The families below fit into my family somewhere - either as cousins or siblings. Nothing more to go on at the moment. 

1. Henry McNOCKER/CONNOR of Inch Island born circa 1820 Co. Donegal. Henry married Margaret CRUMLISH. On the 1857 Griffiths Valuations he is described as being of Monreagh,  died Monreagh 1870. Margaret came from Gortnaskea, Upper Fahan. This couple are  the great, great, great grandparents of Martin who gave me this information.  This family and their descendants are Roman Catholics. It appears that about the mid 1860's the families who remained Catholic settled on the CONNOR version of their surname whilst the ones who had adopted Presbyterianism became McNAUGHER.

1.1 Eleanor (Ellen) McNAUGHER aka CONNOR aka McNOCKER born 1846 married William DEEHAN born circa 1851 Co. Donegal. In 1901 Ellen and William were at 21 Osborne Street, Derry City. In 1911 Ellen was a widow living at the same address.


1.1.1 William James DEEHAN born 21 September 1867 Co. Donegal.

William (Willie) DEEHAN

William DEEHAN and his wife Jane UNKNOWN born circa 1868Co. Tyrone were married circa 1891. In 1901 they were living at Tamneymore, Waterside, Derry City with their four children where William was employed as a "Carter". In 1911 the family were living at 13 Riverview Terrace, Derry City. William was then working as a Corporation Labourer. It is noted on the 1911 Census Form that William and Jane had been married for 20 years and had seven children, four of who survived. James DEEHAN born circa 1904 Co. Tyrone. In 1911 he was a General Labourer. Jane E DEEHAN born circa 1906 Co. Tyrone working as a Collar Maker in 1911. Mary DEEHAN born circa 1908 Co. Tyrone William (Willie) DEEHAN born circa 1909 Co. Tyron11 13 Riverview Terrace, Derry City.

1.1.2 Henry DEEHAN born 1 September 1869. In 1901 he was living in the household of Mary HAMILTON of Caronshlieve, Fahan, Co. Donegal. He is described as a Servant aged 27. Still with the Hamilton family in 1911 where his age is given as 40.

1.1.3 Margaret (Maggie) DEEHAN born 1 January 1872 Fahan, Co. Donegal. Married James McCALLION born either Co. Donegal or Co. Derry. They were living 15 Osborne Street, Derry in 1901 and 1911. On the Census James is described as a Farm Labourer.

Maggie (DEEHAN) McCALLION George McCALLION born Derry City circa 1887. Henry McCALLION born Derry City circa 1889.

In 1911 George and Henry were living at 1 Cross Street, Derry. George is described as a Green Grocer and Henry Green Grocer and Assistant. Alexander MCALLION born Derry City circa 1892 In 1911 he is still living at 15 Osborne Street with his parents described as a Vanman. Margaret A McCALLION born Derry City circa 1895. In 1911 Margaret was a Shirt Factory Machinist. Thomas McCALLION born Derry City circa 1897. Robert McCALLION born Derry City circa 1901. Rachel McCALLION (no age given).

1.1.4 Elizabeth DEEHAN born circa 1875 Fahan, Co. Donegal. In 1901 she was a General Domestic Servant in the household of James LOWRY of Springtown, Lower Liberties, Derry. Her brother Thomas also worked for James LOWRY as a farm servant. In 1911 she was living with her mother Ellen DEEHAN (a widow) at 21 Osborne Street, Derry. Her occupation was a "Smoother".

1.1.4  Thomas DEEHAN born 12 May 1878 Co. Donegal.  Thomas was married to Fanny Anne UNKNOWN born circa 1875 Co. Donegal. They lived 20 Osborne Street Derry William DEEHAN born circa 1904 born Derry City

1.1.5 Ellen DEEHAN born circa 1883 Co. Donegal, Factory Worker, Derry City.

1.1.6 Catherine (Cassie) DEEHAN born 1888 Fahan, Co. Donegal. She married Patrick DOHERTY born circa 1888, Derry City a Butcher. In 1911 Cassie's occupation is entered in the Census as Patent Turner Factory

 1.2 Anne CONNOR born circa 1856 Fahan, Co. Donegal married John DOHERTY born circa 1846 Co. Donegal. In 1901 and 1911 they were living at 13 Osborne Street, Derry City.

1.2.1. Henry DOHERTY born Fahan, Co. Donegal circa 1881. In 1901 he was living with his Aunt and Uncle Maggie nee CONNOR and James DEEHAN at 15 Osborne Street, Derry City. 1911 he was married to Mary UNKNOWN born circa 1879 Derry. Sarah Jane DOHERTY born circa 1902 Derry City Hugh DOHERTY born circa 1907 Derry

1.2.2 Margaret (Maggie) DOHERTY born circa 1883 Derry City. In 1911 she was employed as a Patent Cattle Collar Turner (according to the Census).

1.2.3 Mary Anne DOHERTY born circa 1889 Derry City. She married John McCLEMENTS who was born circa 1889 in Scotland employed as a Shoe Maker in 1911. John and Mary Anne were living with her parents at 13 Osborne Street, Derry City in 1911. Mary Anne was a Shirt Factory Machinist.

1.2.4 Rose DOHERTY born circa 1894. Rose was a Machinist at a Shirt Factory in 1911.

1.3 Sarah Jane CONNOR married Unknown BARR. Lived in Derry City. A Sarah BARR a widow is living in the CULLEN household in 1911 25 Leckey Road, South Ward, Derry. She is aged 69 years. The ages on this Census have proved to be wrong in many cases so I can't make an estimate of age.

1.4    Alexander CONNOR also known as McNOGHER/McNAUGHER. Married Mary McCORKINDALL.

1.4.1 Mary Jane McNAUGHER born 1871 in Bushmills, Antrim and married William John McCONAGHY 31 Mary 1909 in Coleraine, Derry. Mary Jane died 13 March 1953 Bushmills, Antrim. William McCONAGHY's parents were Alexander McCONAGHY and Catherine MILLER. Alexander McCONAGHY born 10 July 1910 and died 26 May 1940 (both events Bushmills, Antrim). Catherine McCONAGHY born 6 January 1912 in Bushmills, Antrim, married Lewis Francis THOMPSON and died 8 February 1973 in Coleraine, Derry. Lewis was born Bushmills, Antrim in 1906 and died in Coleraine, Derry on 25 March 1973.

In 1911 George and Henry McCALLION were Green Grocers living at 1 Cross Street, Derry City. The families below were close neighbours and could be related. It may help someone in their research.

2 Cross Street, Derry City

Daniel McCALLION aged 35 in 1911 born circa 1876 Co. Derry a General Labourer. He married Mary Ann UNKNOWN circa 1900. She was aged 32 They had eight children, five of whom were alive in 1911.

Daniel McCALLION born circa 1901 Derry City.
Mary Ann McCALLION born circa 1902, Derry City
Bridget McCALLION born circa 1903 Derry City
Matthew McCALLION born circa 1906 Derry City
William McCALLION born circa 1910 Derry City

3 Cross Street, Derry City

Hugh DEEHAN possibly a son of William DEEHAN and Ellen CONNOR. Hugh was 31 in 1911 born circa 1880 Co. Donegal. He was a Corporation Labourer. His wife Mary UNKNOWN was 30 born circa 1879 Co. Donegal. They married circa 1904 and had three children two of whom were alive at the 1911 census.

    Nellie DEEHAN born circa 1889 Derry City
    Peter DEEHAN born circa 1908 Derry City