Photo Album of the Mahady Family

Mahady/Mahedy Photo Album

The Mahedy family of Canada
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Michael & Esther Gillett Mahedy
c. 1850-60

Esther, daughter of Michael & Esther Mahedy
Canada c.1885

Mary Emiline Mahedy McKay
daughter of Michael & Esther Mahedy

Patrick Mahedy
son of Michael & Esther Mahedy

May McKay on left; in front, her brother, John David McKay; rear, Joseph M Butler, & [right] sister Zora W Butler
children of Mary Mahedy McKay & Esther Mahedy Butler
c. 1909, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada

Jack Mahedy, son of Pat & Jane LeClear Mahedy

Mahedys of Edgeworthstown Parish,
County Longford, Ireland

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Tommy Mahedy and Bridgie Murphy

Left to right:Mrs Mahedy, Tommy Mahedy, Bridgie Murphy, Paddy Murphy(Tailor), Mrs. Murphy

Bridgie Murphy and Kathleen Jordan. Bridgie Murphy married Tommy Mahedy

Upon the Mahedy family arrival to NYC, John & his elder sons initially found work as stone cutters/masons on St Patrick's Church - not the famous 5th Ave cathedral. This tradition came to Dan Touse via Zora Butler & May McKay. This church has recently been in the news as the church that Jackie Kennedy attended and where John F. Kennedy, Jr's memorial service was held.

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