William MOORS/MOORE(S) (1785-1875) son of John and Mary married Harriet Clark RICE 1807. More of William and his descendants here.

The following is the genealogy of John Henry MOORE the third child of William and Harriet. It was kindly supplied to me by a descendant of John's - Alexander (Alec) Saunders. Any queries about this family should be referred to Alec - email


JOHN HENRY MOORE, baptised at Buckingham 27 October 1815 (as John Moor), on the same day as his brother William. John died 1881 New Zealand. He married Ann Amy WALLER born 1818 England died 1875 New Zealand. They were married at St Marys Church, Marylebone, Middlesex on 24 March 1840. His occupation is recorded in the register as "Cordwainer" (ie shoemaker) and his father's occupation as "Musician". Ann Waller's father is named as Henry WALLER, farmer deceased. The marriage was witnessed by Susan WALLER and Paul JONES. All parties could sign their names. In New Zealand John was a shoemaker in Lyttelton and later Armagh Street Christchurch. Apparently he was not partial to drink.

Children of John MOORE and Ann WALLER

1.    ANN AMY MOORE born 13 November 1840, baptised 7 April 1844 at St Lukes, Chelsea on same day as her brother, John Henry. Died before 1900.

2.    JOHN HENRY MOORE born 18 October 1843, baptised 7 April 1844 at St Lukes, Chelsea. He became a shoemaker at Kaiapoi and married there, Lucy Caroline BILLENS
10 April 1871. A Henry John Moore, shoemaker is listed in a directory of 1900 as resident of Sefton.
Children of John MOORE and Lucy BILLENS
2.1    Emma Louisa MOORE born 9 May 1872 died 1948 aged 77. She married Charles Edmund RANBY 1900. He died in 1959 aged 86 years.

Children of Emma MOORE and Charles Edmund RANBY
                    2.1.1    Pearl Hessey RANBY born 1902

                    2.1.2    Alan Charles RANBY born 1905
2.2    Frank Lewis/Louis MOORE born 9 October 1875 died 1945 aged 69. Married firstly Annie Louisa MARDON 1903 born 1879 daughter of William MARDON and Annie Elizabeth. Annie died 1924 aged 45. Married secondly Ivy Rosetta GREEN 1929. Ivy died in 1944 aged 44 years.
Child of Frank MOORE and Annie MARDON
2.2.1    Annie Eileen Lucy MOORE born 1904
3.   JAMES WILLIAM (JIMMY) born 24 May 1846, baptised St Judes, Turks Row, Chelsea 21 June 1849. He became a shoemaker at Amberley in Canterbury and was bankrupted in February 1884. He married Miss Frances of Woodend but I have not traced any children. James is referred to in Dr Gundry's Diary". Dr Gundry was the surgeon on "Steadfast" and he records this incident: "Tuesday, 27 May 1851, a day of accidents.....Mr Moore's little boy James, or "fat Pickwick" as he is called, fell down the hatchway on the larboard to the lower deck. He was much shaken by the fall, but no serious injury done, happily (aged 4, second youngest of the four children of John Moore, 33,  shoemaker and wife Anne, 32)". Dr Gundry was John Seager Gundry, who set up a surgery in Cashel Street, Christchurch.

4.   RICHARD MOORE born 7 March 1849, baptised St Judes, Chelsea 21 June 1849 on the same day as his brother James. Richard married Mary Ann WOODFORD daughter of R WOODFORD) in 1871. She died in 1894  aged 46 years. Richard married secondly Marian Louisa BINGHAM in 1899. In the marriage records she is listed as Marian Louisa BUIGHAM. There were no children from this marriage.

Children of Richard MOORE and Mary Ann WOODFORD
4.1   Mabel Alice MOORE  born 1872 died 1968 aged 95 years. She married in 1900 William Atherton PARNHAM born 1870 son of Edwin and Mary PARNHAM. William died in 1950 aged 79 years.

4.2   Ella Grace MOORE born 1874 died 1964. She married George Thomas SMART in 1903.

4.3   Estella Beatrice MOORE born 1876 died 1965 aged 89 years. She married John MILLS in 1915.
4.4    Lionel Woodford MOORE born 1878 died 1961 aged 83 years, married Mabel THOMPSON 1906.

4.5    Cora Sherman MOORE born 1880 died 1969 aged 89. She did not marry

4.6    Muriel Darnley MOORE born 1882 died 1965 aged 83 married Colin McIntosh BAMBERY 1924. Colin was born 1883 died in 1967 aged 84.

4.7    Irene Waite MOORE born 1886 died 1929 aged 43 unmarried.    
The following was taken from "Cyclopedia of New Zealand", Canterbury Volume, 1903.
Richard Moore, 1849-1936, born in London, son of John Moore, came with his parents in the Steadfast to Lyttelton in 1851.  He was educated at Broughton's and Merton's Schools in Christchurch and Rangiora and entered business in Kaiapoi at 21 years old as a coach builder and wheelwright, later adding a saddlery. He constructed the first wool wagons used in North Canterbury. Disposing of this business he took over the Kaiapoi Produce Co and later sold it to the Kaiapoi Produce and Shipping Company. He promoted two Building Societies at Kaiapoi. He was Mayor of Kaiapoi from 1884-1887, Chairman of the Waimakiri Harbour Board, a keen sportsman, boating club member and President of the Rifle Club. He contested the Kaiapoi seat against E Richards in1887, was elected in 1890, defeated 1893, elected again 1896 and defeated 1899. In 1914 he was called to the Legislative Council of which he remained a member until 1935. He died 12 September 1936. He married Mary Ann, daughter of R Woodford and their children were Cora born 1872, Muriel born 1876 (who married a Mr Farnham), Rena born 1881, Estella Beatrice born 1883 married a Mr Mills) and Lionel born 1879. Richard Moore married secondly Maria Louisa BINGHAM.

Please note there are several errors in this excerpt with dates and names.
A similar account is given in "New Zealand Dictionary of Biography"
In 1878 he is recorded as a blacksmith of Cookson Street, Kaiapoi and in 1900 at North Road, listed as a Justice of the Peace.
5.   Frances Maria MOORE born  21 December 1852 died 27 May 1937. She married Alfred Thomas CLARK 1874 in St Michael's Church, Christchurch, son of Alfred  CLARK and Miriam MASTERTON.  He was born 1842, and died 1916. Frances signed a petition for Womans Suffrage about 1893.
Children of Frances MOORE and Alfred CLARK
5.1    Masterton (Fred) Alfred Frederick CLARK born 3 November 1874 Kaiapoi died Kaiapoi 1948 aged 73. Burial: Kaiapoi Anglican Cemetery, Vickery Street. He married  Mary Margaret FRASER 9 April 1903 in Kaiapoi, daughter of Angus FRASER and Ann CAMERON.  Mary was born 7 February 1873 in Stratherrick, Scotland died 1949 aged 76 - buried Kaiapoi Anglican Cemetery, Vickery Street.

Children of Masterton CLARK an

5.1.1    Frances Ann CLARK born 9 March 1905 Kaiapoi, New Zealand died 9 July 1988 Ashburton, New Zealand. Burial: Lyttelton Cemetery, Lyttelton, New Zealand. She  married Alfred (Nick) David Morison SAUNDERS 24 December 1931 in Christchurch, New Zealand son of Alfred SAUNDERS and Elizabeth SMITH. Frances  Ann's Birth Certificate records spelling as "Anne" but she preferred the version "Ann".  Attended Christchurch Girls' High School, Christchurch Teachers' College and  Canterbury University College but did not graduate. She taught at a number of primary and secondary schools, then devoted herself to motherhood of her four  surviving children. She had wide interests, including art, architecture, gardening, reading and movies, always enjoying animated debate and discussion. Although selective in her friendships, she was accepting of different races and creeds. She avoided alcohol and would not tolerate smoking and mass medication. Alfred (Nick) was born 6 April 1905 in Cheviot, New Zealand and died 5 May 1984 in Sumner, Christchurch. He is buried at Lyttelton Cemetery. He was a twin of  Mabel (Binks). Trained as a teacher at Christchurch Teachers' College. Taught at many primary schools, latterly as headmaster. Also coached rugby and cricket, which he played and  followed avidly and enthusiastically. In retirement he was a keen lawn bowler and sharp crib player.
Children of Frances CLARK and Alfred SAUNDERS    Catherine Mary Morison SAUNDERS born 26 May 1932.  Attended Christchurch Girls' High School, Correspondence School, Marlborough College, Elam School of Fine Arts and Christchurch Teachers' College, teaching at several primary schools. She married John Edward BERNARD 1955 in Tokoroa. He was born 12 December 1932 in Apia, Western Samoa and died 1971 in Auckland.                 
Children of Catherine SAUNDERS and John BERNARD    Miriama Rose BERNARD born 20 February 1963.
Child of Miriama BERNARD   Francesscaa Frances BERNARD born 24 October 1985. Francesscaa's first partner Daniel Arthur HURIA, son of David HURIA. Second partner Sam.
  Children of Francesscaa BERNARD and Daniel HURIA   Teiken  Ashton HURIA born 21 August 2003, Ashburton, New Zealand.    Presley David HURIA born 12 March 2008, Nelson    Caroline Iva BERNARD born 27 July 1964 partner Murray Robert LATIMER  died circa 1995 Christchurch, New Zealand. Caroline married Paul McGURK 2000 in Christchurch.
Child of Caroline BERNARD and Murray LATIMER    Joseph Alfred LATIMER born March 1981
Child of Caroline BERNARD and Paul McGURK    Finnias Paul McGURK born 10 May 2006.    Effie Margaret SAUNDERS born 1 March 1934 died 2 March 1934, 345 Worcester St, Christchurch. Burial: 3 March 1934, Plot 222, Block 30, Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch, New Zealand.    Evan Frederick Alfred SAUNDERS born 25 February 1936, Christchurch, New Zealand. Attended Marlborough College and Timaru Boys' High School. Qualified as a surveyor, working on many projects, including surveying the transmission line from Manapouri.    Alexander Richard George SAUNDERS born 2 April 1940, Christchurch, New Zealand. Attended Timaru Boys' High School and Canturbury University,  graduating BA. Early career as a probation officer and employment officer, then spent about 20 years in newspaper journalism as a proof-reader, sub-editor and writer, retiring as the last chief reader at the Christchurch Press. Also involved in stagecraft and acting, including several years as a simulated patient at the Christchurch Medical School.  He married Bethel Annie CHEYNE 1 February 1964 in St Mary's Church, Merivale,  Christchurch, daughter of John CHEYNE and Martha McINTYRE.  She was born 25 July 1941 in Invercargill, New Zealand. Bethel lived with her maternal  uncle Wilson McINTYRE and his wife Elizabeth upon the death of her parents      
Secondly partner Gillian Primrose EBBORN 3 October 1999 in Christchurch, daughter of Veach EBBORN and Lorna RITCHIE.  She was born 22 July 1943 in Ashburton, New Zealand.
Children of Alexander SAUNDERS and Bethel CHEYNE    Mary Elizabeth SAUNDERS born 14 June 1965, Christchurch, New Zealand. Baptism: 22 August 1965, St Mary's Merivale, Christchurch. Attended Rangi Ruru Girls' School And Christchurch Polytechnic; graduated with an Early Childcare teaching qualification and is  a Registered General Nurse. She married Lance Peter COOK 1 June 1996 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He was born 15 April 1966.
Children of Mary SAUNDERS and Lance COOK    Harriet Cheyne COOK born 28 September 1999, Wellington, New Zealand, 6.27 a.m.    Hermione Margaret COOK born 4 May 2003, Wellington, New Zealand.    Eloise Elizabeth COOK born 3 November 2004, Wellington, New Zealand, 1.25 a.m.    David Grant SAUNDERS born 15 March 1967. Attended Christchurch Boys' High School. Prominent in rowing, rugby, and surf-lifsaving. He married firstly Julie BURLES January 1997 in Newmans Creek, Koonya, Tasmania, Australia. Married secondly Lyn HICKMAN 3 September 2005 in Curators House, Botanic Gardens, Christchurch, daughter of Peter HICKMAN and Sandra GIBSON.  Lyn was born 17 March 1965 in Tasmania.    
Children of David SAUNDERS and Lyn HICKMAN    Stephen Mark HADLOW born 7 February 1989 Stepchild.    Louise Anne HADLOW born 8 December 1991 Stepchild.    Anna Katherine SAUNDERS born 9 December 1969. Baptism: 8 February 1970, St Mary's Merivale, Christchurch. Attended Rang-Ruru Girls'  School and Christchurch and  Otago Polytechnics. Qualified Occupational Therapist, specialising mainly in psychiatric clients. Extensive stage experience mostly with the Riccarton Players. She married Peter Richard PENMAN 2 January 2009 in St Mark's Church, Opawa, Christchurch son of Hugh PENMAN and Susan CHILTON.  He was born 12 September 1969 in Murchison, New Zealand.
Children of Anna SAUNDERS  and Peter PENMAN    Charlotte Hazel PENMAN born 28 February 2004, Christchurch, New Zealand. Baptism: March 2005, St Mark's Church Opawa    Hannah Frances PENMAN born 13 June 2008, Christchurch Women.s Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand. Baptism: 4 January 2009, St Mark's Church Opawa    Myfanwy Isabel Elizabeth SAUNDERS born 7 November 1941 married Kenneth Alexander LONG-TAYLOR 5 November 1971, Hamilton, New Zealand. Kenneth was born 6 May 1925 died 4 January 2009, Atawhai Assissi Home, Matangi. He was cremated 7 January 2009 Newstead, Hamilton. Myfanwy attended Timaru Girls' High School and Canterbury University, graduating MA in Psychology and Dip Psych. Practised as a psychologist, mainly in  the Waikato region.
5.1.2   Doris Mary CLARK born 3 December 1907 died 1975.  She married Wilfrid Ingram BRADLEY son of James BRADLEY and Maggie INGRAM born  31 May 1983.  He died in Lyttelton  New Zealand and was buried at  Lyttelton Cemetery, Lyttelton, New Zealand       
Children of Doris CLARK and Wilfrid BRADLEY    Paul Ingram BRADLEY trained as a teacher, was principal when he retired. He married Barbara.
Child of Paul BRADLEY and Barbara    Ryan Matthew BRADLEY born 24 August 1979 died 16 November 2004.    Simon Victor BRADLEY born 20 August 1945 trained as a teacher. He married Barbara Jean UDEN born 31 May 1954.
Children of Simon BRADLEY and Barbara UDEN    Catherine BRADLEY married Kent McKELLAR    
                                                                Children of Catherine BRADLEY and Kent McKELLAR    Michael MCKELLAR born 25 December 2005    Rachel MCKELLAR born 19 October 2007    Megan BRADLEY married Richard LINDSAY      Erin BRADLEY
Child of Erin BRADLEY    Emily BRADLEY born 2003    Lincoln BRADLEY married Laura PRIER 4 April 1009, Ohoka   
5.1.3    Angus Frederick Alfred CLARK born 19 September 1909  was a Meat Inspector. He married Marjorie SECKER born 25 May 1920 died 2010.
Children of Angus CLARK and Marjorie SEEKER    Mary CLARK buried Kaiapoi?    Donald CLARK married KWEE    Patricia CLARK married Neil HAWKER.     
    Child of Patricia CLARK and Neil HAWKER
                                    Mark CLARK.
5.1.4    Miriam Mayfred CLARK born 1912. She married Eric Harold MOORE, son of Alexander MOORE and Elizabeth Jane.  He was born 1910.
                            Children of Miriam CLARK and Eric MOORE

                      Zita Mayfred MOORE married Alan NESTOR.  He died 2003 in Tokoroa.
                                            Children of Zita MOORE and Alan NESTOR

                                      Douglas NESTOR and Mary

                                                                Child of Douglas NESTOR and Mary

                                                          Kylie NESTOR

   Sally NESTOR and Bob

                                                                Children of Sally NESTOR and Bob

                                                          Male NESTOR
                                                          Female NESTOR

                                      Alistair NESTOR

Euan Cameron MOORE married Helen Kaye PATERSON daughter of Gordon PATERSON and Jean MONAHAN

                                            Children of Euan MOORE and Helen PATERSON

    Eric Gordon MOORE
                                      Andrew Bruce MOORE
                                      Jeanie Marie MOORE                       

5.1.4.   Duncan Cameron MOORE married firstly Helen. She died 3 June 2008 in Cambridge, New Zealand.  He married secondly Galina.
                                            Children of Duncan MOORE and Helen

                                      Katrina MOORE
                                      Unknown MOORE
                                      Unknown MOORE

5.2    Arthur Edwin Waller CLARK born 1876 died 1963. He married Maggie (Margaret?)
                Children of Arthur CLARK and Maggie

5.2.1    Trevor CLARK
  5.2.2    Kelvin CLARK
5.3    Edith Miriam CLARK born 1881 married Sam TAYLOR

born Christchurch, New Zealand circa 1856 but records of his birth yet to be found. He was a wheelwright, but other details unknown.

born 4 February 1858 married firstly James CARTER in 1885, secondly Edward  Robert  ISSELL 1908. Edward died 1914 aged 74,.

        Children of Rose MOORE and James CARTER
7.1    Reuben CARTER born 1887 died 1960 aged 73 years. He married Ruth BATSTONE 1921.
7.2    Ruby CARTER