Bill Babe Mahady in Oklahoma

Bill "Babe" Mahardy - Oklahoma

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First message received:-

Dear Matt,

I have been doing research on law enforcement in the Indian Territory
[present day Oklahoma] and have come across a black outlaw named Bill
"Babe" Mahardy. Chances are he or his family were slaves owned by
someone named Mahardy as many former slaves following their release
took the names of their former owners. Do you have any info on this man?
He would have been born about 1830-1850. Let me know.

Diron Ahlquist
Oklahoma City,
My reply to the above:-
      thanks for your message but,unfortunately at this stage,I have
absolutely nothing on any Oklahama Mahady/Mahardy and as a matter of
fact your message has opened up a brand new area of research.

I would,consequently,really appreciate receipt of any information you
happen to find out about,either the outlaw "Babe" or,as you say, his
probable ex-owner Mahardy,as my "NET GROUP" would be most interested
in finding out more about this episode,and possible connection with
the Indian Territory and American History.

I am really sorry that I am unable to assist nor provide you with any
form of information but I do wish you the best of luck in your search.

That's All Folks, Over and Out,
                           MATT M.

Second message - in response to the above:-

Subject: Babe Mahardy
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 19:32:19 EST

Dear Matthew,

I don't have much on Babe Mahardy's genealogical history. He was a resident
of the Creek Nation in the Indian Territory [present day Oklahoma] in the
1870s through the 1890s. He appears to have been an outlaw for decades as I
have records of his criminal activity from the early 1870s through the 1890s
and he probably continued on after that. In 1877, he was arrested and jailed
at Fort Sill, I.T. in the Kiowa, Comanche, & Apache Reservation of Southwest
Indian Territory for horse theft along with John Edmundson and J. Samuel
Merrick alias "Limber Jim". His crimes seem to be all of larcenies however
he was arrested I believe for a murder in which he was found not guilty.
Good luck with your search and if you ever find anything that might relate
to my research I can always be contacted at the address below. Thanks:-)

Diron Ahlquist

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