showing descent from THOMAS HEWETSON of Laight,
Parish of Tynron, the Covenanter

This is a much more detailed history showing siblings of the direct line


Laight, an early Hewetson residence, was in Scaur Valley, Parish of Tynron and very near to another Hewetson Farm, Auchenbenzie. Locherben was another farm house close by. Wanlachead, the highest village in Scotland. It was mainly a mining community. The Hewetsons' cave hideout was supposed to be at Cricopelinn near Closeburn - high in the hills behind Locherben farm.

In the same locality at Locherben was the Cave of Garrick Fell,  said to be a  hideout of the Hewetson's. Garrick Fell is a hill in the parish of Closeburn in Nithsdale and is near the more ancient parish of Durisdeer.  It is believed that rocks and loose stones have covered the entrance to this cave as no one has been able to find an entry for many years.  This could possibly be the same cave mentioned above.




Name given to the signatories and followers of the Solemn League and Covenant, especially in 1638-48. TheScottish Presbyterians co-operated with the English Puritans in putting down episcopacy, ie they believed that a Christian church did not need Bishops.

In Scottish history, groups of people bound by oath to defend Presbyterianism. Covenant of 1581 sought to combat Catholicism. Covenant of 1638 opposed innovations of Archbishop Laud, especially use of English Book of Common Prayer. They resisted the armies of King Charles I in Bishops’ Wars (1639-40) and supported Parliament in Puritan Revolution only after acceptance (1643) of Solemn League and Covenant pledging Presbyterian State Church in England and Ireland. Their power broken by Cromwell’s conquest of Scotland in 1650. After restoration, Covenanters were alternatively coerced and persuaded to accept episcopacy but stubbornly resisted. Troubles ended with Glorious Revolution (1688). (The Columbia-Viking Desk Encyclopaedia).

The "coercion" mentioned above included deportation as slaves to Virginia, USA, hangings, drownings and all manner of diabolical tortures..

COVENANT: In Scottish history, pact by opponents of episcopacy, known as Covenanters. (The Columbia-Viking Desk Encyclopaedia)


A protestation signed all over Scotland in 1638, in which the subscribers swore to defend the Protestant religion and to resist all contrary errors and corruptions. A Covenanter was a subscriber or adherent of the Covenant. (Oxford Companion to English Literature).

The extract below refers to our earliest ancestor Thomas HEWETSON of Laight, Tynron.


There was a worthy man of the name of Howatson, who, on account of his well-known attachment to covenanting principles, was obliged to keep himself in perpetual concealment among the more remote and unfrequented glens and mountains. His house was occasionally searched by the dragoons, sometimes by day, and at other times by night, for the purpose of surprising him at some unwary hour in the bosom of his family. It happened, on one occasion, that Howatson ventured to spend a night under his own roof at a time when he did not expect a surprisal from his enemies; for it was generally when the snow lay deep on the ground, or when the solitudes were visited with a severe storm, that the good men who dwelt in the dens and caves of the wilderness durst enter their homes without risk. Under the cloud of night, he stole into his lonely hut without being seen by a human eye. He received, as was to be expected, the cordial greeting of his household. A meal was instantly prepared, his affectionate wife changed his dripping clothes and his shivering frame was warmed and enlivened by a huge fire of peat, the towering flame of which ascended far up the chimney. It was a happy occasion and the glad family continued to converse on matter of deep and thoughtful interest till a late hour. At length all retired to rest and it was not long before the husband and the father, worn out with hunger and fatigue and watchfulness, sank into a profound sleep. But while this pious household were slumbering in fancied security from the intrusion of their enemies, those very enemies were at the door. They had set out in quest of their victim, having by some means been informed of his hiding place and not finding him there as they anticipated, they hoped to capture him in his own house. Accordingly, having reached the solitary dwelling at the dead of night, they stationed six of their number before the door, while four others, having softly lifted the latch, entered the house - the door, by an unaccountable oversight, having been left unlocked. At this juncture the wife of Howatson awoke, and, to her amazement, saw four men standing before the fire attempting to light a candle. Rightly judging who the intruders were, she, without uttering a word, grasped he husband firmly by the arm. He instantly started up and saw the men observing that their backs were towards him, he slipped gently from his bed on the clay floor, and stole softly to the door. It was guarded by the dragoons. He hesitated for a moment and then darted like an arrow through the midst of them. The waving of his snow-white shirt, like a sheet of lightning, terrified the horses and threw the party into confusion, and, though they fired several times, he escaped unscathed. He fled with the utmost speed to the house of a friend, where he obtained a lodging for the remainder of the night. The next day his clothing was conveyed to him by his wife, who could not but observe the hand of a special providence stretched out for the protection of her husband.

On another occasion, however, the same individual was not quite so fortunate, though he eventually escaped with his life. He enemies, being constantly in search of him, at length got hold of him and the Laird of Drumlanrig, the leader of the persecuting party in that district, brought him to his castle and confined him in a dungeon called the pit of Drumlanrig. This prison house was covered above with strong boards secured with massive bards of iron, so that escape was rendered impossible. In this place Howatson was incarcerated, not knowing the fate that might be awaiting him, whether he should be hanged aloft on the gallows-tree before the castle gate, or shot by the dragoons on the lawn or, worst of all, be left to perish with hunger in the pit.

There lived in the neighbourhood a half-witted man of the name of Hastie, a person of very great bodily strength, and who frequently performed feats that were incredible. To this person the wife of Howatson offered a sum of money to attempt the rescue of her husband. His bodily prowess and his partial insanity amply qualified him for the undertaking, for by the one he could accomplish the work and by the other he would be screened from punishment, if caught in the attempt. Hastie agreed to the proposal and, under the cloud of night, succeeded in removing the covering of the pit and in effecting the release of the prisoner.

This good man lived some time at Locherben and his piety and nonconformity exposed him to the notice of his enemies. Like the most of those who were friendly to the same cause, he was obliged to consult his safety by withdrawing from his own house, and hiding himself in the dens and caves of the earth. Near his little cottage there was a rocky place in the hill above, to which he frequently betook himself for concealment. Here he found a refuge when the enemy was searching all round for their prey; and he succeeded in keeping himself out of the way of the destroyer till the danger was overpast. It was no trivial advantage to his family that his place of concealment was so near them, for on account of its continguity to his house, he could easily visit them by stealth, and could both give and receive that assistance which was needed. A hiding place so favourable was not always the good fortune of many of those who were placed in similar circumstances. They had often to remain in the heart of the dreariest solitudes, with none to comfort them and none to tell how it fared with those who were left behind. Howatson’s family, when he durst not venture to his house, could occasionally meet him in the cave, and bring him a supply of food and other necessaries.

On one occasion, when Howatson, on account of the strict search made for him, was obliged to confine himself to his cave, his wife was delivered of a child. A party of the dragoons arrived at the house in quest of her husband, and finding the poor woman in this situation, behaved in the most insolent and brutal manner. They searched every corner of the dwelling, but without success. They then proceeded to the bed on which the woman was lying and stabbed with their swords all around her, beneath the bed-clothes, if perchance they might find her husband. The annoyance which this gave the honest woman was peculiarly distressing to a person in her condition. They threatened her in the most violent manner, if she did not instantly reveal her husband’s hiding place. The good woman, whose mind was kept in comparative composure, and who was fortified with more than ordinary strength to maintain her ground, and to outbrave her persecutors, answered with firmness and determination, that she would not comply with their request, nor on any account betray her husband. The rude and unmannerly assailants were abashed at her fortitude, and, though they vaunted and threatened all manner of mischief, they were not permitted to inflict any injury on her person. She upbraided them for their mean and unmannerly conduct in thus assaulting a helpless and unprotected female, and expressed her confidence in the protection of that God whom she and her husband served, and who had promised not to abandon in the day of their distress those who trusted in Him.

the purpose of regaling themselves with liquor. They began to drink deeply and Howatson determined to watch for an opportunity of escape. In a short time the intoxicating beverage began to operate, and soon rendered them oblivious, both of themselves and of their prisoner Howatson, who now saw his advantage, stole quietly from the apartment without being observed and speedily made his escape. When the soldiers awoke from their stupefaction, their captive was gone. Satan caught him in his snare and while they were held in it, this honest witness for the truth obtained his freedom. This father was ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of his child and now the Master whom he served rewarded him by giving him his own in return. He was restored agaDuring the uproar, a little boy, who was standing near his mother, began to cry bitterly. He was terrified at the appearance of the dragoons, their pistols, their broadswords and their loud and angry voices filled him with terror. He clung to the bed on which his mother lay - his little heart was ready to burst and his screams filled the apartment. The behaviour of the child arrested the attention of the soldiers, and one of them seizing him by his tiny arm, dragged him from the house, in spite of the entreaties and expostulations of his mother. They carried him to the brow of the hill, not far from his father’s hiding place, who was at that moment concealed in the cave. Their object was to extort from the boy information regarding his father’s retreat, and they expected to find him more communicative on this subject than his mother. In order the better to succeed in their design, they resolved to operate on his fears and accordingly they tied him to a tree and plainly informed him that they would either stab him with their swords, or shoot him dead on the spot. The timid child, fearing lest the soldiers would fulfil their threatening, screamed louder than before and his shrill and agonising cries reached the inmost recesses of the cavern in which his father lay. The well-known voice of the boy, in the utmost stress, roused Howatson, who, looking forth from his concealment, beheld in consternation, his beloved child tied fast to a tree and the dragoons standing before him, as if about to put him to instant death. Not a moment was to be lost; he issued from the cave and sprang between the soldiers and his little son, prepared to save the life of the dear boy at the expense of his own. The stratagem planned by the soldiers being thus successful, Howatson was instantly seized and his child dismissed. The party proceeded with him to Drumlanrig. The road along which they marched passed a place called Closeburn Mill, where a small house of entertainment was kept, and here the troopers halted, for thin to his family, who in the day of their tribulation trusted in the Lord and he did not forsake them. Howatson, at length, wearied out by the ceaseless persecution, retired, with a fellow-sufferer of the name of Harkness, to Ireland, where he lived in concealment till the Revolution, when he returned to his native land, and died in peace.

In the same locality, in the neighbourhood of Locherben, is the cave of Garrick Fell, which is not the least interesting among the curious hiding places to which the worthies resorted. Garrick Fell is a hill in the parish of Closeburn in Nithsdale, and lies to the east of the more ancient parish of Durisdeer, famous for its Roman antiquities and more famous still as the scene of Christian martydom. The cave was Garrick Fell was known to only a very few and so complete is its seclusion, that even now the shepherds who daily traverse the locality in which it is situated, cannot discover its entrance. It is likely, however, that the rocks and loose stones have of late fallen down and closed the aperture, as a worthy man, who died a few years ago, was well acquainted with it in his younger days.

The following tradition relates to a worthy woman in the same county. The farm of Laight is situated in the beautiful valley of the Scar, in the parish of Tynron. In the times of the persecution it was occupied by Thomas Hewatson, in whose household was the fear of the Lord, His wife, in common with himself, firmly attached to the cause of the covenants. The house of Laight, which stands on a rising ground on the west bank of the pleasant steam which winds its way through the valley, was frequently visited by rude troopers who were commissioned to seize the obnoxious inmates, so that Thomas Hewatson was obliged to escape to some hiding place in the moor, or in the thickets of the glens, leaving behind him his wife and children, who were at all times exposed to the rapacious visitations of the ruffian soldiery. His wife, to whom the following anecdotes refer, was a woman whose rare worth and firm religious principles gained for her a name too celebrated for her to remain unnoticed by the Prelatic Superintendents of the locality in which she resided. One day, when both Thomas and his wife were incidentally absent, the dragoons happened to visit the place in quest of them. The troopers gathered the children around them and questioned them very particularly respecting their father and their mother, but they could elicit nothing satisfactory. The men, however, were determined not to pass over the matter in this way, and they proceeded to bring the children to compliance. They led them out to the field and plainly informed them that they would instantly shoot them if they did not give the requisite information. They forthwith blindfolded them, preparatory to the dreadful act, the children remained inflexible and through the dragoons did not shoot as they threatened, yet the terror into which the children were thrown, resulted in a severe fever, which brought them to the very brink of the grave.

Mrs Hewatson, after the flight of her husband, found it necessary to escape also. One day she observed a party of soldiers coming in the direction of Laight, and she was well aware that she was the person of whom they were in quest. She hastily left the house, descended the bank which led to the Scar and having crossed the stream, plunged into the heart of the dense woods and thickets which afforded a good concealment to fugitives. In her flight she reached a little cottage which stood at the upper extremity of a pleasant green lawn at the foot of a steep height, not far from the house of Auchenbenzie. In this hut she sought refuge from her pursuers and received a cordial welcome. Agitated and out of breath, she placed herself on a seat, and having scattered her long flowing hair over her face and shoulders, she seized a little child, placed it on her knee and was chanting a plaintive lullaby over the infant when the soldiers entered. They inquired of the master of the cottage, whose name was Black, if he saw the woman of whom they were in pursuit. He replied that he did and that he had no doubt if she was continuing her course with the same speed as when he first observed her that by this time she would be a considerable distance from the place. On hearing this the trooper, who had not time to lose, set off in full race after the poor woman, as if they had routed and were pursuing the forces of a whole kingdom. They missed their object, however and having to encounter in their progress what was literally a forest of tall bushy broom and thickets of entangling underwood, they were forced to retrace their steps and to retreat to their garrison without accomplishing there errand. This worthy woman was thus shielded by Providence, and was spared to be the mother of a numerous progeny.

Below is a detailed history showing siblings and descendants of the direct line
from THOMAS HEWETSON of Laight,
Parish of Tynron, the Covenanter


It is derived from the Old English "Hiewett" meaning a "cutting" or "clearing". It was more common in Yorkshire but a branch appears in Ireland (John HEWETSON, son of Thomas and Eleanor HEWETSON of Co. Kildare). John was born in Co. Cork in 1613 and became High Sheriff of Co. Kildare in 1656. In Scotland the name was only common in Dumfries especially around Penpont which is where our Hewetson's come from.

Always strongly Protestant they were closely involved with the covenanter movement of the 1600's. The patriarch of the Hewetson's of the Penpont area was Thomas HEWETSON (1622-1682), a very zealous covenanter, who in spite of many close shaves, was able to escape capture. At one stage he and his neighbour Thomas HARKNESS went to Ireland to escape being taken. His wife Grizel HAINING was from another covenanter family.

THOMAS HEWETSON of Laight farmed at Auchenbenzie  married Grizel HAINING. Thomas was reputed to have been an attendant at the Conventicles (open air preachings which attracted thousands of worshippers)  that were held in the Parish of Penpont.  In an old article Thomas is recorded as the first tenant farmer than can be traced in Penpont. He became occupier of Auchenbenzie about 1640. Thomas born 1622 died 1682 and is buried in the Parish Churchyard of Penpont, Dumfries. Nothing further known of Grizel.


Andrew HOWETSON (Thomas' brother) born circa 1628 died 1674 married Agnes HAIRSTANES born circa 1640 died 1684 or 1685. From Dalgarnoc, its Saints and Heroes: by J King HEWISON  Agnes HAIRSTANES and her daughter Isobel HOWETSON were sent as prisoners from Dumfries to the Tollgate, Edinburgh  in either 1684 or 1685 for their covenanting activities. The reference to this is from a book called "Dalgarnoc, its Saints and Heroes"  by J King Hewison. "Isobel Howattson, daughter of Andrew Howatson sent prisoner from Dumfries to the Tollgate, Edinburgh, together with Agnes Hairstains in 1685" also "Agnes Harestanes, was sentenced to the Plantations (in Virgina) because she would not promise not to hear the curates and discover fugitives. She and her husband had eighteen children: yet such a family made not the persecutors in the least to relent."

I would say that the 18 children is an exaggeration and from the tombstone inscription she seems to be buried with her husbands' Andrew HEWETSON and John HARKNESS at Dalgarnoc Covenanter's Graveyard. Her date of death on the headstone is 1684. This was the year when thousands of covenanters were rounded up and executed or deported. After Andrew HEWETSON Snr's death in 1674 Agnes remarried Thomas HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1627 died 1690 Widower of Bessie HOWATTSONE.

Bessie HOWATTSONE (born circa 1630 died 1674) married Thomas HARKNESS, who later married their brother Andrew HOWETSON's widow  Agnes HAIRSTANES.


Children of Thomas HEWETSON and Grizel HAINING

JOHN HOATSON born circa 1662 died 7 March 1717. He was a Farmer at Dresserland and married Katharine WOOD died 3 November 1724. Buried Dalganoc Covenanters' Cemetery. 

Daughter Unknown HEWETSON married Unknown GRAHAM

Daughter Unknown HEWETSON married Unknown HUNTER

Daughter Unknown HEWETSON married Unknown STITT

Daughter Unknown HEWETSON married Unknown KERR

Daughter Unknown HEWETSON married UNKNOWN

1.    JAMES HEWETSON born 1673 at Laight and later moved to Arkland where he had a half share in a farm with Thomas HAINING.  He married firstly Margaret MENZIES in 1693. From the Parish Registers of Glencairn. "Married 12 October 1693 James HOWATSONE and  Margaret MINZIES in the Parish of Closeburn.

James HEWETSON married secondly Janet GILCHRIST whose father lived at the farm of Mattock on Eccles Estate, one of the descendants of the family of Gilchrist's of the Holm. James and Janet had two sons James HEWETSON  (See 3 below). and George HEWETSON.  George was born circa 1714 died 1732 aged 18.  James Snr died 1747 and his wife Janet predeceased him in 1731.

Children of Andrew HOWATSON and Agnes HAIRSTANES

John HOWETSON born circa 1662 died 1717 a Farmer of Whitefield in Morton married Janet GOLDIE or GODLIE. 

Isobel HOWATTSON born circa 1772 - nothing further known after 1884 or 1885.

Children of Thomas HARKNESS and Bessie HOWATTSONE

Samuel HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1650

James HARKNESS of Mitcheslacks born circa 1651 died 6 December 1723

of Mitchelslacks born circa 1654 died 1684

Adam HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1657 (twin)

Robert HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1657 (twin)

William HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1658

Andrew HARKNESS of Woodhouse, Half Morton born 1662 died January 1723 married Janet CURRIE circa 1690

Adam HARKNESS of Mitchelslacks born circa 1663

John HARKNESS born circa 1664

Thomas HARKNESS (1654 to 1684 above) of Mitchelslacks was a covenanting martyr. He was  born 1654 and was executed at Grassmarket Square, Edinburgh in 1684 for his covenanting activities. He left a young widow Agnes MENZIES born 1662 Mitchelslacks, died 11 October 1734. They were married in 1677 at Kirkhop, Dumfries.  At the time of Thomas' death, Agnes was left with two young children - James born circa 1680 who married Mary DALZIEL about 1698 at Juxta, Dumfries.  James died 1747. Thomas and Agnes' second son John was born circa 1682. He married Margaret (Mollie) RUSSELL circa 1721 at Locherben. John died 8 April 1747 at Mitchelslacks. Agnes was pregnant with her third child at the time of Thomas' execution. This child Thomas was born in 1685 at Gateslack. He died 3 June 1756 and is buried in the Dalganoc Covenanter's Cemetery.

From "Dalgarnoc, its Saints and Heroes"

"Thomas Howatson of Garroch, listed as a "wanted Covenanter" on 6 May 1684".

Child of Thomas HARKNESS and Agnes HAIRSTANES

born Graitney, Gretna who married James IRVINE of Woodhouse, Half Morton.

This link is to the ancestors and siblings of Thomas HARKNESS. I will adding to it as time permits. In the meanwhile the link to Robert Harkness Lloyd's site on our Index Page is an excellent resource.


Children of John HOATSON and Katharine WOOD

George HOATSON, Farmer of Nether Park in Yenoch born circa 1690 died 25 February 1774 married Janet SMITH (nothing further known of Janet).

John HOATSON born circa 1702 died 2 March 1769 aged 67 may have been a son of John and Katharine. The fact that he is buried at Penpont goes against this theory as the rest of this family were buried at Dalgarnoc. However his wife who I have not discovered may have had a family burial tradition at Penpont. A positive for this theory is that his surname is "HOATSON"  which, at that time, seemed to be the favoured spelling of the descendants of this side of the family. John HOATSON Snr's brother James used the HEWETSON spelling. 

Children of James HEWETSON and Margaret MENZIES or MINZIES

Helen HEWETSON born circa 1700. She married James BROADFOOT 1 August 1718 at Sanquhar. Nothing furher known of these two. Possibly a daughter of James and Margaret Minzies.

Margaret  HEWETSON  born 1702. Baptised 22 November 1702 Morton Church, Glencairn.  Nothing further known of her or her mother Margaret.

Children of James HEWETSON and Janet GILCHRIST

Helen HEWETSON born circa 1700 married James BROADFOOT 1 August 1718 Sanquhar. Nothing further known. A possible daughter of James and Janet - not proven.

2.    JAMES HEWETSON  was born 1707 died 27 December 1778. He married Isabel HARKNESS born 1714 Holestains died 27 May 1782. She was the daughter of William HARKNESS and Isabel CURRIE. James resided firstly at Arkland and was later of Auchenbenzie.

George HEWETSON born circa 1714 died 1732 aged 18. 

Children of George HOATSON and Janet SMITH

George HOATSON Jnr. born 1707 died 1787. He married firstly Margaret CARUTHERS born circa 1716 died 4 August 1750 aged 34.  George Jnr. married secondly another Margaret CARRUTHERS born circa 1707 died 6 March 1783 aged 76.  No recorded children.


Children of James HEWETSON and Isabel HARKNESS

Margaret  HEWETSON born 31 August 1737 died 1778 in childbirth leaving five children, three sons and two daughters. Margaret married James DALZIEL circa 1758, a farmer in Druidhills. James was the first known tenant of Druidhall.


George was born at Auchenbenize 12 April 1740 died 12 June 1833. He was a Yeoman Farmer at Locherben, then Auchenbenzie and eventually Grennan. In 1777 he married Janet LORIMER born circa 1753 died 10 October 1805. Janet was the  widow of John Hyslop of Glengar (described in a 19th century Register of Hewetson Genealogy as "a very agreeable woman and an excellent wife".


Keith Lovat-Smith commented that George's Will was one of a very wealthy Yeoman Farmer.

People named in George HEWETSON's Will
Eldest son John HEWETSON (also Executor) inherits Grennan Estate, family seats in the church, farms at Crook Craig, Beild and Broomfield.
Second son James HEWETSON gets land at Corsefield.
Third son Thomas HEWETSON
doesn't mention Thomas' inheritance just his name. Perhaps that is why he is so well provided for by his brother John (see below).
Fourth son George HEWETSON He and his heirs get 800 pounds with land at Scaur.
Brother William HEWETSON
William's legacy not mentioned in the abstracts
Isobel HEWETSON Left house at Oak Knome.
Daughter: Janet HEWETSON
left money.

Grizzel HEWETSON born 1742

William HEWETSON born 26 April 1744  Arkland died 21 October 1822 at  Grennan, Schoolmaster at Penpont  He married  firstly Jessie MENZIES or MINZIES born circa 1751 the youngest daughter of Adam Menzies of Troloss. She died aged 26 in 1776  leaving four children, one of whom was only 9 days old. In 1822 William was Session Clerk at Penpont and his first entry in the Session Book is a reference to a fire and the total destruction of all the books and records belonging to the parish. Janet is buried in the Penpont Cemetery, but not in the Hewetson plot. Her epitaph reads "Here lyes interred Janet Minzies wife to Mr William Hewetson, School Master of Penpont who died 9th January 1777 aged 26 years. Also two children James and  Isoble". In 1783 William married secondly Agnes MOFFAT of Tynron, Dumfries born 1763 married 14 April 1783 died 5 March 1829. Agnes was the daughter of Alexander MOFFAT and Jean MAXWELL of Achenhessnane.

Penpont School House where William taught

Janet HEWETSON born 29 December 1747 married Richard RAWLINE of Grennan on 21 July 1783 (which passed to George HEWETSON). No recorded children for this couple.

James HEWETSON born 26 March 1749 died Auchenbenzie 14 May 1825 (Farmer of Locherben later Auchenbenzie). He married Isoble McTURK in 1784. Isoble died 27 March 1851 aged 91 at Auchenbenzie. Isabel was the oldest daughter of Robert McTURK of Strathmilligan. James HEWETSON's Will named Robert HEWETSON and Thomas HARKNESS as executors. The Inventory refers to the Estate of the late William HEWETSON of New York (son of John HEWETSON and Mary HYSLOP) John was a younger brother of James.

John HEWETSON born 5 December 1751 died 14 February 1845 of Glengar married Mary HYSLOP born 23 October 1759 Penpont daughter of Samuel HYSLOP and Mary SILLINGTON died 28 September 1807.

Isobel HEWETSON born 28 July 1757 Auchenbenzie married circa 1778 at Sanquhar, Dumfries to Thomas BROWN of Dalpeddar, Sanquhar.

Child of George HOATSON Jnr and Margaret CARUTHERS

James HOATSON born 1745 died 29 September 1859 aged 13.

Children of John HOATSON and UNKNOWN.

James HOATSON of Thornhill born circa 1750 died 10 October 1803 aged 53

Samuel HOATSON born circa 1756 died 23 September 1765

Margaret HOATSON born 25 March 1759 died 25 September 1791

John HOATSON of Thornhill born circa 1760 died 1820. He married Isabel LOURIE or LAWRIE who was born circa 1762 and died 2 January 1828.


Children of Margaret HEWETSON and James DALZIEL

William DALZIEL born 9 January 1761 Druidhall, Farmer of Druidhall, Penpont.

Isabel DALZIEL born 20 January 1767 Druidhall.

James DALZIEL born 20 January 1767, Druidhall, a Farmer of Markland, Penpont married UNKNOWN. In 1851 he was a farmer of Druidhall, Penpont, a widower. The farm consisted of 300 acres plus 2500 acres of moor pasture employing 13 labourers.  In the household in 1851 were James DALZIEL his son aged 43, James' wife Elizabeth KENNEDY aged 40 born Tynron, their children Adam DALZIEL aged 18 and Robert DALZIEL aged 11.  Others were John BALLINGTON an Agricultural Labourer aged 17 born Penpont, Marion CLARK, House Servant aged 39 born Penpont, Agnes GILCHRIST, Agricultural Labouer aged 23 born Morton, Thomas HASTINGS, Agricultural Labourer aged 22 born Kirkmahoe, John LOCKEY, Agricultural Labourer aged 20 born Durrisdeer, William McDOUAL, a Vagrant formerly a Rail Labouer aged 23 born Durham, England and Jean SWAN, House Servant aged 17 born Penpont.

Margaret DALZIEL born circa 1769 Druidhall.

George DALZIEL born 7 August 1772 Druidhall, Farm of Holm of Drumlanrig, Penpont.

Children of William HEWETSON and Janet (Jessie) MENZIES

Thomas HEWETSON of Holmhead, Glencairn born 3 January 1770 Penpont died 26 January 1847 married Agnes ROSS born 21 February 1772 married 12 May 1789.

Mary HEWETSON born 5 April 1771  Penpont married William HASTINGS born circa 1760 Scotland.

Margaret HEWETSON born 23 April 1773 Penpont.

Isobel HEWETSON born 30 February 1775  Penpont, died young buried with her mother in Penpont Churchyard.

James HEWETSON born 28 December 1776 Penpont, died young buried with his mother in Penpont Churchyard.

Children of George HEWETSON and Janet LORIMER

Isobel HEWETSON born 18 June 1779 Grennan  married James McMATH Esq of Penpont. Isobel was a widow by 1851.

Janet HEWETSON born Grennan, Dumfries 24 February 1781 died 1829. Married UNKNOWN. Janet had two sons John and James who owned a shop in Penpont.

James HEWETSON baptised Grennan 8 July 1783 died young

John HEWETSON born Grennan 20 March 1785 died 1865 unmarried. John inherited Grennan where he and brothers James and George were living in the 1851 and 1861 Census. John's nephew James Jnr. was also living there working as a Ploughboy.

Beneficiaries in John's Will

Brother James HEWETSON Esq of Corsefield
Younger brother Thomas HEWETSON

Nephew James HEWETSON Jnr Son of brother James Hewetson. Gets farms of Grennan, Little Grennan, Farding Allan and Bridge of Scars, after death of Thomas Hewetson - to whom they go first.
Thomas HEWETSON Farms of Crook Craig, Beild and Broomfield
James HEWETSON Farms of Grennan, Farding Allan, Farr Hill, the Laight Hill Park and Farding Allan Park all go to brother Thomas HEWETSON  then, as mentioned above, to James HEWETSON Jnr of  Townhead, Penpont
 Nephew John HEWETSON
second son of James HEWETSON Jnr
 Nephew George McMATH son of deceased James McMATH in Penpont
 Nephew Thomas McMATH
son of deceased James McMATH in Penpont
 Nephew Alexander McMATH
son of deceased James McMATH  in Penpont
Great Nephew Thomas ROWATH son of Jess McMATH or ROWATT, my niece
Servants Mary and George HUNTER


James HEWETSON was born at Grennan and baptised 6 April 1787 died Grennan 9 January 1869 unmarried. He was a Farmer at Grennan and Corsefield. James was living at Grennan with his two brothers and nephew at the time of the 1851 and 1861 Census. (See below). He had a natural son James HEWETSON Jnr. born Grennan  with Catherine STEVENSON, a Domestic Servant. Catherine was noted on James Heweton Jnr's marriage certificate (24 January 1862) as "Domestic Servant, Deceased. I can find nothing more about her. James Snr appears to have raised James Jnr. It would seem that while James HEWETSON Snr. farmed at Corsefield, he and his son James Jnr. lived at the family home of Grennan.

The only person I have mention of in James HEWETSON Snr's Will is his son James HEWETSON Jnr. "To James Hewetson, Junior, of Corsefield greatly loved by all, now residing at Grennan, my reputed natural son".


John HEWETSON Head of House, Unmarried,  65 years, Farmer of 140 acres arable, 145 acres hill. Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Brother, Unmarried 63 years Born Penpont
George HEWETSON Brother, Unmarried 59 years Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Nephew Scholar, 16 years Born Penpont
Mary HUNTER Servant House Servant Born Penpont
Jane BELL Servant Dairy Maid Born Penpont
Elizabeth McMURRAY Servant General Servant Born Penpont
Margaret BROWN Servant House Servant Born Penpont


John HEWETSON Head of House 75 years. Farmer,
Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Brother 72 years, Farmer
Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Nephew 24 years, Plowman,
Born Penpont
Mary FORSYTH Servant 18 years Born Moniave
Robert COWAN Servant

Mary HUNTER Servant

* I don't know whether this was an assumption on the Census Taker's part, but it does seem strange that after the age of 65, John should take it into his head to get married. I cannot find any proof of this.

Thomas HEWETSON baptised Grennan 3 November 1788 Farmer of Oaklyknowe and Broomfield. Died 1878 unmarried.

George HEWETSON  Farmer baptised Grennan 16 March 1791

Children of Thomas BROWN and Isobel HEWETSON

Janet (Jessie) BROWN born 23 March 1780 Dalpeddar, Sanquhar.


 William BROWN

Alexander BROWN

Isabel BROWN born 6 March 1792, Dalpeddar, Sanquhar.

Children of John HEWETSON and Mary HYSLOP

William HEWETSON born Glengar 30 January 1782 died 28 August 1818 New York, USA. From an 1822 Biography of the Hewetson family, a note on William HEWETSON reads: "William, for bodily strength and activity surpassed all men either in Scotland or England he ever met with at any active trials".

Margaret HEWETSON born Glengar 2 December 1784 died Penpont 11 May 1868 married George LORIMER born circa 12 January 1786 of Durrisdeer and Enoch Mill, Craick Mill, Penpont died Penpont 5 January 1878.

George HEWETSON born Glengar 27 May 1786 married Jean (Nannie) COOK of Carlisle. No recorded children.

John HEWETSON of Baltersan, Penninghame, Wigtown born Glengar 18 August 1788 died 13 September 1863 married 20 October 1825 Elizabeth WILLIAMSON  died 8 July 1874 aged 78.

James HEWETSON of Castle Douglas born Glengar 24 March 1791 died Penpont 16 January 1863 married Jean HEWETSON.

Thomas HEWETSON born Glengar June 1793 died Glengar 10 November 1861 aged 68 unmarried.

Walter HEWETSON born Glengar 4 December 1795 died Kirkhouse, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright 8 December 1862 married Margaret MILROY.

Mary HEWETSON born Glengar 18 June 1798 (lived at Glengar) died 26 December 1787 Penpont.

Robert HEWETSON born Glengar 5 March 1801 died Glengar 22 July 1806.

Joseph HEWETSON born Glengar 18 August 1804 died January 1851 St Clairsville, Ohio married Isabella HANNAY born 1807 Scotland.

Children of William HEWETSON and Agnes MOFFAT

Jean HEWETSON born 18 March 1784 Penpont married Unknown McAULEY.

Isabella HEWETSON born 1786 Penpont. Living with her sister Janet HAINING in 1851 at Bilbow, where she died in 1868. Said by a fellow researcher to have had four children. No husband or children found.

John HEWETSON born 5 September 1788 Penpont. A surgeon in the Navy died 29 May 1817.

Alexander HEWETSON born 17 March 1790 at Penpont.

Janet  HEWETSON born 1 May 1792  at Penpont. She married Samuel HAINING a Shepherd of Bilbow. A widow in 1851. No recorded children.

William HEWETSON born 17 March 1795 Penpont died Knockelly, Tynron 17 October 1847.  He married Marion SCOTT born circa 1793 died 27 November 1871 at Little Hall, Llandovery, South Wales.

Agnes HEWETSON born 12 August 1797  Penpont. She was living with her sister Janet HAINING in 1851 unmarried. Agnes died at Bilbow 23 December 1853.

Helen Lorimer HEWETSON born 4 April 1801 died 1877 Bilbow.  She was also living with Janet at Bilbow in 1851. Married Unknown LORIMER. A Unknown Daughter married Dr KENNEDY.

Grizel HEWETSON born 6 August 1804 Penpont died Stepford, Holywood 18 September 1867. She married James LORIMER. No recorded children have been found and her Will only mentions nieces and nephews.

People mentioned in Grizel HEWETSON/LORIMER's Will.

Late Husband



of Scourbridge, Penpont
of Creighton, spouse to David (UNKNOWN) Draper, London
Spouse to John NEILL, Draper in Dudley
Elizabeth HASTINGS
living at Thornhill
Mary HASTINGS or CALLANDAR Relict of Alexander CALLANDER in Wanlockhead
Margaret LORIMER
of Penpont
of Penpont

Children of James HEWETSON and Isoble McTURK

James HEWETSON born Auchenbenzie November 1785 Farmer of Strathmilligan and Upper Barr, Penninghame, Wigtown died 16 August 1855 Auchenbenzie. He married in January 1816 Janet  WILLIAMSON of Tynron born 23 March 1789 who died at Barr 13 July 1828 aged 39 years. In 1851 he was living with his brother Robert HEWETSON at Auchenbenzie.

Mary HEWETSON born Auchenbenzie 11 August 1787 died at Dalmakerran 2 March 1864.married William KENNEDY Esq. born 1771 died Dalmakerran 29 November 1847 aged 76.  Both buried Tynron Churchyard.

Isabel HEWETSON born Auchenbenzie 2 October 1788. She died 17 February 1813 aged 23 years. (From another researcher "married either Unknown RANKINE or HARKNESS" - no evidence of this.)

Margaret HEWETSON born Auchenbenzie 11 March 1793. She married William McCRACKEN born circa 1808 Girvan, Ayrshire. They were living at Kirkinner, Wigtown in 1851.

Robert HEWETSON of Swyre born Auchenbenzie 8 July 1795 died at Auchenbenzie 22 October 1866 aged 71 years. Robert  married Jane KENNEDY born 1795 died at Burnbrae, Penpont on 14 April 1876 aged 81 years.  In the 1851 Census he was described as a Farmer of 6100 acres of hill country and 400 acres arable land at Auchenbenzie in Penpont aged 55.  Jane was aged 54 and was born at Tynron, Dumfries. No children.

People in Robert HEWETSON's household in 1851


James HEWETSON Brother of Robert, 66 years
born Tynron Widower. His wife Jane WILLIAMSON died in 1828.
James HEWETSON Nephew of Robert 12
born Kelton, Kirkcudbright Son of James HEWETSON and Jane or
of Castle Douglas. James Jnr was born 6 July 1839 and married Margaret HARPER
Isabella KENNEDY Sister of Robert 64
born Tynron Occupation is given as "Interest of Money" (annuitant) Widow
Ann WILLIAMSON sister of Robert 50 born Penpont Ann HEWETSON married to Ninian WILLIAMSON
William MOFFAT nephew of Robert 23
born Glencairn, Dumfries Scholar, Unmarried. Robert must have had another sister married to a MOFFAT who we do not know of  who was the mother of William.
Janet BALLENTINE Servant
born Penpont House Servant, unmarried
Mary FERGUSON Servant 25
born Keir, Dumfries General Servant, unmarried
Jane HUNTER Servant 20
born Closeburn, Dumfries. House Servant, unmarried

People mentioned in Robert HEWETSON's Will written 18 March 1863 and proved 7 March 1867.

One of the nearest next of kin
Eldest Sister
of Dalmakerran
Eldest son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY
Second son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY
Youngest son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY
Only daugher of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY
Robert KENNEDY Esq
of Dalmakerran - husband of Eldest Sister
Wife of William McCRACKEN
Wife of James HEWETSON, Brewer in Castle Douglas
Only child of deceased sister Anne HEWETSON or WILLIAMSON

Note from Keith Lovat-Smith: "A very lengthy Will of a well-to-do Farmer. He seems to regard James HEWETSON Jnr (Nephew) with great respect and affection)".  

Jean or Jane HEWETSON born 15 November 1797 Auchenbenzie married James HEWETSON Brewer of Castle Douglas (son of John HEWETSON and Mary HYSLOP)  She died 12 February 1862.

Anne or Annie HEWETSON born Auchenbenzie 15 May 1801 died 1855. She married Ninian WILLIAMSON and had one child - Ninian Alexander WILLIAMSON Jnr married Margaret E HARRISON (no children).

born Auchenbenzie 15 March 1805 died 19 December 1806.


Children of John HOATSON  and Isabel LOURIE

John HOATSON born Morton by Thornhill 10 May 1790 died 7 November 1821 aged 33.

Janet HOATSON baptised Morton by Thornhill 15 April 1792 died 1792.

Samuel HOATSON born 25 May 1794 died 5 April 1865 aged 67. He married Sarah GEDDES born circa 1799 died 1 March 1875 aged 76.

James HOATSON born 25 September 1794.

Janet HOATSON baptised Morton by Thornhill 28 August 1801 married John LAURIE. They were married 12 June 1826 in Morton Parish.

Children of Thomas HEWETSON and Agnes ROSS

Joseph HEWETSON born circa 1792 Wigtown

Mary HEWETSON born circa 1793 Wigtown

Thomas HEWETSON born circa 1794 Wigtown

John HEWETSON born circa 1796 Wigtown

William HEWETSON born circa 1798 Wigtown, a Toll Keeper of Carronbridge in 1847 died between 1847 and 1851 married 13 June 1829 Barr by Girvan Margaret SYMINGTON born circa 1806 Auchinleck, Ayr died 1 April 1878 Thornhill, Parish of Morton. In 1851 she was a Grocer of Morton a widow residing at Carronbridge, Morton.

Mary HEWETSON born circa 1800 Wigtown died 1800

Margaret HEWETSON born circa 1802 Wigtown

Children of Mary HEWETSON and William HASTINGS

Janet HASTINGS born 8 June 1793 Morton, Dumfries

Elizabeth HASTINGS born 2 September 1798 Morton

Isabel HASTINGS born circa 2 February 1801

William HASTINGS born 16 April 1803 New Cumnock, Ayr died 20 October 1884 at St John's, Creetown, Kirkcudbright married circa 1828 firstly Katherine GOOD  born 1 November 1801 married secondly Susan HERMAN born circa 1800 died 19 July 1872.

Mary HASTINGS born circa 1806 married 1834 Morton Alexander CALLANDAR of Wanlockhead born 1811 Scotland died 2 April 1858 son of Archibald CALLANDAR and Janet MEGGAT.

Children of Jane (Jean) HEWETSON and  Unknown McAULEY

John McAULEY (wife unknown) had a daughter Jeannie McAULEY who married Robert BLACK, Shoemaker of Penpont. 


Samuel (Sam) McAULEY) married A LORIMER (Second cousin)


Robert KENNEDY died young.

Robert KENNEDY born 14 November 1810 Penpont married Jane (Jeannie) MURRAY born circa 1810 Lanark, Lanarkshire. In the 1851 Census Robert KENNEDY is described as a farmer of Dalmakerran, Tynron farming 2600 acres. Others in his household in 1851 were Ellen CORRIE, House Servant, Unmarried born Penpont, James McKINNELL, Farm Servant aged 18 unmarried born Penpont, Janet SMITH, no occupation given, unmarried 21 and Margaret STRONG,  36 unmarried Governess born Lerwick, Shetland.

Isabel KENNEDY born 5 January 1813 Penpont married Dr Thomas HUNTER.

William KENNEDY born 26 December 1818.

James KENNEDY of Cairnmill born 8 July 1815 Penpont married firstly 5 July 1840 Sanquhar Janet BROWN. He married secondly Mary WHIGHAM aged 48 at Sanquhar 29 September 1868. James was aged 54.

Children of William HEWETSON and Marion SCOTT

William HEWETSON born 10 September 1815 Glencairn, Penpont married Sarah MURDOCH

John HEWETSON born circa 1819 Tynron, Shoemaker of Penpont died 29 March 1883 married 10 July 1855 Penpont Helen CORRIE born circa 1836 died 2 April 1864. John HEWETSON is described in the 1851 Census as a Master Shoemaker of Penpont employing eight men and two women. He was 32 years and unmarried at this time. Others in his household in 1851 were James MAXWELL an apprentice aged 17 born Dunscore, Dumfries and James YOUDLE, an apprentice aged 14 born Durrisdeer, Dumfries.

From information from the 1851 Census this is quite likely to be Helen CORRIE and her family. William CORRIE of Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfries, Agricultural Labourer aged 34 born St Mungo, Dumfries married to Mary CORRIE (maiden name unknown) aged 32 born Annan, Dumfries. Helen CORRIE aged 13 born Annan and her sister Mary CORRIE aged 7 also born Annan. John HEWETSON and Helen CORRIE were married on 10 July 1855 at Penpont. In his Will John mentions his surviving son. This would be William HEWETSON (born 1855) who died a year after his father in 1884. Helen died two months after her youngest son 2 April 1864 aged 28.

Margaret HEWETSON born circa 1820 Closeburn, Dumfries died 9 January 1874 married William YOUNG born circa 1816 a Shepherd of Chanlockfoot

Samuel HEWETSON of Bilbow  born 1823 died 1898 married Isabella WILLIAMSON died 1887 married secondly Emma COOPER died 1908

George HEWETSON born circa 1825 Tynron died 2 February 1847 aged 22

David HEWETSON born circa 1828 died 1851 aged 22 at Port Natal, South Africa

Agness HEWETSON born 1834 Tynron died 1917 married John NEALE, Draper of Dudley, England.

Children of Isobel HEWETSON and James McMATH Esq

Thomas McMATH Commission Agent of Glasgow married Ellen CRAWFORD born circa 1814 Penpont

George McMATH

Alexander McMATH born circa 1820 Penpont

Janet (Jessie) McMATH born 1811 married Unknown ROWATT and had Thomas ROWATT who was in New Zealand about 1867.

James McMATH was mentioned in Isobel's Will. Described as "a Merchant of Penpont (illegitimate son of the late James McMATH).

Children of James HEWETSON and Jane WILLIAMSON

Elizabeth (Eliza) HEWETSON born Chanlockhead 15 November 1816 died 8 February 1888 Carsenestock.  Elizabeth married John McGILL of Carsenestock on 15 August 1837. He was the son of William McGILL of Carsenestock born circa 1762 died 14 January 1814 and Margaret MILROY born circa 1771 died 1 December 1810. John born circa 1807 died at Carsenestock on 20 1870. All interred Clachan Cemetery, Penninghame. William McGILL and Margaret MILROY had another son Andrew McGILL who died at Quebec, Canada on 30 March 1835 aged 32.

Isabella HEWETSON born 5 August 1818 Clonbie died 30 September 1855 aged 37

Margaret HEWETSON born 4 February 1820 died 3 December 1902 aged 82 married Robert Frame BARR died 26 June 1849 Australia.

Jane (Jean) HEWETSON born 8 August 1822 Barr died Glasgow 16 April 1850. She married A KIRKLAND, Civil Engineer  in Glasgow in 1846 and had two sons and one daughter.

James HEWETSON born 22 February 1824 Barr, died 27 October 1826 Barr. 

Agnes Williamson HEWETSON born 11 June 1825 Barr died Edinburgh 9 November 1895. (adopted by her Uncle James WILLIAMSON and Agnes WILSON).

Mary Ann HEWETSON born 16 February 1828 Barr. She married Samuel MILROY of Glasgow on 7 July 1859 at Kilbarchan, Renfrew.

Children of Margaret HEWETSON and George LORIMER

Mary LORIMER born 12 December 1816 Sanquhar

William Hewetson LORIMER born 31 December 1818 Craick Mill Sanquhar (to the USA).

John Hewetson LORIMER born 12 December 1820 Sanquhar (to the USA).  

Grizel LORIMER born 17 April 1824 Sanquhar

Isabel LORIMER born 20 April 1826 Sanquhar

Margaret LORIMER born 27 June 1828

Children of Samuel HOATSON and Sarah GEDDES


Isabella HOATSON born circa 1821 died 2 September 1903

Children of John HEWETSON and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON

John HEWETSON born 18 September 1826 Penninghanme died 4 March 1840

Samuel Williamson HEWETSON of Baltersan later of Glengar born 20 June 1828 Penninghame died 28 December 1874 Glengar married Mary STODDART.  He went to Australia in the Gold Rush of 1849. It is said he was also in South America. There is a letter in the Ottawa Archives concerning this. I have not seen it and do not know its contents.

William HEWETSON born 27 May 1830 Penninghame died 19 September 1887 married Mary SPROAT. To Canada.

Marion HEWETSON born 28 April 1832 Penninghame died 13 September 1838.

James HEWETSON  born 2 April 1834 Penninghame died 19 March 1908 married Elizabeth SPROAT. To Canada. 

George HEWETSON born 6 March 1836 Penninghame died 3 September 1874 married in 1858 Elizabeth GRAY born 1832 died 1911. George farmed at Risk and Auchenleck and built Oakbank.  The researcher of this line of the family has visited the home of George and Elizabeth and says "Three children died within ten days from diptheria. Two suicides. A gloomy house to visit." 

Joseph HEWETSON of Baltersan born 14 May 1838 died 31 October 1893 Penninghame married
Mary McCONCHIE of Mains of Penninghame.

Marion HEWETSON born 12 April 1840 Penninghame died 1911  married Dr James MORE of Kettering born 1834. They married on 3 October 1860 at Penninghame, Wigtown.

Elizabeth HEWETSON born 18 February 1843 died 8 January 1854 Penninghame.

Children of Janet HOATSON and John LAURIE

John LAURIE born 1828 Morton
John LAURIE born 1831 Morton
James LAURIE born 1833 Morton
Peter LAURIE born 1835 Morton
James LAURIE born 1837 Morton

Children of Dr Joseph HEWETSON and Isabel HANNAY

Dr John HEWETSON born 1831 Wigtown married firstly Mary Elizabeth OSBORNE secondly Lizzie UNKNOWN

Dr Peter HEWETSON born 1832 died 1915 married Effie DUN

Dr Alexander HEWETSON born 1837 died 1907 married Mary Rose TEMPLETON

Joseph HEWETSON  killed in Civil War aged 18

Walter HEWETSON born 1839 a Carpenter married Sarah BAILEY - no children.

Mary Isabella HEWETSON  born 1839 died 1916 unmarried lived with her brother Alexander.

Unknown daughter HEWETSON

Dr Thomas HEWETSON died of tuberculosis married UNKNOWN

Children of Margaret HEWETSON and William McCRACKEN




Isabella Martha McCRACKEN born 21 December 1832 Penninghame, Wigtown or 22 December 1832 Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright married John LAURIE of Creetown died 1923



Children of James HEWETSON and Jane (Jean) HEWETSON

Isabella HEWETSON born 17 July 1830 Kelton, Kirkcudbright died Castle Douglas 28 September 1857. Buried Kelton Churchyard.

Mary HEWETSON born 1 July 1832 Kelton married Unknown HARDEN.

Jane Ann HEWETSON born 11 January 1834 Kelton died Penpont 14 April 1897.

John HEWETSON born 1 March 1836 Kelton died Penpont 1 January 1869 married Ellen THOM (no children)..

James HEWETSON of Craiglearan Park House, Dumfries born 6 July 1839 Kelton died 27 May 1905 married Margaret HARPER born circa 1839 died Auchenbenzie 16 May 1884.  No children.

Roberta Kennedy HEWETSON born 15 July 1842 Kelton died Penpont 2 July 1914 unmarried.


5.    JAMES HEWETSON Jnr was born at Grennan circa 1834 died 8 January 1879. He married firstly Mary KERR born circa 1836 of Sanquhar who died at Townhead, Grennan 23 February 1859 aged 23 years. They were  married on 22 June 1858 at Kirkconnel. He married secondly Mary FORSYTH

Children of Walter HEWETSON and UNKNOWN

Robert HEWETSON born circa 1844 Kirkhouse, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright son of Walter HEWETSON. In 1951 Robert was living with Walter at Kirkhouse.  In the 1851 Census Walter is described as single.

Children of Walter HEWETSON and Margaret MILROY

John Walter HEWETSON born Kirkhouse, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright 1859 died 1925 to Australia in 1879 on the "Norfolk" married Agnes CAMPBELL born 1859 Toolamba, Victoria died 1928 Glen Innes, New South Wales.  Agnes' father Peter CAMPBELL won the Victoria Cross at the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Thomas William HEWETSON born 1861 Kirkhouse, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright died 1939. To Australia in 1880 on the "Garonne"  married Alice Mary FOOTIT born 1865 Carlton, Melbourne died Evans Head, New South Wales in 1950


John and Thomas, sons of Walter HEWETSON (1795-1862) and Margaret (nee MILROY) were born in the family farmhouse “Kirkhouse” near Kirbean in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. Walter, their father was a farmer and son of John HEWETSON farmer of Glengar in Dumfriesshire (1751-1854) and Mary HISLOP. Walter died when his children were very young and his widow who was considerably younger than his 67 years, remarried in 1867 to an officer of the Indian Army Corps, leaving the youngsters in the care of her new parents-in-law, Thomas Smith, Schoolmaster of Dumfries Town and his wife Mary Smith, . The children were excellently educated at academies, forming a lasting friendship with Sir James Barrie and before emigrating to Australia, acted in plays with him.

John emigrated first, in 1879 and his brother Thomas six months later. They purchased land in the Euroa/Molka area of north east Victoria. John married Agnes Campbell, a dressmaker of Toolamba, Victoria and had a daughter, Margaret, 1886.

Thomas, married Alice Footit. In early 1887, The brothers with John’s parents-in-law moved to the Glenn Innes area of New South Wales. John bought land near Glen Innes and Thomas at Sandy Flat nearby.

In 1890 Thomas became Town Clerk for Tentefield and John was Shire Engineer forTentefield. By 1897 they were involved with sawmilling, expanding into joinery.

We have a lot more details on these families.


Children of William HEWETSON and Margaret SYMINGTON

Agnes HEWETSON born February 1830 Daily, Ayr a grocer at Carronbridge, Morton in 185. She had a natural son William whose father was Thomas MITCHELL. See Generation Eight. Agnes married Robert BROWN on 7 November 1851 at Morton by Thornhill.

John Brown HEWETSON born circa 1831` living in Manchester in 1851 married Elizabeth MAXWELL 29 March 1859 Glencairn. A Silk Mercer in 1880.

Thomas HEWETSON born circa 1832 living in Chathan in 1851.

Jane HEWETSON born 3 August 1833 Daily, Ayr.

Margaret HEWETSON baptised 11 October 1837 Kirkmichael, Ayr.

Margaret HEWETSON born circa 1839 Daily, Ayr.

James HEWETSON born circa 1840 Daily, Ayr married Elizabeth ROWAN 4 June 1872 Barr by Girvan, Ayr.

Janet (Jessie) HEWETSON born 24 January 1843 Glencairn, Dumfries.

Children of James DALZIEL and Elizabeth KENNEDY

James DALZIEL born 1831 died 8 June 1834 Nithsdale

Adam DALZIEL born 18 March 1833 Druidhall of Chanlockfoot married Elizabeth HARPER - No children.

James DALZIEL born 24 March 1837  married four times 

Mary DALZIEL born 3 July 1835 Druidhall married 29 April 1856  William RICHARDSON at Penpont.

Children of Isabella KENNEDY and Dr Thomas HUNTER

Mary HUNTER  born 7 September 1837 Glencairn married John KENNEDY of Kirkland  at Glencairn 22 February 1866.

Elizabeth (Bessie) HUNTER born 15 May 1839 Glencairn married Unknown HUNTER.

William HUNTER

Children of John McGILL and Eliza HEWETSON:

Jeannie McGILL born 1 December 1837 died 5 February 1887 Glasgow, buried at Sighthill Cemetery married William N GRAHAM Banker of Glasgow 20 September 1868. Their children were James, John and Margaret GRAHAM.

William McGILL born 20 May 1839 died 24 June 1914 at Burn Cottage, Kirkcowan.

James McGILL  born 27 June 1841 died New York, USA 17 March 1917.

Andrew McGILL (Twin) born 5 November 1843 died at San Jose California 2 May 1931.

Robert McGILL (Twin) born 5 November 1843 died at San Jose, California 18 April 1920.

John McGILL Banker of Newton Stewart born 1 August 1849 died 25 February 1923 married Jane Hewetson BARR born 1850 died 15 October 1938 daughter of Margaret HEWETSON and Robert Frame BARR

Nathan Heron McGILL born 11 May 1851 died 5 February 1894. He was a Farmer at Grange in Cree.

Margaret (Maggie) McGILL born 1853 died 1871

Children of Robert KENNEDY and Jane (Jeannie) MURRAY

Elizabeth  KENNEDY

William KENNEDY born 1840 died 1897 married Jessie H PATTERSON died 1916. Son of William and Jessie:

William HEWETSON born 1870 died at Nairn 29 July 1873 Tynron.

Elizabeth (Betsey) KENNEDY born circa 1842 Glencairn, Dumfries married firstly Alexander McDONALD at Tynron on 27 February 1866, secondly Unknown SALMOND.

Mary KENNEDY born circa 1844 Glencairn

Agnes KENNEDY born circa 1846 Glencairn married William SMITH of Chanlockfoot at Tynron 28 November 1865..

Jane KENNEDY born circa 1848 Glencairn

Grace KENNEDY born circa 1849 Glencairn married Frank PATTERSON at Tynron on 21 June 1870.

Children of James KENNEDY and Janet  BROWN:

Mary KENNEDY born 5 January 1842 Brandleys, Sanquhar

William KENNEDY  of Ayr born 29 March 1844 Brandleys, Sanquhar

John KENNEDY born 18 February 1846 Brandleys, Sanquhar  married Unknown ROGERSON. To New Zealand.

Mary KENNEDY born 16 March 1848 married Dr HYSLOP.

Children of Margaret HEWETSON and William YOUNG

Margaret YOUNG born circa 1844 Penpont, Dumfries

Elizabeth YOUNG born circa 1846 Penpont.

James YOUNG born circa 1848 Penpont

Jane YOUNG born circa 1850 Penpont

Children of Margaret HEWETSON and Robert Frame BARR

Jane Hewetson BARR born 1850 died 1936

 William BARR born 15 June 1852

James Hewetson BARR born in Australia 20 October 1854.

Children of  John HEWETSON and HELEN CORRIE

William HEWETSON born 25 August 1855 Penpont died 7 October 1884 Hartlepool, Durham married Margaret FERGUSSON born circa 1862 Carlisle, Cumberland. A son John B HEWETSON  born circa 1880 Hartlepool, Durham.

James HEWETSON born 9 August 1857 Penpont died Australia 27 July 1881 aged 23.

Samuel HEWETSON born 20 June 1859 Penpont died 23 December 1874 aged 15.

John Milroy HEWETSON born 20 July 1863 Penpont died 8 February 1864 aged 18 months.

Children of Mary Ann HEWETSON and Samuel MILROY
Jane Kirkland MILROY  born 9 November 1857

Mary Antoinette MILROY born 10 July 1859

Mary Antoinette MILROY born 31 August 1860

Isabella MILROY born 4 September 1862

John MILROY 10 May 1864

Maggie Anne MILROY born 7 May 1868

Samuel MILROY born 2 April 1870

All born at Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark


Janet (Jessie) HEWETSON born 15 August 1858 Grennan. Jessie married 6 August 1879 at Penpont Augustus Julius Hermann KRUEGER born Germany shortly after her father's death. Augustus was a naturalised citizen of England in 1881. There are various stories of how Jessie came to marry Augustus but it in the 1881 Census for England he is listed as an Agent for a Iron Foundry. A descendant thinks he may have been selling farm implements and Jessie met him on her father's farm.  Jessie was living at Grennan with her stepmother Mary FORSYTH and half siblings at the time of James HEWETSON Jnr's death. From the IGI we have August Hermann KRUEGER son of August Friederike KRUEGER and Caroline Friederike WARNKE born 31 August 1848 baptised 15 October 1848 at Sankt Georgen, Berlin, Stadt Brandenburg, Prussia.

August Snr and Caroline had three more recorded children - Rosalie Emile KRUEGER baptised 2 February 1840, Louis Ferdinand KRUEGER baptised 20 February 1842 and Louise Maria KRUEGER baptised 8 September 1844 (all at Sankt Georgen, Brandenberg). 

On the 1881 Census for Lansdowne Road, Albert Park, Didsbury, Lancashire, England

Augustus J H KRUEGER
Head of Household
Agent for Iron Foundry (Naturalised Citizen)
born Germany

born Scotland
10 months

born Newcastle, Northumberland
Caroline KRUEGER
Widow, Naturalised Citizen
born Germany
Isabella DUNN
born Newcastle, Northumberland

James HEWETSON Jnr married secondly Mary FORSYTH who is described as a "Domestic Servant" on the Marriage Certificate. She was a servant in the household of John HEWETSON Snr and his unmarried brothers James HEWETSON, George HEWETSON and James HEWETSON Jnr  in 1861. They were married 24 January 1862 at Grain's Head Cottages, Moniaive, Dumfries. James HEWETSON Snr is described as a "Landed Proprietor" and Catherine STEVENSON as a "Domestic Servant, deceased" on the Marriage Certificate. Mary FORSYTH's parents were William FORSYTH, Agricultural Labourer and Jane FORSYTH (nee TODD). The witnesses were Alexander McMATH (a son of James Snr's sister Isobel) and Elisabeth FORSYTH. The presiding Minister was Patrick Borrowman. After James Jnr's early death aged 44 at Grennan on 9 January 1879 Mary remarried to Robert DALZIEL of Druidhall. They had one son  -  James DALZIEL of Auldgrith.


John HEWETSON Head of House 75 years. Farmer, Widower* Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Brother 72 years, Farmer, Unmarried Born Penpont
George HEWETSON Brother 69 years, Farmer, Unmarried Born Penpont
James HEWETSON Nephew 24 years, Plowman, Widower Born Penpont
Mary FORSYTH Servant 18 years Born Moniave
Robert COWAN Servant

Mary HUNTER Servant

James would have become a very  wealthy man on his father's death as he inherited all the Hewetson properties, as his father and uncles had no other children. He died very young for a Hewetson  - they seemed to be a long-living lot. Knowing very little of Scottish Law I don't know if the estate would go directly to his widow or be entailed for the children or go to her second husband. I don't think my grandfather Thomas HEWETSON and his brother John would have come to New Zealand if there was a chance for them to have their own land in Scotland. It is very possible that James HEWETSON Jnr died intestate, making the division of property even more of a problem.

Children of James HEWETSON Jnr and Mary FORSYTH

James HEWETSON born 23 June 1862 died 15 January 1945 Druid Hall. Following along with his great uncles' and grandfather's tradition, he never married. He is buried with his father and mother at Penpont.



John HEWETSON born 21 May 1864 Penpont died 15 September 1894 in Auckland, New Zealand. John came to New Zealand with his brother Thomas and several Dalziel relatives in 1885 on the "Doric". He died aged 30 in Auckland.
6.    THOMAS HEWETSON  born 21 May 1866 at Penpont died 25 March 1921 Napier, New Zealand. I have no knowledge of Thomas before he came to New Zealand. He was born 21 May 1866 at Penpont died 25 March 1921 Napier, New Zealand and is buried in the Hastings Cemetery. He was 19  when he arrived with his older brother John HEWETSON on the "Doric" (London to Auckland) 23 February 1885. He father had been dead for six years. As James was next in line for the farms, perhaps they wanted to spread their wings and start a new life. Thomas didn't have an uncomfortable voyage. He travelled "cabin" class along with John. In the less commodious accommodation were Alice, Andrew, Henry, Mary, Samuel and Isaac DALZIEL. I would imagine they were relatives of John and Thomas' stepfather Robert DALZIEL. Thomas was a farm manager for the Chambers Family at Mokapeka Station, a very large farm near Havelock North (which was a village close to Hastings). Thomas married Margaret DUGGAN (from Kilcummin, Co. Kerry). They were married at the Sacred Heart Church in Hastings. She was the daughter of Andrew DUGGAN and Bridget (CROWLEY) DUGGAN. Margaret had one brother, Denis. Andrew was a Master Tailor. I have no information on when Margaret came to New Zealand. Her mother died shortly after her birth. Andrew married soon after to a girl called ELLEN. Our Margaret had been christened Ellen but it seems to avoid confusion she was called Margaret. That is very confusing! Any information on Margaret would be very much appreciated.  I  have the address of a Web site on Margaret DUGGAN's family. Thomas died aged 54 in 1921 at Napier Hospital. He was suffering from cancer of the oesophagus (6 months), septic pneumonia and heart failure (3 months).

George HEWETSON born 16 May 1869 Penpont died Glasgow 1921 married Jeanie Miller BUCHANAN died 1942.

Mary HEWETSON born 11 March 1873 Penpont died 1875.

Children of George HEWETSON  and Elizabeth GRAY

John HEWETSON born 6 July 1859 died 1910

Jane Milligan (Jennie) HEWETSON born 13 January 1861 died 1881

Elizabeth Williamson (Lizzie) HEWETSON born 19 November 1862 died 1937

Harriet Gray HEWETSON born 6 February 1864 died 1878

Marion More HEWETSON born 30 September  1865

Emily HEWETSON born 5 November 1866

Margaret Anne (Maggie) HEWETSON born 28 April 1868 died 1873

Thomas Gray HEWETSON born 29 July 1869

George HEWETSON born 2 February 1871

(All born Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright)

Children of Marion HEWETSON and Dr James MORE

John MORE born 2 February 1862 Penninghame, Wigtown died 1929 married Mabel DRYLAND

Lancelot MORE born 2 April 1863 died 1863

Paxton St Clair MORE born 1867 died unknown married Katie HINDE - no children

Lancelot Paxton MORE born 1869 died 1941 married Ethel STEVENSON - no children.

Elizabeth MORE born 1870 died 1940's married Dr Harry BEST

Aubrey Hyndford MORE born 1872 died unknown

Lionel Campbell MORE born 1874 died 1894

Marion MORE born 1877 died unknown

James MORE born 1883 died unknown married Vera HARINGTON

Children of William HEWETSON and Sarah MURDOCH


Sarah Jane HEWETSON married Unknown SILLARS

William HEWETSON  

Mary HEWETSON married Unknown TOWARD

Agnes HEWETSON married firstly Unknown WILLIAMSON, secondly Unknown KIRKWOOD

Hughteenie HEWETSON married firstly Unknown MILLIGAN secondly Unknown STEVENSON

Jessie HEWETSON married Unknown CRUDINGTON

Children of Samuel Williamson HEWETSON and Mary STODDART

John Wallace HEWETSON born 1867 died 1925 Detroit, USA (Surgeon with the Army) married Florence Regula HEFTI (Three daughters - names available).

Katherine Milligan HEWETSON born 1868 died 1944 -  Royal Red Cross nurse given a medal for service, presumably in WW1. Unmarried.

James Stoddart HEWETSON born 1869 died 1929 - a Lawyer married Janet COOK or MILLER.

Samuel William HEWETSON  born 1871 died 1935 married Elizabeth NEIL who died in 1944.

Children of James HEWETSON and Elizabeth SPROAT

John HEWETSON born 1867 married Susan BACON - no family.

Eleanor HEWETSON born 1869 died 1886

Elizabeth Beatrice Williamson HEWETSON born 1872 died 1899

Children of William HEWETSON and Mary SPROAT

Samuel HEWETSON died 1917  buried in Clachan Graveyard


Bessie HEWETSON  married Dr HUNTER

Children of Joseph HEWETSON and Mary McCONCHIE

Mary Ann McGill HEWETSON born 23 January 1869 died 1907 in Winterton, Natal, Unmarried.

Elizabeth Williamson HEWETSON born 12 May 1870 Penninghame, Wigtown died 1956 Unmarried. 

John HEWETSON of Baltersan born 21 August 1871 Penninghame, Wigtown died 1950 married Maggie McCONCHIE of Mains of Penninghame

Robert HEWETSON of Upper Barr born 26 December 1872 Penninghame, Wigtown died 1953 married Elizabeth SPROAT.

Maggie McConchie HEWETSON born 22 April 1874 Penninghame, Wigtown died 1936 Unmarried.

Marion More HEWETSON born 1875 Newton Stewart, Penninghame died 1937 married George GRAY. To  Australia.

Children of Agness HEWETSON and John NEALE

born 1870 Dudley, England

Margaret NEIL

Nellie NEALE died 1948 married Donald FRASER

Marion NEALE married Frederick JONES

Children of  Mary HASTINGS and Alexander CALLANDER

Archibald CALLANDAR born circa 1839 married Margaret Y KIRKLAND aged 25 at Troon, Dundonald, Ayr 20 December 1867.

Eliza J C CALLANDAR born 23 March 1850, Dumfries Town, Dumfries.

The surname HASTINGS is a variant of HAIRSTANES, HAIRSTENS etc. I haven't researched the HASTINGS Family any further, but am in touch with a HASTINGS researcher if anyone would like more information.

Children of Thomas William HEWETSON and Alice Mary FOOTIT

Elizabeth May HEWETSON  born 1885 died 1984

Lionel Egbert HEWETSON born 1888 died 1952

William HEWETSON died in infancy 1889

John Walter HEWETSON born 1890 died 1948 married Lillian BYRNES

Thomas Arthur HEWETSON born 1891 died 1966 married Minnie BYRNES - no children

William James HEWETSON born 1895 died 1951 married Isabella Constance TIDSWELL born 1892 died 1982

Children of John Walter HEWETSON and Agnes CAMPBELL

Margaret Milroy born 1886 died 1961 born Molka, Victoria married Harold Fulcher SWAIN at Glen Innes, New South Wales in 1915. Margaret died at Katoomba New South Wales.

Mary Campbell HEWETSON born 1888  Glen Innes, New South Wales married William E M MADGWICK born 1878 died 1958 at Glen Innes, New South Wales in 1913. Mary died at Warwick, Queensland in 1965.

Agnes Eliza HEWETSON born 1893 Tenterfield , New South Wales married 1920 Ernest HUTTON at Glen Innes, New South Wales. Ernest was  born 1894 died 1962. Agnes died 1989



William HEWETSON born 7 May 1847 Blairoch, Parish of Glencairn, Dumfries the natural son of Thomas MITCHELL and Agnes HEWETSON. In the 1851 Census record for Carronbridge, Parish of Morton William’s mother’s name is spelt Agnas HEWITSON and his name is recorded as William HEWITSON. William travelled to New Zealand sometime before June 1866. In Scotland he had used the surname HEWETSON but from the time of his emigration he took his father's name and became William MITCHELL.

On 5 June 1866 William MITCHELL and Ameila Annie HERRING were married at the Clarendon Hotel, Waihi Crossing, Geraldine, New Zealand. The Marriage Entry in the records of the New Zealand Registrar-General’s Office describes William MITCHELL as 20 years of age, a labourer and bachelor. The same record describes Amelia Annie HERRING as 24 years of age, a dressmaker and a spinster. (There is an age discrepancy in this record.) Amelia was born in 1843 Wapping, Surrey. She left England on 28 August 1864 on the "Eastern Empire" and arrived Lyttleton, New Zealand on 4 January 1865. She is listed as having travelled in the single womens' quarters as Amelia A  Herring aged 25 years.There is an another discrepancy in the age recorded and the date of birth. Her occupation was listed as "Milliner" and she travelled on Promissory Note Number 302 dated 24 August 1864.

William and Amelia MITCHELL established a business selling drapery from a horse and gig for some years before moving to Ashburton. A successful drapery and clothier business developed in partnership with Henry Cranaway TURNER. The Mitchell and Turner building still stands in Burnett Street, Ashburton with the initials M&T and the date 1874 prominent in the arch of the building. The size and nature of the building attests to the success of the enterprise.
Extensive land purchases, leasings and sales were undertaken by William and Amelia both in town and rural sections of Ashburton from 1879 to 1887. The electoral roll for Coleridge in 1879-80 lists William MITCHELL as a leaseholder and in the Ashburton electoral roll for 1880-81 as "freeholder storekeeper". In 1881 William MITCHELL is described as a "Farmer" in Land Registry records. 

Family of William and Amelia MITCHELL

John T MITCHELL married Edie BEAU. Childrden:
Mervin (?Milton)
Clifford (?)

William Stuart MITCHELL

Richard Henry MITCHELL married  Barbara LAW. Children:
Rewa Belle
Stuart Law
Inez Dulcie

Robert Alexander MITCHELL

Charles Hewitson MITCHELL married Helena DOBBS. Children:
Elfreida Anne
Patricia Hewitson
Nellie Sophia MITCHELL (died aged 10 months).
William MITCHELL Snr died on16 February 1886 in Ashburton and was buried in the Ashburton Cemetery.

Amelia Annie MITCHELL died 26 March 1923 at her residence in Redcliffe, Christchurch and was buried in Ashburton Cemetery next to her husband.
The funeral notice for Amelia Annie HERRING appeared in the Ashburton Guardian 28 May 1923 page 4. It detailed the whereabouts/residences of her five sons at the time of her funeral – William (on a business trip to America), John T (Christchurch), Robert (Gisborne), Richard (Sumner) and Charles (Sydney, Australia).

Children of Mary DALZIEL and William RICHARDSON

Sarah Cray RICHARDSON born 16 September 1857 Corsock Bridge, Kirkcudbright married Gordon CROOME.

Elizabeth RICHARDSON born 11 March 1860 Corcock Bridge married Harold CROSSFIELD. They had a son Reginald CROSSFIELD

Sarah Craig RICHARDSON born 15 April 1862 Corsock Bridge.

Jessie RICHARDSON born 14 July 1864 Kirkmahoe

Mary RICHARDSON married born 12 April 1870 Dumfries Town, Dumfries married Noel TERRY.

James RICHARDSON born 19 August 1872 Edinburgh, Midlothian

Children of Jeanie McGILL and William Nisbet GRAHAM

James GRAHAM born 1869 died 1914 married Margaret (Peggy THORPE) - no children.

John GRAHAM born 1871 died 1941 married Elizabeth (Lizzie) BLAIN (Mrs Johnston) - no children.


Margaret (Maggie) GRAHAM born 1876 died 1941 married C R MOTHERWELL (died 1927). They had a son who died aged 2 days.

Children of Thomas HEWETSON and Ellen (Margaret) DUGGAN

Mary Madelaine HEWETSON. Mary was born 21 July 1891 at Havelock North. She was unmarried and lived with her sister Jessie HEWETSON and her husband Ray COE.

James Francis HEWETSON born 9 October 1893 at Havelock North. Farm Manager and Farmer. He married Muriel SMITH at Wellington in 1933. Aunty Muriel was born in England and was a school teacher. They had no children. An obituary for Uncle Jim was published in the Hawke's Bay Herald Tribune newspaper.

"JAMES FRANCIS HEWETSON. The death occurred suddenly at his Maraekakaho Farm recently of Mr James Francis Hewetson, aged 65 years. He was the eldest son of the late Mr and Mrs Thomas Hewetson and was born in Havelock North. After attending the Havelock North School, Mr Hewetson for many years drove a coach and horses on the mail run to Waimarama and Maraetotara.

During the First World War he joined the 10th Reinforcements and left New Zealand with the Otago Mounted Rifles in 1915. He served first in Egypt and then in France, being wounded on the Somme.

When he returned to New Zealand, Mr Hewetson became assistant stud groom on the Maraekakaho Estate. In 1929 when the valley was subdivided by the late Sir Archibald McLean he purchased a property which he farmed until his death.

Mr Hewetson was a man of many interests and was a keen member of the RSA, the National Service Club, the Hawkes Bay Jockey Club and the English Speaking Union. He was also a foundation member of the Valley Rifle Club and indoor bowling club.

He married Miss Muriel Smith, Wellington in 1933.

Mr Hewetson is survived by his wife, two sisters, Mary and Jessie (Mrs R Coe) Hastings and a brother, Mr Robert Hewetson (Hastings). Two other brothers, Harry (Thomas) and George, predeceased him."

I remember fondly my holidays with Uncle Jim and Aunty Muriel. She taught me to play a tune (long since forgotten) on her piano, always had time for the silliest of questions and let me collect the eggs from her many, many chickens. Uncle Jim would take me all over the farm and I learnt my first bits of Maori history and customs from him. He was a fountain of knowledge. They both loved horses and in almost every photo I have of them there is a horse and a couple of dogs somewhere.

7.    Robert Andrew HEWETSON born 1895 died 1979.
Dad was 52 when I was born. He was a drover and spent many weeks away from home on the road with his gig pulled by his horse Trixie and his dogs. He would take mobs of cattle and sheep as far away as Taihape. In those days they had little concrete shelters for drovers to stay in overnight on their journeys. My eldest brother John talks of going on trips with Dad. Dad used to tell me about Maori medicine and the plants he would boil up if he got sick when he was away. I remember after these trips when he would arrive home, Mum would have been forewarned so there was usually a good roast meal for him and a bottle of beer. We had had our meal by the time he would get in, but we would swarm all over him, pinching bits of his meal. He probably was really looking forward to that meal, but he never complained.

We lived on a farmlet between Havelock North and Hastings in Hawke's Bay on the east coast of New Zealand. When Dad got a job managing a sheep station, Mum moved into Hastings. Dad couldn't live in town (he hated it) and Mum wouldn't live in the country so they had a somewhat unusual marriage, but it worked.  Dad would be home at weekends, so I probably saw more of him than when he was droving. He was a good provider and Mum was a good manager so we didn't go short. As I had come along ten years after my youngest brother, I was indulged as money was a bit easier than when Dad had been droving.

Dad was one of the organisers for rodeos in the district so we went to a lot of those when I was young, also dog trialling. The Hewetson brothers all had a deep love of the land and the life that went with it.

It is difficult to find enough words to describe Dad. He was one of life's gentlemen. Quietly spoken, never criticised but was quick to praise. He never demanded anything of us, but was so proud when we achieved. He died in 1979 aged 84. When he was very sick, just before he died I went to Hastings to see him. Mum took one look at me and said "You've put on a lot of weight". I had too. Dad looked up and said "She looks beautiful". That would be an exaggeration at the best of times, but with the increased weight it was a definite overstatement. But that was Dad. He was a good man.

Robert (Bob) HEWETSON and Freda Emily WILLIAMS were married in 1933 at Porangahau, Hawkes Bay. Mum had met him there, when she worked for the Hunter family at Black Head Station, Porangahau and Dad was a shepherd there. Freda was the daughter of George WILLIAMS and Violet Rose DENNETT. I have some details of Mum's family, but not as many as I would like.

Thomas Henry (Harry) HEWETSON born 27 June 1897 at Havelock North. Thomas was a shepherd and married Lily DOBSON in 1921. They had two daughters Valerie was born January 1924 and died 4 March 1928 and Merle born  27 October 1925.  Thomas' Obituary reads:

"The news of the death of Mr Thomas Henry (Harry) Hewetson of Kopanga Station, Havelock North, which occurred yesterday at the Napier Hospital at the early age of 27 years, came as a shock to his friends. Mr Hewetson had grown up in the district and was very popular. He leaves a widow and a young baby. The funeral took place this afternoon at the Hastings Cemetery."

George Edward HEWETSON born 8 January 1901 at Havelock North, Farm Manager. He died 25 October 1950. He married  Maureen HANCOCK who was a widow with two children Alan and Leita. They had a daughter Sharon who was born about 1948.


All his life a resident of the Hastings district, where he was widely known, George Edward Hewetson died last week at the age of 49.Mr Hewetson was born in Havelock North and educated at the Havelock North School and the Hastings Convent. He was first employed by Mr Harold Beamish, Whanawhana, and thereafter was alway identified with country life in all its phases.

Country sports meetings were always one of his chief interests and he was an officer of the Pakowhai Rifle Club. For the past seven or eight years he has been at Chesterhope Station, Pakowhai.

He leaves his wife, Mrs Maureen Hewetson, three children, Leita, Allen and Sharon, Pakowhai, two sisters Mrs R J Coe and Miss Mary Hewetson and two brothers Messrs Robert and James Hewetson, Hastings."

Jessie Margaret HEWETSON born 1904 died 1962. Jessie married Raymond COE. Uncle Ray was an invalid, wheelchair bound when I knew him. He used to sit out on a porch at the front of their house in Duchess Crescent, Hastings and play along with my fantasies which usually involved horses and stuff. Too many cowboy movies I think. He never seemed to get sick of it. Probably did but was too nice to say so. I remember Aunty Jess's exotic jewellery. It was fantastic. She was a very elegant dresser and looked remarkably like the late Queen Mother in her huge hats with feathers and bits and pieces. She worked for many years for the Vidal Brothers, (wine makers) in Hastings. She travelled away to race meetings all over the country with them. They were great family friends.  Aunty Jess died suddenly in 1962 of a brain tumour. Aunty Mary lived with Uncle Ray and Aunty Jess and did the housekeeping. Her laundering was a work of art. After Uncle Jim died in 1958 Aunty Muriel had moved in with Jess and Mary.

Children of Marion More HEWETSON and George GRAY

Alexander John Hewetson GRAY born 1904 died 1973 married Athole STEWART

George GRAY

Frances Mary Elizabeth GRAY born 1906 married Harold PENNINGTON

George Swinton GRAY born 1908 died 1976 married Margery DAVIDSON

Josephine GRAY died 1911 buried in Clachan Graveyard.

Children of John MORE and Mabel DRYLAND

Michael MORE born 1910 died 1944

Ian MORE born 1915 died 1945 married Phoebe HAWKINS

Children of Elizabeth MORE and Dr Harry BEST

Arthur BEST born 1901 married Mary UNKNOWN

Lt. Col. BEST (Nurse Australia Forces, promoted to Colonel after WW2).

Winifred BEST born 1903 born 1932

Children of Robert HEWETSON  and Elizabeth SPROAT

John HEWETSON of Upper Barr born 1913 married Jessie McMULDROCH

Jessie Barber HEWETSON born 1915 married Peter SIMPSON of Culscadden

Children of Mary Campbell HEWETSON and William E M MADGWICK

Alice Agnes MADGWICK born 1914 married in 1937 Norman Lewis EVANS

Kathleen Hewetson MADGWICK born 1927 died1789 married firstly George D R AVERY born 1918 died 1942 killed in WW2. Kathleen married secondly John Gordon BYTH born 1918.

Child of John HEWETSON and Maggie McCONCHIE

Mollie HEWETSON  born 1916 married George DUNLOP

Children of John Walter HEWETSON and Lillian BYRNES

Joyce HEWETSON born 1918  married Charles JOHNSON born 1916 died 1976

John Walter HEWETSON born 1924 married Florence UNKNOWN

Children of William James HEWETSON and Isabella Constance TIDSWELL

Richard William HEWETSON born 1921 married Mary RANGER

Robert Thomas HEWETSON born 1922 died 1944

Ian Maywell HEWETSON born 1925  married Ina BARBER

David Milroy HEWETSON born 1928 married Edith Anne CAIGER

Children of James MORE and Vera HARINGTON

John MORE born 1931


Children of Robert HEWETSON and Freda WILLIAMS

John Ronald HEWETSON born 1933 at Hastings. John was a butcher by trade now retired. He married firstly Phoebe FREDRICKSON and secondly Lorna McKAY. I have the details of children from both these marriages, but have not put them on the site as they are living. Anyone with an interest in them please contact me.

Peter Robert HEWETSON born Hastings 1935, Builder died 14 December 1961. He married Frances Beverley EDWARDS. Anyone with an interest in their children, please contact me.

Kevin Thomas HEWETSON born 1937, Company Director (Retired). He married firstly Glennis Ann PRESTON born 1938, second Elizabeth Anne BOWER. Now married to Diane. Anyone who would like information on Kevin and Glenis' children please contact me.

Margaret Mary (Maggie) HEWETSON born 29 September 1947. Married Adrian Cyril VERRY in 1968. (See our Index Page for Adrian's Family History Research). They have two boys born 1970 and 1971. Further information is available on them.


1.    Denis DUGGAN was born in Co. Cork and came to Foilbee, Kilcummin in Co. Kerry. He married Joan FLEMING who was the daughter of a Mr ANDY also of Cork. I have not found any occurrence of the surname ANDY in Ireland so it may be a mistake. This is from John Finnegan's website and some of his research is word of mouth. Possibly he was Andrew FLEMING. I am still working on this theory. Otherwise Joan would have been previously married to a FLEMING (also not proven as yet).

Children of Denis DUGGAN and Joan FLEMING or ANDY

John DUGGAN died 24 June 1894 in Touronanagh

Andrew DUGGAN born in Rathanane baptised 8 September 1822 in Kilcummin. He was a Tailor. 


Denis DUGGAN married secondly UNKNOWN

Child of Denis DUGGAN and UNKNOWN


2.    John DUGGAN who died 24 Jun 1894 in Touronanagh. was known as Jack. He married Mary SULLIVAN born in Toremore. Jack  died of heart disease. Mary FINNEGAN present at death or reported it .

Children of John DUGGAN and Mary SULLIVAN

Andrew DUGGAN died 9 February 1925 buried in Old Kilcummin Cemetery. He was a Tailor.

Mary DUGGAN baptised 27 March 1842 in Kilcummin, died 4 June 1905 in Tournanough.

Joan DUGGAN married in the USA a Mr BATEMAN.

Daniel DUGGAN baptised 14 May 1851 in Kilcummin, married and had children in New Zealand.

John DUGGAN baptised 24 May 1848 in Kilcummin.


3.    Andrew DUGGAN born in Rathanane, baptized 8 September 1822 in Kilcummin, occupation Tailor. He married 7 June 1853 in Kilcummin Bridget CROWLEY.

Children of Andrew DUGGAN and Bridget CROWLEY

Denis DUGGAN baptised 19 January 1855 in Kilcummin. Died unmarried.

Mary Andy DUGGAN baptised 7 January 1857 in Kilcummin.

4.    Ellen DUGGAN (known as Margaret) born in Kilcummin married Thomas HEWETSON in the Sacred Heart Church in Hastings and is buried in the Hastings Cemetery, North Island of New Zealand.

Andrew DUGGAN married secondly in Kilcummin on 28 May1865 Ellen DONAHY born in Clydene.

NOTE: There is a link on our Index Page to a site with detailed information of the DUGGAN family. Family members will recognise some surnames of Dad's cousins who came to New Zealand and used to visit on high days and holidays.

ROBERT DALZIEL (2nd husband of Mary FORSYTH/HEWETSON (widow of James HEWETSON). Robert DALZIEL married firstly Agnes HANNING.

Children of Robert DALZIEL and Agnes HANNING
Jane (Jeannie) DALZIEL born 23 July 1868 Penpont

Elizabeth DALZIEL born 11 March 1871 Penpont, Dumfries married Unknown COX

Mary DALZIEL born 6 November 1872 Penpont, Dumfries

John Hanning DALZIEL born 23 June 1874 Penpont, Dumfries

Adam DALZIEL born 18 April 1876 Nithsdale, Dumfries

Any further information on any of the above families would be most welcome.

JAMES DALZIEL of Druidhall only son of Robert DALZIEL and Mary FORSYTH HEWETSON


We are now up to the 11th Generation of descendants of Thomas HEWETSON (The Covenanter) and Grizel HAINING of Penpont, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Our line was almost extinct until Mum and Dad came along and well and truly saved it. Their children and grandchildren have all provided a goodly amount of sons to keep it going for another twelve.

The Hewetson's  were a family of strong beliefs, willing to die for those beliefs. I saw in my father, my Uncle Jim and now my brothers the same staunchness, but an ability to see the other person's point of view. They seemed to be a social lot, well liked by their neighbours, as are the later generations.. Cool tempered on the whole and family people. I hear my nephews talk  with pride of their wives and children. They have all grown into men their ancestors would have been proud to call kin. I too am proud to have come into this family and have always been treated as a loved daughter and sister. I hope this site gives my family a little insight into their forebears and eventually I hope to get all the younger generations detailed.


There were many variations in the spelling of HEWETSON. Too many to specify here. However in the later years I have used "HEWETSON" although this was not necessarily the way our ancestors spelt it.

I do not have certification for many of the people mentioned in this site. Some is from other people's research, IGI entries and various sources. If at all possible check the original sources. In saying that the majority is from the original Parish Registers in Dumfriesshire.

A good many of the people mentioned on this site are buried in Penpont Churchyard, Penpont, some in the Covenanters' Graveyard at Dalgarnoc, Dumfries and a few in Tynron Churchyard.  (See HEWETSON Monumental Inscriptions in this document). 

As mentioned previously, I would be grateful for any information on the HEWETSON family or to hear from anyone who is interested in the name.

More information on my grandfather Thomas and my father Robert and his brothers would be received with great interest. I would also like to have photos (which would be scanned and returned promptly).

Please note: I do not have the complete Wills, only abstracts from them which tell us very little, only who was left what.