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John HAINING born circa 1778, died 18 October 1849, aged 71, Nova Scotia
his wife:

Jennet JOHNSTON/JOHNSON born circa 1778, "a native of Penpont Parish" (reference her obituary, Nova Scotia). She died 22 February 1864 in her 86th year

Their Children:

Mary HANNING born 15 July 1800 (Fulmore Family Bible, Nova Scotia), died 14 June 1866, Nova Scotia

Jennet HANNING born circa1802, died 15 December 1873 Nova Scotia

John HANNING born 3 January 1807, "born of Covenanting Stock on Covenanting Ground" per his obituary; born 3 January 1807, Penpont Parish per his own family bible, died 23 March 1887 Nova Scotia

Margaret HANNING born circa 1809, died 14 May 1888 Nova Scotia

Jane HANNING born 1800 -1810, approximately; died 1864 Nova Scotia

Estimated birth dates from death records or headstones. All of their children believed to be born in Penpont Parish. The name appears to have changed from HAINING to HANNING in the first generation here. Land records and petitions show a Haining signature for emigrant John, but his headstone and death record shows the name HANNING.

Jennet HANNING born circa 1802 married in Nova Scotia on 2 April 1822, Archibald CAMERON born circa 1793. They are my partner's paternal gg grandparents and main line of descent. Archibald came to Nova Scotia about the same time as the Hainings, perhaps on the same vessel. Local oral history says he also came from Dumfriesshire. Perhaps he knew the Hainings in Scotland? The thought has crossed my mind that he might be descended from the family of Richard Cameron, Covenanter. I have no luck tracing him because there is no further information available about him other than what I have written above. There is no record of his parents, parish of birth, death record or siblings. His headstone says native of Scotand.

The family emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1817, leaving Dumfries in the month of April, arriving in Saint John, New Brunswick first and then going to Nova Scotia. They arrived here the same month they departed Dumfries. It is known that they emigrated with the family of James Graham and Isabel Muncey/Munsie and their five children. James, a blacksmith, was originally from Sanquhar, but was living at Knockelly prior to emigration. Knockelly is close to Laight farm, as well as to Arkland, Foggiehall, Druidshall, Mallyford, Balaggan and other places where Haining families are known to have lived at various times. Haining's were at the Laight for over 300 years, up until sometime in the latter half of 1900's. I believe that because these children were born in the time when children weren't being registered in the Penpont records, we most likely are not going to be able to discover their birth records and it is only going to be by a stroke of luck that we may ever find the parents of John Hanning and his wife, since there do not seem to be records of birth or baptism of them either. There is a marriage record for a couple with the same names, but no way to prove it is "our" couple. No parents are given for the groom, and only the father of the bride, Joseph Johnston, Esq of Longbedholm of Kirkpatrick Juxta.

Our family might descend from this family (Monumental Inscriptions 125a in Penpont Cemetery):

In memory of John HAINING in Ballaggan who died 4 Mach 1790 aged 64 years. And Margaret HYSLOP his spouse who died June 1800 aged 69 years. Also James HAINING their son who died (7) November 1799 aged 49 years. And David HAINING their son who died in Ballaggan, September 1808 aged 49 years. And (Norah) HAINING their daughter who died 28 May 1791 aged 21 years. Erected by Jam(es) HAINING and
David HAINING his sons, 1791. Repaired by John HAINING son to the above David HAINING. (Flat stone).

I've done quite extensive research using all the Haining Monumental Inscriptions from Penpont cemetery, but still cannot find the parents of John.

If anyone can help Judi with this family, please e-mail me.


I was wondering if you had any more information on Elizabeth HOATSON born 8 April 1799 at Chanlockhead to James HOATSON and Mary KERR  that isn't already on your web site. I was also wondering if there is any connection with James HOATSON and Isoble HARKNESS, both families had
children born at Arkland about fifty years apart.

Elizabeth HEWETSON married John McNAE he died in 1888 aged 93 years at Kirkmabreck.

I see from your site that there is also another James and Mary with a  family some 30-40 years later.


It seems that we share in common James Hewetson (1835-1879) though I am descended from his first wife Mary Kerr whereas you are from his second wife Mary Forsyth . James and Mary Kerr had a daughter Janet
(also known as Jessie) who was born August 15 1858. Her mother Mary Kerr died a few months later on February 23 1859 and we are not sure at present what happened to Jessie between then and her marriage . Jessie’s daughter was my maternal grandmother.

My mother often used to talk about her ancestors in Scotland although I didn’t pay much attention to the detail as I wasn’t interested in such things then. I do remember the name Druidhall ( where the Dalziel's who were related to the Hewetsons lived) and I remember that it was pronounced “Droodle“.

The biggest mystery for me in this story concerns Jessie’s husband . My sister Sheila and I were always told that we had some Dutch ancestry called Krueger (my maternal grandmother was born Lena Krueger) so we were quite surprised to find, when the British census details became available on the web , that these ancestors were in fact German . I suppose the reason for the deception was that it was not a good thing during the two world wars for a British family to have recent German ancestry .

I will never know whether or not my mother actually knew they were really German. The point of this is that Jessie HEWETSON married Augustus Julius Hermann KRUEGER at Grennan, Penpont on 6 August 1879 (five months after James Hewetson had died on 8 March 1879) . How did an immigrant German commercial traveller come to meet and marry a farmer's daughter from Penpont? Maybe he was selling farm implements as he was later described as a representative of an iron foundry.

Their oldest daughter  Lena,  my grandmother, was born on 3 June 1880. They eventually moved to live in Manchester. Lena married Frank Arthur Paterson.