Adrian was born 1944 Hastings, New Zealand, son of Cyril Henry VERRY (1914-1980) and Audrey Mary (nee INNES) (1917-1993) daughter of George INNES and Mabel  PAPPRILL . Cyril's father, Arthur VERRY emigrated to New Zealand in 1905 and married his fiancee Frances Helena MOORE in 1907. Frances was a descendant of a MOORE family, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire. Arthur VERRY's ancestry is on this site. Adrian began his interest in 1965, at a time when family history research was regarded as a somewhat peculiar pastime .Adrian passed away 19 August 2009.

Maggie was born 1947 Napier, New Zealand, daughter of Kathleen Marion HERLIHY. She was adopted at two weeks of age by Robert (Bob) Andrew HEWETSON (1885-1979) and Freda Emily WILLIAMS (1907-2002). . Bob was the son of Thomas HEWETSON from Penpont, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and Ellen (Margaret) DUGGAN, from Kilcummin, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Coincidentally Margaret Duggan came from a village two miles distant from my natural mother's father, Timothy Desmond HERLIHY, Killorglin, County Kerry. Freda's parents were George Henry WILLIAMS and Violet DENNETT, both from early settler families.

I am subscribed to several Rootsweb mailing lists and enjoy offering help and advice whenever I can. I have offered a look up service on the Co. Kerry list for several years. In May 2002 we decided it was time to present a pot pouri of some of our research for the benefit of others and are grateful to Rootsweb for providing the resources for this site. References to living generations have been deliberately avoided, except where they have expressed a desire to be included. Further it is not a comprehensive account of our respective ancestry, which now fills several volumes of typescript material.

Please e-mail or write to M Verry, 6 Grey Street, Martinborough, New Zealand if you have any questions or additions regarding family histories on this site. If you are researching your family or contemplating doing so,  I wish you every success.

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I am putting other people's interests on the site.  If anyone is researching family with the same name or in the same areas as my research, I would be happy to add them.


August 2013

Descendants of John Henry MOORE

The BEATTIE and McNAUGHER Family of Drumhaggart Townland, Parish of Burt, Co. Donegal

    How McConnor became McNaugher

    James McNAUGHER and Margaret WYLIE of Drumhaggart, Burt, Co. Donegal

    Connor Family of Monreagh and Fahan, Co. Donegal

    McNAUGHER and CONNOR with no known connection as yet

    Documentation used in my Search

    Some McNaugher Family Photos

    McNaugher/Wylie Mystery Solved

    The Pennsylvania Connection

    Some Unrelated Names in Parish of Interest

    Civil Parishes of Co. Donegal  (Thanks to Bob Hilchey)

I would like to express my utmost thanks to Mags WYLIE of Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Mags is married to John WYLIE who was born in Co. Donegal and is probably a cousin of mine many times removed. Mags has been researching John's family for many years and having recognised a family photo on this web site contacted me. We have shared much information over the years and have become close friends. Because tof the same photo Mags and I are also in conact with Julie Marks of California, who has a connection with John's WYLIE family.  It has beeb a win, win situation for all of us.


    David McNaugher's Family

    Dean, Todd, Ramsay

    Erskine and Wylie

    McNaugher and Wylie

    Steen, Erskine and Wylie

    Wylie and McGrath

The Ferris Family of Craig's County, Co. Antrim
    (A Computer Generated Ferris Family Tree)

The Herlihy Family of Killorglin, 
County Kerry


    Miscellaneous References to the HERLIHY name

    Griffiths Valuations of the Tenements 1852 and Censuses 1901 and 1911

    Parish of Killorglin, Townland of Gortloughra
    (Abstracts relating only to Herlihy and other tenants in Gortloughra)

    The Famine Years

    Extract from an Unpublished Book on a HERLIHY Family of Ballyvourney

    Details of Four Generations of a HERLIHY Family

    Records of the HERLIHY name from the 15th Century onwards

   The Irish Declaration of Independence


    Unrelated Kerry Family




    The HEWETSON Family of Penpont,

    A More Detailed Family History

    Miscellaneous Hewetson Records

    1851 Census HEWETSON Name and Variants

    Hewetson Monumental Inscriptions

    Descendants of Thomas HEWETSON and Grizel HAINING
        Jane HEWETSON







    A Site containing information and history on the 
    HARKNESS Family - Robert LLOYD's Webpages

    More HARKNESS Family Details

    Genealogy of the HEWETSON's in Auchenbainzie
    Written 1822 by a member of the Hewetson family with additional information
    written 1824 by James Hewetson

    Extracts from HEWETSON Wills

    An Article Written by William HEWETSON in 1801
    on the reason for lack of Birth Entries at Penpont

    Queries and Information

     The HAINING/HANNING Family,  (Penpont to Nova Scotia)

      Hoatson, Chanlockhead, Dumfries

      Descent from James HEWETSON and Mary KERR
      including the KRUEGER Connection


The VERRIOR/VERRY Family of Herefordshire. 
Gloucestershire and New Zealand

Part One - Glassmakers?

    Part Two - Farms, Civil War, Name Change

    Part Three - To Forest of Dean, To New Zealand

    Part Four - A few more Notes and Twigs; USA Branch

Part Five- Verry Family and the Mormon Emigration

Notes on the Parish of Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire

Notes on the Parish of Aconbury, Herefordshire

A Collection of Essays illustrating Diverse
Records for Family Historians

    CHALMERS of Fyvie and the Kirk Session

    INNES Pauper family of Marnoch, Banff

MANGER, Lutterworth, Leics. - Tracing the Poor

    Marianne HARBRIDGE and Napoleonic Hamburg

Teresa COLLEY, buried at sea 1851

    William MOORES, Royal Buckinghamshire Militia

    John Henry MOORE (Descendant of William MOORES)

    Thomas GROVES, Inspector General, Excise, London

    Stanley PAPPRILL, An Involuntary Infantryman WW1

    Ancestry and the Law - Misc. Item

    Newspapers and Historians (Three Examples)


(McNAUGHER Family see note above)

Thanks to Alec SAUNDERS for the information on John Henry MOORE.

The DUGGAN Family compiled by JOHN FINNEGAN is no longer on line. If anyone knows of this research or has contact with John, I would like to get in contact with him again.

The HEWETSON Family was almost complete when it came into my hands. Mr KEITH LOVAT WATSON  had done a one name study. The Penpont family was not his, but he sent the completed typescript. A very interesting family. My nephew Michael HEWETSON is keen to do more on this family, updating the later generations. I will be handing over my papers to him and know he will make an excellent job of it.

And I would like to acknowledge my late husband ADRIAN whose years of  experience in genealogy and an interest in history gave me the impetus to try and find my birth family, which consists of the BEATTIE's, the McNAUGHER/McCONNOR's and the HERLIHY's. 

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