund) Patrick Fewer, on November 7, 1907, in San Francisco. They had 5 children, Edward, Robert, Brian, Gertrude and Helen. Gertrude was my husband's mother.

Here is all we know about the family. Please look thru our family group sheets here, and let us know if you find anyone you can connect with









This site is still under construction. If anyone has any information on the Fewer or Devine families from Ireland, please email me. Meanwhile, if you're interested in any of the surnames on the banner above, please click on them. They are mostly (but not all) from New England and England.





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