The Carlanstown,Westmeath Mahadys

The Carlanstown, Westmeath Mahadys

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This is a Computer copy of a letter received from Walshestown,which is near
Mullingar. However,due to being handwritten,I found some of the words and
letters difficult to decipher,and it was only after severe scrutiny and
some considerable checking that the decision was made for the contents to
be now transferred to this format.
 The signature would seem to be Plina? Geoghegan,which I expect to   be
confirmed at some later date,as I shall be sending my response as soon as
this letter has been  processed and printed for my files.

Sunday 30th.November 1997.
Mullingar ,

27th.October 1997

Dear Matt,
           Re: your letter in the W.Examiner dated 18th Oct,I will give you
what little I know regarding Mahedys.

          I was reared in north Westmeath,close to the cavan border near
Finea.I remember an Ann Mahedy (spelling may differ) who lived at

          There is a piece of bog called "Mahedy's bog". There was a ruin
of a house known as Mahedy's house in the 40's. Ann was the only member of
the that family that I remember and she moved to a house at Newtown
(Rockland) when I was a child. She died approx 1950? She and her relatives
were buried in the cemetery at St Michaels Church,Castletown Finea. On
making enquiries last week I am told she had a daughter Molly and a
grandson still resides at Castlepollard.

         I recollect my father telling me about some relative of Ann's
being killed in the Somme. A lot of people from that area were killed in
the Somme. I could not find any information on this locally,they thought
that her husband worked and died locally.
                    Perhaps her grandson has written to you.
                                 Anyway for what its worth.
                                                Best wishes in your search.


Plina Geoghegan
Copies of the above and below were sent to Fr.Fleming at:-

                                     St. Michaels Church,
                                     Castletown, Finea,
                                     Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

N.B. The above is my interpretation of the contents of this letter.
     Mr.Matthew Mahady
508 Main Road,
Wellington Point,
Queensland 4160

Sunday 30th. Nov. 1997

Dear Plina? (if this be the correct spelling), ** Correct name is Olivia.

first and foremost ,do please accept my sincerest apology for the delay in
this response to your letter dated 27th. November as I had been on holiday
and,having left my house in the care of my oldest son and his girlfriend,
my mail was supposed to be left in a specific location,for me to find on
my return. Unfortunately,some of the letters were picked up as they were
driving off and the mail was inadvertently placed in the car glovebox and
forgotten until I then enquired about an outstanding account which I had
expected to receive this month.

    Your letter was a most pleasant,and welcome,surprise and has now been
studied thoroughly in conjunction with a previous letter I had received
from Michael Conlon of Castlepollard,a copy of which has been enclosed for
 your perusal,as will now be done with your letter when next I write to him.

     Forgive me if Plina is not your correct name as the above is my own
interpretation of what I thought it was,by comparing with some of the other
words and letters within your letter.

      Both your letter,and that of Michael Conlon,has opened up new vistas
of research for me as I thought I had lost my Great Grand Parents,so soon
after my having first found them,seven years ago,during my 1990 visit to
the Ballinalee,Longford,areas.

By the way I am a 62 year old Scottish ,Irish,Australian and having been
over in this side of the World since 1957. I am Scottish by birth,Irish
by heart and an Aussie by choice. My Genealogical Research commenced about
ten years ago,just by sheer chance - but that is another story - and a new
Cyberspace World has now been opened up before me,since the middle of May
1997,when I had first joined the INTERNET,after having attended a six week
intensive Computer Course during the early part of 1997.

 I spent six weeks doing a "Backpacker" visit to Ireland during September
and October 1995, before a two week visit to see my 85 year old mother in
Scotland,and whilst in Ireland visited Longford,Mullingar,Roscommon,Ballina
(Mayo),Donegal(as this was where my grandmother's family came from and
I regularly visited my great-aunt during my Scottish school holidays),and
then Limerick,(where I recently found a member of my Mahady Clan) before I
finished up in Dublin visiting more family and carrying out further
at the National Library and Registrar Offices.

Thank you,and Thank you again,and I will certainly contact you,at some
later time, after I have followed up the contents of both your letter and
that of Michael Conlon.
Kindest Regards,and God Bless,
                                                           MATT MAHADY.

Mr.Matthew  Mahady
508 Main Road,
Wellington Point,
Queensland 4160.

Sunday  30th. Nov. 1997

Dear Fr. Fleming,
                                the enclosed copies of various letters will
provide you with some indication as to the response engendered by my letter
to the Westmeath Examiner on the 18th.October 1997. My response to each
writer,though brief in content,is an indication,on my part,as to the
appreciation in having two strangers sit down and provide me with pertinent
details which would have either been lost ,in time,or not come to light
without their generous gesture in responding to my call for assistance.

Consequently,having now found my Great Grand Parents,and some of their
family, in a location where I never suspected they could have moved,as none
of my most intensive Irish research,including specific enquiries to 'DUN NA
SI'Heritage Centre  Moate,Co.Westmeath,both during and after my Irish visit
to Mullingar,indicated the Castlepollard,Castletown or Carlanstown areas as
being where my Mahady family had lived and probably died - I must pursue
this new avenue of information ! ! !.

Would it be possible for you, Fr.Fleming, to check some of your Birth,Death
and Marriage  records,in order to not only confirm but also upgrade,some of
the information in those two letters, where possible, including the
sponsors,witnesses and any others,so named,in the same manner as previously
to me during my visits to the Roman Catholic Churches at Ballinalee,Longford
with Fr.Beglan,St. Mary's,Edgeworthstown with Msgr.Pat Early and the
Granard Parochial House with Fr. Kelly,amongst others,during my 1995

Any such information,you may be able to provide,would be greatly appreciated
and would be most beneficial towards enabling me to perhaps either complete,
or at least fill in,some of the missing pieces of my Genealogical Jigsaw.

As a true gesture of my appreciation,and sincerity,and whether or not you
are able to do as I have requested,I would ask you to accept the enclosed
THANKYOU "NOTE",in anticipation of,and as a "contribution" towards,the time
and energy required to fulfill my request for B,D & M details pertaining to
the Mahadys,Mahedys and Mahodys,and any other such details you feel would
be advantageous towards further research of my Mahady Family.

I remain,
                Yours Sincerely,
                                              MATT MAHADY


Contributed by 
Matt Mahady

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