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Missing Twigs

I am currently searching for information on the following bold people. If anyone can help, please email me . Also, please let me know if you see any familiar names on our surname list-maybe we're cousins??

Eliza Ann Baker (possibly born February 16, 1842 in Ohio or Indiana), married Martin Pruett (born August 18, 1838 in Jackson, Parke, Indiana) on 19 Aug 1862 in Tipton, Iowa. There children: Allison, Emma, Martin, Bartin Joseph, Phoebe Ellen, Charles, George Raymond, Lizzie, John, Minnie, Effie Viola, Maggie M., Mary Ann, Paris. Her death certificate lists her father's name as Frank.

Serena Branson (born April 22, 1816 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee), who was married to John Pruett (born 1815 in Grainger, Tennessee).

Rebecca Branson, who was married to Abraham Pruett (b. 1774, Pittsylvania, VA)

The wives of Richard Prewitt (born 1748 in Virginia), and David Prewitt (born 1726 in Henrico, Virginia).

Francess Murrell, who was married to Richard Prewitt (born 1698 in Henrico, Virginia). I think she had a brother named Timothy.

James Dabbs (or Dobbs), father of Rebecca Dabbs who was married to Henry Prewitt (born 1654 in York, Virginia). I'd like to find out who Rebecca's mother was, too.

Thomas Prewitt (born 1616 in Wiltshire, England).

Thomas Rogers (b. TN) married Susanna Jennings. Their son Andrew Jackson Rogers (b. 22 Jan 1815, TN; d. 3 Mar 1894, MO) married Elizabeth Daniels (b. 17 Apr 1831, Shelby Co., IL; d. 12 Feb 1906, Belmont, Pottowatomie, OK) on 6 Aug 1850 in Shelby Co., IL). Elizabeth's parents were Jonas Daniel (b. 1804, NC) and Mary Rice (b. 1808).

Henry Leonard, believed to be of Scotch-Irish descent, married a woman with the surname of Maholly. Their son David (b. 1809, GA) married Mary Sanders (b. 1810, NC), daughter of George Sanders (b. abt 1780). David and Mary's son George Redmon Leonard (b. 1830/32, AL) married Nancy Plumley/Plumlee (b. Nov 1829, White Co., TN; d. 1 Mar 1917, Purdy Co., MO) on 3 Jan 1852/53 in Stone Co., MO. Nancy later married Isaac Newton Elliott Johnson.

James Simmons (b. 1750, SC; d. 1842, Van Buren Co., TN) married Eustacia "Stacy" Roberts (b. 1770, SC; d. 1850, Van Buren Co., TN) on 5 Sep 1791 in Caswell Co., NC. Their daughter Rachel (b. Feb 1802, SC; d. 1888, Berryville, Carroll, AR) married Joel Plumlee, Sr. (b. 1797, White Co., TN; d. Feb 1863, Stone Co., MO) in White Co., TN, about 1820-23.


Jonathan Hopkins (b. bef 1775, Talbot Co., MD; d. bef 1831, Rockingham, NC) married a woman named Sarah. Their son William P. Hopkins (b. 12 May 1798, d. 18 Feb 1853)) married Esther Martin (b. 19 Cot 1796; d. 11 Feb 1889) in Rockingham Co., NC in 1821. Their son Preston (b. abt 1828) married Nancy Howard (b. abt 1831, NC) in 1849.

Tilithia/Telitha McIntire (b. abt 1832 in GA) married Henry Newman Bramblett (b. Jul 1823 in GA). They were Alonzo's parents.

Henry Newman Bramblett's parents were James Bramlett (b. abt 1781 in SC) and Jane.

James Bramlett's parents were Enoch Bramlett, Sr. (b. 1754, William Co., VA?) and possibly Martha Watkins.

Elizabet Gist (the last name is questionable), who was married to William Bramlett (b. abt 1732 in VA).

William Bramblett (b. abt 1684, possibly in England?) and his son Henry (b. abt 1710 in VA).


Richard Fewer and Catherine Phelan, married 2 Feb 1871, who lived on a poor farm in Kilkenny, and had 13 children. One child, Edmund/Edward Patrick Fewer (born 4 July1884 in either County Kilkenny or Waterford, Ireland, d. 1 Feb 1947 in San Francisco, CA) married May Anne Devine (born August 13, 1882 in County Kerry, Ireland; d. 1 Mar 1984 in San Francisco or Santa Clara, CA), who came to the east coast (Ellis Island?) around 1900, and to San Francisco (May arrived in SF in 1902, I believe) and married there 7 Nov 1907. I have names for 5 of Edward's siblings, who came to the US: Tom, Bridget "Kitty" (Kelly), Margaret (Seery), Ella/Ellen (Murphy), and Walter, (d. bef 1947). Other siblings were William, Alice Mary, Mary, Joe (or Josephine??), Pat. We'd like to find May's family too. Her parents were Bernard (or possibly Brian) Devine (or Devane) and Catherine Savage. Bernard's siblings: Mary, Thomas, Pat, Margaret. Catherine had a brother named John. May's siblings were: Patrick, John, Dennis, Catherine (Sullivan) who settled in CT, Mary, who died as an infant or child, and Hannah, who remained in Tyloch, Ireland.


John Claypoole, who was Elizabeth Griscom's (Betsy Ross) 3rd husband. John and Betsy's daughter was Clarissa Sidney Claypoole (b. 3 Apr 1785), who married Jacob Wilson (b. either Philadelphia, PA, or Baltimore, MD). They had a daughter named Clarissa Sidney Wilson (b. 9 Aug 1809), and she married James Hanna (b. 2 Feb 1806, Philadelphia, PA). James was a Pennsylvania State Senator, and his parents came from County Down, Ireland. Their names were John Hanna and Elizabeth Patterson. I would really like to find out more about these folks.

Peter Lothian was born 2 Mar 1869, in Genesee, NY. He was the first sheriff of Humboldt Co., CA. He married Dorcas Louise Nixon (b. 1 Apr 1837, in Fayette, PA; parents were Capt. Isaac Nixon and Sarah Hook). When Peter was killed (drowned in creek, family legend claims he was 'pushed by Indians'), Dorcas married his brother Archibald.

I've recently (through some very helpful folks on a Quebec mailing list) found some parents and grandparents of Louis Pierre Dorais (b. abt 1865, in Huntingdon County, Quebec) , my husband's paternal grandfather, although the information is sketchy: His parents were Leon Dorais and Virginie Brossard, who married in St. Jean-Chrysostome, Chateauguay, Quebec, on 17 Nov 1863. Leon's parents are listed as Louis Dorais and Desanges Heroux. Virginie's parents are listed as Geoffroy Brossard and Benonise (or Melanie?) Lanctot. If "Melanie" is correct, then her parents were Joseph Lanctot and Marie Louise Lefebvre who married Jun 6, 1808 in St. Constant, Quebec.


Samuel Griffin, born about 1702 in Killingworth, Middlesex, CT. He married Mary (born about 1706, Killingworth) about 1727 in Killingworth. I know of 6 children: Mary, Thankful, James, Jerusha, Samuel and Jeremiah.

William Stratton (possibly the son of Caleb Stratton, b. about 1646, and Mary Adams), born 1680 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, died in Octoboer of 1709. He married Abigail Moore (b. 12 Sep 1682 in Windsor, d. Oct 1709; daughter of Andrew Moore and Sarah Phelps) on 17 Jan 1706 in Simsbury, Hartfort, CT. They had 2 children: Serajah (who married Eunice Case) and William.

If you think you recognize any of our missing 'twigs' above, please email me or click on the corresponding name on our banner below, or the list of surnames at the top of the page to read more about them.


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