Note added by Keith Lovat Watson

These are all copy wills bound into great books, which in turn are deposited in the cellars - very dirty and higgledy-piggledy. The staff seemed very glad when I volunteered to descend into the "abyss" personally and sort matters out!

Upstairs the Callendars of Wills and Inventories show more items than actually appear preserved.

1834/1841 Index 6 Folio 733 * George HEWETSON of Grennan
1845/1850 Index 8 Folio 431 * Thomas HEWETSON of Holmhead
1845/1850 Index 8 Folio 1362 * James HEWETSON of Auchenbenzie
1850/1854 Index 9 Folio 235 William HEWETSON of Corronbridge
1850/1854 Index 9 Folio 365 * Mrs Isobel HEWETSON of Auchenbenzie
1863/1868 Index 13 Folio 299 John HEWITSON of Grennan, Penpont

There are no dates in the Index after here.
Index 13 Folio 299 * George HEWETSON of Grennan, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 447 * John HEWETSON of Grennan, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 547 * George HEWETSON of Grennan, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 696 * Robert HEWETSON of Swyre, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 947  Robert HEWETSON of Auchenbenzie, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 1037 * Grizzel LORIMER or STEPFORD, formerly HOWATSON
Index 13 Folio 274 * James HEWETSON of Grennan, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 383 * Mrs MATH or HEWETSON, Penpont
Index 13 Folio 1220 * Samuel Williamson HEWETSON, Glengar
Index 17 Folio 399 * Margaret HEWITSON of Thornhill, Spinster
Index 17 Folio 831 * Thomas HEWETSON of Broomfield, Penpont
Index 17 Folio 918 * James HEWETSON of Grennan, Penpont
Index 19 Folio 616 * John HEWETSON, Shoemaker of Penpont
Index 19 Folio 841 * David HOWATSON, Pottstown, Middlebie
Index 26 Folio 297 * Samuel HEWETSON, Bilboa, Penpont
Index 27 Folio 979 * Thomas HEWITSON, Farm Servant, Crowhill, Glencairn
Index 29 Folio 373 James HEWETSON of Craiglearan Park House, Dumfries

Now only dates are given as references.
4 September 1914 (Will 209) Mrs Roberta Kennedy HEWETSON, Carlinwark, Penpont 
20 November 1914 John Lindsay HOWATSON, Craigburn, Moffat
9 June 1915 Mrs Janat HOWATSON, Satur Head, Middlebie
21 November 1921 John HOWATSON, Farmer, Middlebie
27 January 1925 Robert HOWATSON, 2 Manor Cottages, Dockpart, Dumfries

This ends the Hewetson extracts - the Indices go up till 1933 for Wills and up to 1939 for Commissary Court Inventories.

* Wills found, read and from which I have noted genealogical extracts. (Some of these Wills were huge incidentally - 30 or 40 pages!)

Keith Lovat Watson (circa 1968)

James HEWETSON of Auchenbenzie

Died 14 May 1825, Will Proved 17 April 1850 (The date of the Will be Proved may be wrong or it may have been disputed).

Robert HEWETSON and Thomas HARKNESS mentioned as Executors. The Inventory refers to the Estate of the Late William HEWETSON of New York.

George HEWETSON Esq of Grennan

Died at Grennan 19 June 1839, Will Proved 6 April 1840

John HEWETSON (Eldest Son) (also Executor) inherits Grennan Estate, Family seats in the Church, Farms at Crook Craig, Beild and Broomfield.

James HEWETSON (Second Son), gets land at Corsefield.

Thomas HEWETSON (Third Son).

George HEWETSON. (Fourth Son). He and his heirs get 800 pounds with land at Scar.

William HEWETSON (Brother).

Isobel HEWETSON (Daughter). Left house at Oak Knome.

Janet HEWETSON (Daughter). Left money.

Note added by Keith Lovat Watson

This is the Will of a very wealthy Yeoman Farmer.

Thomas HEWETSON of Holmhead, Glencairn

Died 26 January 1847, Will Proved 10 July 1847

William HEWITSON of Carronbridge, Toll-Keeper.

Mrs Isobel HEWETSON, Widow of the late James HEWETSON, Tenant in Auchenbenzie

Died 26 March 1851 at Auchenbenzie. Will written 21 December 1842, Will Proved 17 September 1851.

James HEWETSON (Eldest Son) and his lawful children.

Robert HEWETSON (Youngest Son) Tenant in Auchenbenzie. Gets Family Silver.

Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY (Eldest Daughter).

Jane HEWETSON (Daughter) Unmarried.

Margaret HEWETSON or McCRACKEN (Daughter).

Ann HEWETSON or WILLIAMSON (Youngest Daughter).

George HEWETSON of Grennan

Died at Grennan 9 April 1864. Left no Will.

James HEWETSON stated as Next of Kin. Both James HEWETSON and Robert HEWETSON signed Inventory of Goods.

Robert HEWETSON Esq of Swyre, Penpont. Tenant in Auchenbenzie

Died 22 October 1866. Will written 18 March 1863. Will Proved 7 March 1867.

James HEWETSON Jnr - one of the nearest next of kin

Mrs Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY of Dalmakerran (Eldest Sister).

Robert KENNEDY (Nephew) Eldest son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY

James KENNEDY (Nephew) Second son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY

William KENNEDY (Nephew) Youngest son of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY

Isabella KENNEDY or HUNTER (Niece) Only daughter of Mary HEWETSON or KENNEDY

Robert KENNEDY Esq of Dalmakerran Husband of Eldest Sister

Margaret HEWETSON or McCRACKEN (Sister) wife of William McCRACKEN

Jane HEWETSON (Sister) wife of James HEWETSON, Brewer in Castel Douglas

Ninnian WILLIAMSON Jnr (Nephew) only child of deceased Sister Anne HEWETSON or WILLIAMSON

James HEWETSON (Brother) Deceased.

Note added by Keith Lovatt Watson

"Another very lengthy Will of a well to do Farmer. He seems to regard James HEWETSON Jnr (Nephew) with great respect and affection.)"

John HEWETSON Esq. of Grennan

Died at Grennan 13 May 1865. Will written 26 September 1864, Proved 18 August 1865

James HEWETSON Esq of Corsefield (Broher)

Thomas HEWETSON (Younger Brother)

James HEWETSON Jnr (Nephew), son of brother James HEWETSON. Gets farms of Grennan, Little Grennan, Farding Allan and Bridge of Scars, after the death of Thomas HEWETSON - to whom they go first.

Thomas HEWETSON (Brother) also gets the farms of Crook Craig, Beild and Broomfield.

James HEWETSON (Brother) gets farms of Grennan, Farding Allan, Farr Hill, the Laigh Hill Park and Farding Allan Park, then as mentioned above, to James HEWETSON Jnr of Townhead, Penpont.

John HEWETSON (Nephew) second son of James HEWETSON Jnr.

George McMATH (Nephew) son of James McMATH in Penpont (Deceased)

Thomas McMATH (Nephew) son of James McMATH in Penpont (Deceased)

Alexander McMATH (Nephew) son of James McMATH in Penpont (Deceased)

Thomas ROWATT (Grand Nephew) son of Jess McMATH or ROWATT, my niece.

Mary and George HUNTER (Servants).

Note added by Keith Lovat Watson

Another lengthy Will of a prosperous yeoman farmer.


Died at Stepford in the Parish of Holywood, Dumfries 15 September 1867. Will written 8 April 1867, Will Proved 18 November 1867

James LORIMER (late Husband)

Isabella HOWATSON (Sister)

Helen HOWATSON (Sister)

Agnes McCALLS of Scourbridge, Penpont (Niece)

Jane McCALLS of Creighton, spouse to David (?) Draper in London (Niece)

Agnes HOWATSON or NEILL, spouse to John NEILL, Draper in Dudley (Niece)

Elizabeth HASTINGS, living at Thornhill (Niece)

Mary HASTINGS or CALLANDER, Relict of Alexander CALLANDER in Wanlockhead (Niece)

Margaret LORIMER of Penpont (Niece)

Mary LORIMER of Penpont (Niece)

I have just found out that the HASTINGS surname was origninally HAIRSTENS, HAIRSTANES etc. This family could be connected to one our earliest ancesters - Agnes HAIRSTANES (of covenanting fame).

James HEWETSON Esq. of Grennan, Penpont

Will written 24 July 1867, Will Proved 14 April 1869

To James HEWETSON Jnr of Corsefield, greatly loved by all, now residing at Grennan, my reputed natural son.

Mrs Isabella HEWETSON or McMATH of Oaklyknowe, Penpont

Died 9 May 186?. Will written 2 July 1867, Will Proved 7 July 1869

George McMATH (Son)

Alexander McMATH (Son)

Thomas McMATH (Son) Commission Agent in Glasgow. His wife Ellen CRAWFORD.

Jessie McMATH or ROWATT. Her son Thomas ROWATT (presently in New Zealand).

James McMATH (relationship unstated), Merchant in Penpont, illegitimate son of the late James McMATH.

Samuel Williamson HEWETSON, Farmer of Glengar, Penpont


Catherine HEWETSON (Daughter)

James HEWETSON (Son)

Samuel HEWETSON (Son)

None of whom were yet 21 years.

James HEWETSON of Kincardine, Dublin, Canada West (Brother) to look after the children.

Jospeh HEWETSON, Farmer in Battersan in the Parish of Penningham (Executor).


I have the 1881 Census information from a fellow researcher of this family  for the above family. John HEWETSON above was the Head of the House, aged 13 - a Farmer. They had several servants, but as I recall no farm servants.


Died Thornhill, Parish of Morton, 1 April 1878. Will written 26 October 1876, Will Proved 29 July 1878.

John Brown HEWETSON in Manchester (Son)

Thomas HEWETSON in Chatham (Son)

Jessie HEWETSON (Daughter)

Thomas HEWETSON of Broomfield

Died at Druidhall, Penpont 4 December 1878. Inventory of Goods made 27 March 1879.

Robert DALZIEL of Druidhall and James HEWETSON of Grennan (Executors).

James HEWETSON of Grennan

Died at Grennan 8 March 1879. Will written 21 February 1879, Will Proved 1 December 1879.

Mrs Mary FORSYTH or HEWETSON (Widow)

Jessie HEWETSON, unmarried (Daughter)

James HEWETSON (Eldest son) receives the farms of Corsefield, Little Grennan and Craig - late properties of deceased.


Thomas HEWETSON (Son)

George HEWETSON (Son)

George HEWETSON (relationship unstated)

James McMATH (relationship unstated)

Mrs Mary FORSYTH or HEWETSON and Robert DALZIEL, Farmer of Druidhall, Executors.


Mary FORSYTH or HEWETSON later married Robert DALZIEL. Several Dalziel relations came to New Zealand on the same boat as Thomas and John HEWETSON.

John HEWETSON, Shoemaker of Penpont

Died 29 March 1883, Described as domiciled in Scotland. Inventory of Goods made 30 May 1883

William SLOANE, Draper of Penpont

Samuel HEWETSON of Bilboa

Surviving Son (not named)

David HOWATSON, Farmer of Pottsdown in the Parish of Middlebie

Died 3 January 1884. Inventory of Goods made 7 March 1884.

Mrs Janet CURRIE or HEWETSON (Widow)

Mention of "Lawful Issue".

Samuel HEWETSON of Bilboa, Penpont

Died 26 November 1898. Will written 11 March 1890, Will Proved 4 March 1899.

Mrs Emily COOPER or HEWETSON (Widow)

Thomas HEWITSON, Farm Servant of Crowhill, Glencairn

Died at Tynron 1 May 1902. Inventory made 21 May 1902

David HEWITSON (only Son) of 59 Salisbury Road, Wavertree, Liverpool.

Thomas Hewitson seemed to have effects in both Scotland and Liverpool.

James HEWETSON of Craiglearan Park House

A huge Will written 13 February 1905, Will Proved 6 July 1905.

Miss Roberta HEWETSON (Sister)

Mrs Mary HARDEN or HEWETSON (Sister)

Dr John HEWETSON of Dakota, USA (Portraits of Uncles William and Robert HEWETSON)

Mrs Mary HEWETSON of Auchenbenzie (Portrait of Grandmother)

James Hewetson LAURIE. Son of John LAURIE, my Shepherd at Polskeoch.

James Stoddart HEWETSON, Solicitor at Coatbridge.

Algernon Hewetson McANNAUALLY son of Rev. Lancaster McANNAUALLY.

Very many friends and servants mentioned.