From Thomas HEWETSON and Grizel HAINING in Laight in the Parish of Tynron they are lineally descended, he is supposed to have died in Laight about the year 1682, his age is not known.(Note: Thomas was born 1622) He left a widow and young family. It appears that he had been a general attendant at the Conventicles that was held in the Parish of Penpont and in great repute at that time, as there was search made for him which he always evited. He had two sons, JAMES the oldest and JOHN and five daughters who were married, one to a man of the name of HUNTER, one to KERR, one to GRAHAM, one to STITT.

His son JAMES, born in 1673 at Laight and afterward removed to Arkland, had the half of the farm in neighbourhood with Thomas HAINING. He married Janet GILCHRIST whose father lived in the farm of Mattock on Eccles Estate, one of the descendants of the family of GILCHRIST's of the Holm, by whom he had two sons, JAMES and GEORGE who died at about 18 years of age.

JAMES in 1736 married Isabel HARKNESS, daughter to William HARKNESS, Mitchelslacks, who was born in 1714. Her mother was Isabella CORRIE from Gillanstridrie, nigh to Lockerbie. WILLIAM her husband was born in 1689 and died in 1769 aged 80. His wife died at the age of 25 leaving him a widower with one son and two daughters. MARGARET the oldest never married and died at an advanced age. JOHN his son married Margaret McCORMICK from Thornhill and they lived many years in Holestein where she died, leaving him a widower with a numerous family who have retained the farm to Whitsunday last.

James HEWETSON, father to the family of Auchenbainzie, removed from the farm of Arkland to Auchenbainzie in 1740, having one son and daughter born in Arkland. He had three sons and three daughters born in Auchenbainzie, five are yet living. His father died in Auchenbainzie aged 74, he was born in the beginning of the year 1673. JAMES, born 1707, died in Auchenbainzie at the age of 72 leaving a widow and four sons and two daughters, one of them married.

MARGARET, his eldest daughter, was married to James DALZIEL, a respectable farmer in Druidhills and of an excellent moral character and she died in childbed in the year 1778 leaving her husband a widower and five children, three sons and two daughters, three of them numerous families. The three sons are farmers, viz. Druidhill, Markland and Holm in Penpont Parish, WILLIAM, JAMES and GEORGE.

William, the second son to Auchenbainzie, married 1770 Jessie MENZIES, the youngest daughter of Adam MENZIES Esq of Troloss. She died being 26 years of age, leaving three children, having had 6 children and being married six years, the youngest being only nine days old. He married again in 1783 after six years Agnes MOFFAT, oldest daughter of Alexander MOFFAT Esq of Auchenhessnane by whom he had six daughters and three sons, beside two miscarriages. One of the sons JOHN, a surgeon in the Navy aged 24, is dead some years ago. Mrs MOFFAT of Auchenhessnane was daughter of Mr MAXWELL of the Holm whose ancestors had lived in the farm for some hundreds of years. They were GILCHRIST's. They and Mitchelslacks and Troloss were all officers in a regiment which rose for the defence of the country in 1715.

GEORGE, the oldest brother of Auchenbainzie, married in the year 1777 Janet LORIMER, widow to John HYSLOP in Glengar, who was a very agreeable woman and an excellent wife. She died leaving him a family of four sons and two daughters. One, the oldest, married James McMATH Esq in Penpont.

James HEWETSON married to Isabella McTURK, oldest daughter to Robert McTURK Esq of Strathmilligan and had three sons and four daughters.

JOHN, the youngest brother, married Mary HYSLOP. A virtuous wife, she died a little past the meridian of life leaving her husband a widower with seven sons living and one dead and two daughters, a family not to be matched in the country for good looking men and activity. WILLIAM, the eldest, for bodily strength and activity surpassed all men either in Scotland or England he ever met with at any active trials. To enumerate a few would require a labourous task and put me off from my present undertaking, as I have part of his life wrote down in a separate place. Their two sisters likewise are beyond many of the woman of the country. Our youngest sister ISABELLA is married to Thomas BROWN in Dalpeddar, Sanquhar, who lived in said farm himself near to eighty  years and his forefathers for a very long time. They had three sons and two daughters. JANET, one of the sisters never married. One of Dalpeddar's daughters lately dead who was married to Mr THOMPSON in Glenim, Sanquhar. He and family have been removed from said farm at Whitsunday last. There are still six of the Auchenbainzie family alive, five in the parish, four sons or brothers and a sister, JAMES in Auchenbainzie, JOHN in Glengar, GEORGE in Grennan and WILLIAM, schoolmaster of the parish. There are three brothers and a sister whose ages upon a medium are upwards of  77, a brother and sister to 69 years, the ages of the family when added make 446, the six of the family is still alive.

Written 14 June 1822.

Added 1824 by JAMES HEWETSON of Barrasknow.

The forementioned children are all the descendants of James HEWETSON and Isabella HARKNESS late in Auchenbainzie and they and their offspring amount to 150, but of these there are a number dead. There were lately in the Militia thirteen sons belonging to the four brothers, their ages from 18 to 34, beside JAMES, Auchenbainzie's old son in Tynron Parish and one below age. The four brothers and one sister have all lived within two miles of other, not above two miles of Auchenbainzie where them and their forefathers mentioned were born and died. One daughter at Dalpeddar about eight miles, who went to Glasgow a few years before her death and have all lived independent and happy in the lot assigned them and each other.

There were three more names remarkable in the time they lived. One JAMES son to William HEWETSON, Dalveen, Durisder Parish. He was reckoned the prettiest man that entered the Port of Edinburgh. A man of large size and of a great strength he drove cattle to Edinburgh market for sale and lived before the restitution. James HEWETSON who farmed the Larg and Altray, of great bodily strength. I was informed by a venerable person in the Shire of Galloway that this JAMES carried two tar trees full of tar across the street of Newton Stewart by putting his fingers into the bung hole, of this he was witness too and many others. He went to America and was an Officer in the first war with the Americans. WILLIAM son to JOHN in Glengar formerly mentioned was equal to either of them, if not superior in bodily strength and powers. JAMES, eldest son from his farm was killed being waylaid by seven men, five of them he is said to have killed before he fell. WILLIAM of Glengar died in New York about six years ago.