In an interview with Margaret Ann (McNAUGHER) McCLURE daughter of Joseph McNaugher and Jessie (White) it is stated that in
The Life and Works of John McNaugher, by Paul Robert Coleman that McNaugher is a derivation  of MacConcobair (McConnor) an ancient and common Irish personal name. Mr. Coleman got this information from Miss I. Embleton in a letter from the Ulster-Scottish Historical Society, Belfast, Ireland, dated 2 January 1958. However a brother of Marg, aret McNaugher, Judge William McNaugher said in an interview in 1957 that McNaugher derived from the Scottish surname McNaughton. From my research I find nothing to support this theory and a great deal to back up the MacCONCOBAIR theory.

One of the earliest references to the name McNaugher in the Londonderry/Donegal areas is that of John McNAUGHER the father of Joseph and Samuel McNAUGHER A Charles W Kinney, Minister of Knowhead Presyterian Church, Parish of Burt, Co. Donegal, made enquiries in the area and found there was a John McNaugher who taught in the Lane Head School, today known as Birdstown. But, there is no entry relating to him in the Knowhead Church registers. His school house was at Lane Head, or Langbege, near Drumacross. He lived at Drumhaggart, a corrupt form of Drumhaggard townland, also near Lane Hill. He married Martha Weyly, whose ancestry is unknown.

1.  John McNAUGHER born circa 1803 died between 1840 and 1846 a Schoolteacher of Drumacross near Drumhaggart, Burt, Co. Donegal, possibly a son of Robert McNaugher and Sarah King and brother of my direct ancestor James McNaugher. John  married Martha WEYLIE born circa 1811. Martha may have been the younger sister of Isaac and Robert Weylie of Lenamore, Derryvane, Parish of Muff, Co. Donegal. Isaac married Nancy Bell and after her death moved to )with eight children. Robert married Frances Erskine daughter of Robert Erskine of Derryvane. Another possibility is that Martha was the daughter of Thomas Wiley and Elizabeth Wiley of Derryvane. Two children have been recorded to this couple - Moses born 1795 and Richard 1810. Hopefully I can find more on Martha.

In a letter from William McNaugher to his sister Margaret (McNaugher) McClure in 1931 he gives her information on their grandfather John's birthplace and gravesite in Co. Donegal.
"Burnfoot out from Derry has adjacent villages called Drumacross, Drumhaggart, Sappah and Derryvane. If you go to the graveyard at Drumhaggart the second on the left is John's grave. I think John was born in Drumhaggart. Our grandmother Martha Weylie was born in Derryvane."
1.1 Joseph McNAUGHER born 17 September 1829 and baptised the same day at Knowhead Presbyterian Church. His father died young between 1840 and 1846 and Joseph became the head of the house. He had good schooling but the family was poverty stricken, due to the Potato Famine of 1846. He taught school for a short time during the 1840's and then came by himself to Allegheny City (now part of Pittsburgh). He migrated to the USA on the "Spartan" arriving in Philadelphia 21 May 1850. He was listed as Joseph McNOHOR, Labourer aged 19.  He got work with George McIntire, an ex-Londonderryman who was a street paver (cobblestone). He probably lived with George McIntire. His name is entered in a city directory in 1852 when he probably found his own residence, listed as Morgan Street. In 1851 he was joined by his mother Martha and brother Samuel. Joseph and Samuel became prosperous contractors. His second residence was listed in 1856 north of East Commons on the East side of Fleming Street (now Sandusky) near Hemlock. In 1867 he became a partner in the McIntire business, called McIntire, McNaugher & Co (listed in the Pittsburgh Directory). George McIntire died in 1869 and the business was listed in 1872 as McNaugher & Co, 83 Ohio Avenue. 
Joseph married Jeanette "Jessie" WHITE circa 1856, his next door neighbor in Allegheny. They also attended the same church before they were married, the Allegheny Associate Church. Jessie was born in Dumfermline, Scotland, and came with her family when 12 years old on a seven week journey to the Pittsburgh area. Jessie's father David WHYTE was a carpenter who came to the US from Scotland in 1840 with his wife Euphemia WILL and three children. David changed the spelling of his surname to WHITE. His people were associated with the Associate Presbyterian Church in Dundee, Scotland. David's father and brothers were shipbuilders on the Firth of Tay. Nothing else is known about them. (The source of the information is Margaret McNaugher McClure in an interview on 16 May 1857). For unknown reasons David Whyte went from Dundee to Coupar Angus, Perthshire. He married Euphemia Will of Coupar and they lived in nearby Court Ward. They had three children: John (1829), Jeanette Reid Whyte (born in Peatrie, 1.5 miles from Coupar Angus, 27 November1831) and Margaret McLagan Whyte. Because of their religious non-conformity, they were persecuted during the years 1834-1843.  They sailed from Scotland on 18 May 1840 to the US. Their captain was a drunkard and the passengers almost starved to death. They finally reached New York after 104 days and running aground at St. John's , Newfoundland where they had to purchase food. They arrived in New York on 1 September 1840. They first settled in Robinson Township, West Pittsburgh, and then in 1846 moved to Allegheny City. Jessie died of a strangulated hernia while visiting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Joseph applied for citizenship in 1855 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. On the 1860 Federal Census Joseph is listed as residing in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  In a Allegheny Directory from 1862 Joseph is described as a contractor, 46 Fleming, Allegheny. He was one of the Directors of the First National Bank of Allegheny in a Directory published 1888. In 1890 Joseph was the owner of a company called McNaugher & Co situated in Linden Avenue, Allegheny.  He was also involved in real estate, banking, church work, and was treasurer of Westminster College, and indeed bailed out the college in times of financial disaster. In the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Blue Book of 1895 Mr and Mrs Joseph McNAUGHER feature along with their daughters Jessie, Euphemia and Margaret living at Linden Avenue, Montgomery Hill, Allegheny. Joseph was a very charitable person who bailed out friends and family in times of financial crisis. Because of this he was a not a wealthy man when he died. Joseph died of cancer in 1896. He and his mother are both buried in Uniondale Cemetery.
1. 1.1   Rev. John McNAUGHER born 30 December 1857 Pennsylvania died 11 December 1947. He was a Theological Professor and Author. He married Ella WILSON born circa 1861 married 26 April 1888 Mercer Street, New Castle, Pennsylvania. They were married by Rev. Robert Audley Browne, President of Westminster College. At the time of their marriage John was a Professor in the Western Theological Seminar at Allegheny.  In 1920 John and Ella were living at 111 La Fayette Avenue, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. A biography of Rev John McNaugher has been published - The Life and Works of John McNaugher by Paul Robert Coleman. John McNaugher became the president of  Xenia-Pittsburgh Seminary of the United Presbyterian Church of North America. John also authored a couple books, one "The Psalms in Worship", the other "Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, and Tomorrow" at the end of his life. He had throat cancer, and was unable to speak. He wanted very much to live to proof his book, and did. John was a stern, dour person, who inspired awe and fear in the seminary students. Some of them called him "the Pope of the United Presbyterian Church". Samuel McNAUGHER born unknown graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Scientific Theology (Bachelor of Divinity) William Harper McNAUGHER born 1892 Pennsylvania. Unmarried in 1920. On 8 September 1931  at Glassport, Pennsylvania  a political meeting at Republican Headquarters was held and Robert MALLIN spoke on behalf of William H McNAUGHER, candidate for Common Pleas Judge. William  was elected as an Associate Judge. Joseph Hays McNAUGHER born 23 August 1893 Pennsylvania. Was a student at Carnegie Steel Company in Rankin, Pennsylvania in 1917 when he was drafted for WW1. In 1920 he was a lodger in Munhill, Allegheny. He married Lucy Page WEISIGER born circa 1894 in Tennesse. She was the daughter of Cary Nelson WEISIGER and Elizabeth Hughes HUMPHREYS.  Joseph and Lucy were married circa 1924 St Louis, Missouri and had one recorded son.

1.1.2  David White McNAUGHER born circa 1860 Pennsylvania, a Civil Engineer in Allegheny City. He married Mary Josephine SCOTT born 1866. They were married in Allegheny City on 15 October 1900. Living at 107 La Fayette Avenue, Allegheny in 1920. David White McNAUGHER graduated from Rensselaer Polytech as a Civil Engineer in 1885. He then graduated from Westminster College after doing a special course on the chemistry of iron and steel. In 1885 his future partner Mr Hallsted was associated with the inventor of the ferris wheel as a member of the firm GWG Ferris, Pittsburgh. After nine years he became a senior member of  Hallsted & McNaugher of Pittsburgh. He was in charge of the operation of Hallsted & McNaugher  in Pittsburgh. The address of  the company was 401 Monogahela Bank Building, Pittsburgh and David's home address was Lafayette Avenue, Allegheny. At one stage David McNaugher was one of the associates of Robert W Hunt & Co founded by Robert Woolston HUNT. It was the largest inspecting engineering company in the world (probably in the early 1900's). It still exists today as a large company working worldwide. David W McNAUGHER Jnr born circa 1903 Pennsylvania. Helen M. McNAUGHER born January 1906 Pennsylvania. Robert S McNAUGHER born circa 1907 Pennsylvania

1.1.3 Joseph McNAUGHER born circa 1862 Pennsylvania, Vice President of a Medical Company in 1920. He married Alida EDIE born 1868 in Pittsburgh. She died in 1924. Alida was the daughter of William EDIE born 1824 died 1895 and Mary Jane WILSON. Martha Allison McNAUGHER born 9 October 1893 Pennsylvania married Unknown BRUSH died 29 June 1947 Los Angeles, California. Joseph McNAUGHER born circa 1901 Pennsylvania, a Chemist with an Engineering  Company in 1920. Joseph graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts. He was living at 40 Dana Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. David W McNAUGHER  born 14 January 1899 Pennsylvania died 5 September 1969 in Los Angeles, California. William Edie McNAUGHER born 20 August 1903 Pennsylvania died 8 April 1981 Los Angeles, California.

1.1.4 Samuel McNAUGHER born circa 1863 Pennsylvania a Physician and Surgeon in Allegheny City. He married Mary Robertson McMILLAN.  Mary was born 23 March 1868 Little Rock,  Illinois.  They were married in Washington, Iowa on 4 September 1890. Katherine McNAUGHER born 15 July 1891. Patricia McNAUGHER born circa 1893 Pennsylvania William McMillan McNAUGHER born 17 March 1898 married Isabel LITTELL (married  23 October 1930 Bala Cwngyd, Pennsylvania).  Isabel was born 5 October 1898  West Lebanon, Pennsylvania died 20 December 1985 Pittsburgh, PA daughter of Edward Shillito LITTELL born 1867 and Mary HARRIS born 27 July 1867. Mary Littell McNAUGHER married William Timblin MARSH. They had four children. Isabel Littell McNAUGHER married Edward Ridgeway HATFIELD. They had three children. Helen McNAUGHER born January 1906 Pennsylvania,  nothing further known.
1.1.5. Thomas McNAUGHER born circa 1866 Pennsylvania. He died in New Wilmington, PA  from scarlet fever,  freshman student at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA.
1.1.6. Jessie White McNAUGHER (unknown birth date) married Charles Barr ROBERTSON. Death Notice August 1945 reads:
ROBERTSON - On Monday morning 13 August 1945 at 3 o'clock, Jessie White (nee) McNaugher, widow of Charles Barr Robertson; sister of John McNaugher DDSamuel McNaugher MDMrs. Thomas P Trimble and Mrs R E McClure. Funeral services at her residence, 321 Lafayette Avenue NS Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.
1.1.7 Euphemia (Effie) McNAUGHER born circa 1870 Pennsylvania, married Thomas P TRIMBLE  on 29 September 1898. Thomas was appointed Judge of the Orphans Court from 1913.
1.1.8 Margaret McNAUGHER born 18 November 1871 Allegheny, Pennsylvania.She graduated from Westminster College in 1894 where she majored in Greek and Latin. In 1895 she was an Assistant at a Preparatory School for Girls and Young Ladies. She married Rev Robert Elmer McCLURE Snr who was given the task as a trustee at Blairsville College for Women to hire a teacher of Greek and Latin "preferably a female". McClure enquired of the president of Westminster College for a candidate, and was given Margaret's name. She won not only the position, but soon his attentions. As he put it, he persuaded her from "teaching young women in a college, to teaching a young man in his home."  They were married 28 June 1900 and had seven children. Margaret died in 1974.
1.1.9 William Fulton McNAUGHER born 1876 Pennsylvania referred to as Judge William NcNaugher in some McClure correspondence
1.2  Samuel McNAUGHER born 16 April 1832 married Jane STEEL born circa 1830 Ireland. Samuel and his mother Martha arrived in Pennsylvania on the "Philadelphia" 1 May 1851. Samuel was 20 and Martha 40 years.

1.2.1 Mary Elizabeth (Lizye) McNAUGHER born circa 1860 Pennsylvania married  Lewis Carter JOHNSTON(E) born 16 July 1854 married circa 1883. Lewis was a Salesman of Ben Avon, Pennsylvania. Samuel McNAUGHER (Lizye's father) was living with the JOHNSTON(E) family in 1920. He would have been aged about 90 years. Samuel McNaugher JOHNSTON(E) born 24 May 1885 died 18 January 1936 in a car accident in Los  Angeles. He married Frankes KENNEWEG  born in Pittsburgh in 1888 the third daughter of Henry KENNEWEG born 1865 Pittsburgh, PA died 1928 Pittsburgh and Mary Katherine SCHOLL born 1864 Philadelphia, died 1947 Phoenix, Arizona. Frankes died December 1979 Scottsdale, Arizona. Samuel and Frankes KENNEWEG lived in Phoenix, Arizona. A niece of Frankes says her aunt told her that Samuel had been the  First City Comptroller of Phoenix. Mary Jane JOHNSTONE married firstly Robert GOLDWATER and they had two children. She married secondly William PLATT. Edith JOHNSTON(E) Lewis Carter JOHNSTON(E) married Georgianna Shaw BALL. They had two children. Joseph Power JOHNSTON(E) born 5 March 1888 married Jean OWENS. Rutherford Thompson JOHNSTON(E) MD born 24 December 1895 married Orpha EMORY. Patricia JOHNSTON(E) married Harold JOHNSON. Jane Elder JOHNSTON(E) married Byron ERKENBRECKIER. Susanne JOHNSTON(E) married Unknown IRVINE. Jane (Jenny) Eleanor JOHNSTON(E) born 24 March 1900 a schoolteacher in New Jersey married William DAVIN

1.2.2 Joseph Wylie McNAUGHER born 14 January 1861 Allegheny, Pennsylvania died 8 September 1886. 


Son of Samuel and Jane (Steele) McNAUGHER.  was born in the city of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, 14 January 1861. He received his early education in the schools of his native city, also in Newell Institute, Pittsburgh, graduating from Geneva College in 1882, and engaged in business with his father for one year. He studied theology in the Allegheny Seminary, and was licensed by the Pittsburgh Presbytery, 14 April 1886. He soon afterwards went abroad and spent the summer in Europe. In good health he sailed homeward, and took cold upon the sea, causing inflammation of the bowels, from which he died, on the vessel “City of Rome,”  within two days of the New York harbour, 8 September 1886, his body being brought home and interred in the Allegheny Cemetery. He was an excellent scholar, of studious habits, a sincere and pious Christian, and the upright man in all his ways. He began the work of the ministry with the right motive, and gave abundant evidence of becoming an acceptable and faithful minister.

1.2.3  James Steele McNAUGHER born circa 1862 Pennsylvania.

1.2.4 Mattie (Martha or Matilda) McNAUGHER born circa 1865 Pennsylvania.

1.2.5 Samuel McNAUGHER born circa 1867 Pennsylvania a Surgeon married circa 1888 Bertha NEEPER. Bertha was born in 1868 Pennsylvania and died Los Angeles, California in 1946, the daughter of William NEEPER and Ellen McGRATH.

1.2.6 Jane McNAUGHER born circa 1869 Pennsylvania.

1.2.7 John McNAUGHER born circa 1871 Pennsylvania married Clara E PARK born 1884 Pennsylvania daughter of Joseph PARK and Sarah CRAWFORD of Pennsylvania. born circa 1910 Pennsylvania.