Ancestry of Humphrey Scammon of Kittery and York, Maine


1. ?BRIAN-

Brian Scaman lived in Nettleton which is only a few miles from Immingham on the Humber where the Pilgrims set sail for Holland.

Issue- all children bpt. in Nettleton, Lincolnshire.

  • I. Dorothy- bpt. 1 Aug. 1590
  • 2II. RICHARD- bpt. 21 Sept. 1593
  • III. Elisabeth- bpt. 6 Jan. 1595
  • IV. John- bpt. 29 June 1598, m. 6 Nov. 1623 Nettleton, Elizabeth Taylor (bpt. 24 Oct. 1602 Nettleton)
  • V. Thomas- bpt. 1 Jan. 1599/00


    Parish Registers for Nettleton, Lincolnshire


    bpt. ?21 Sept. 1593 Nettleton, Lincolnshire

    Copies of Deeds left by Mr. Scammon of and about Shrewsbury Men's Interest in Quamscott.

    Sept. 13, 1642.

    To all Christian people to whom this present writing shall come, I Thomas Larkham, Pastor of the church at Northam in Piscataquacke in New England greeting, Whereas I, the said Thomas Larkham with divers others have an adventure or stock in the Patents and plantation of Pascataquacke granted, sold, assigned & sett over by one Obediah Brewer of Cape Anne alias Gloucester in New-England aforesaid, to the propper use of me my executors & administrators and assignes, which was granted, sold, assigned & sett over unto the said Obediah Brewer by Richard Percivall now or heretofore of Shrewsbury in Old England, as by a writing of sale drawne by Richard Percivall above named bearing date the 22nd of October 1635 Annoque regis Caroli undecimo more at large it may & doth appeare, approved by Richard Hunt, Thomas Wingfield, Thomas Knight & other adventurers and partners in the above mentioned Patents & plantations as by a writing bearing date the 4th of May anno Dom. 1640 appeareth. Now know yee that I the sayd Thomas Larkham for & uppon a certaine valluable some of money by me received of William Walderne & for divers good causes & considerations me thereunto moving, Have given, granted, bargained, sold, assigned & sett over & by these presents doe fully grant bargaine, assigne & sett over unto the aforenamed William Waldern to his own propper use & to the use of his executors... all my said adventure or stock by me bought as aforesaid & all the produce & increase by me also bought as aforesaid and all sith hence coming of the said Adventure & stocke... In witness whereof I have put to my hand & seale this thirteenth day of September Anno Dom. 1642

    Thom. Larkham

    Sealed & delivered in presence of
    William Ballew,
    Phillip X Cheslin

    That this is a true Copy Compared with its original left on file & in its stead left to remayne on file. Attestes.

    Edw. Rawson Secretary,
    Richard Scamon.(2)

    A similar document is dated 4 May 1640 and again the "true copy" is attested to by Edward Rawson and Richard Scammon on 11 June 1666.(3) Why Richard was in possession of these documents remains a mystery.

    Richard was in Portsmouth, NH in 1642. Either he or his son was taxed in Dover (Cochecho) in 1663 for 0-4-6. Richard signed the petition requesting that the King take New Hampshire under Royal Protection 26 July 1665:

    Praying to be freed from ye Jurisdiction of ye Massachusetts

    To the Kings most Excellent Matie

    The humble peticon of the inhabitants of Portesmouth and Strawberry Bank Dover: Exiter and Hampton, Humbly sheweth

    That yor Maties peticoers were much transported wth joy and hope of settlemt when they heard of the care of yor Matie had of these plantacions in New England and had heard the power wch yor Matie had given yor Commissioer for the appointing of bounds and govrmt amongst us here But yor Maties peticoers find to theire great grief that the Masachusetts Denying that authorytie whch yor Matie gave yor Commissionrs hath hindered us from that good wch were Expected from those Commissionrs

    Wherefore yor Maties peticoers humbly desire that yor Matie would be gratiously pleased to take them into yor Royall pteccon and govrnmt and joyne them to the pvince of Meyne that they may be goved by the knowne lawes of England and enjoy the use of both the sacramts wch they have bin too deprived of. And as in all duty bound, yor peticoers shall dayly pray for the increase of all earthly honor untill you arive at the heavenly kingdome... Richard Scamond...(1)

    Either he or his son (most likely his son) signed an Exeter petition in 1677:

    We whose names that are under wrytten being the inhabitants and dwellers of the towne of Exeter, doe manifest hereby that it is our humble desire, that if it be thought meete that an addresses should be made to his Majesty for the Continuance of the Present government under which wee have lived many years, that in the same address or petition that among others these our names may be inserted in reference to the present Goverment from Pascataquack to Merimacke river excepting the three miles... Rich: Scamon...(4)


  • 3I. JOHN-
  • II. Elizabeth- m. 1. 1648 Peter Legate in the West Indies, 2. 1680 John Saffin (b. 1632, m.1. 2 Dec. 1658 Plymouth, Martha Willett (d. 1678), d. 1710), d. Nov. 1687
  • III. Richard- m.1661 Prudence Waldron, will 1682
  • IV. Richard II-
  • V. Anne- m. Major Richard Waldron (b. 1615, killed in the Cocheco Massacre 27 June 1689 Dover, NH), d. 7 Feb. 1685


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    Richard Scammon in 1682 willed 20 to each of his brothers John and Richard Scammon and his sister Anne Waldron, 40 to John's daughter Elizabeth Atkins, 60 to Richard's daughter Jean, and 5 to Hannah Gerrish.

    There was evidently another John Scamon living in Rhode Island at the time as on 10 Feb. 1683/4 "John Rodman late of Christ Church parish in Barbados, Chyurgion, now of the Colony of Road Island, and Mary his wife, lately called Mary Scamon, only daughter and heiress of John Scamon some time of said Island [would that be Rhode Island or Barbados?], planter, sell to James Ayeford of St. Thomas, planter, for 200 pounds a plantation of 33 acres in St. Thomas". Acknowledged at Rhode Island 6 June 1684 before William Coddington, Governour, at his new lodge near Newport.(3)

    So it appears that the connection with Barbados that has been batted around concerns another John Scammon and not the one who lived in Kittery.

    John was a legatee with his daughter Elizabeth under the will of his sister Mrs. Elizabeth Saffin 26 Oct. 1687. In her will Elizabeth Saffin, widow of Mr. Peter Lidgett, gave legacies to her two children, Charles Lidgett and Elizabeth, wife of John Usher, to her grandchild Elizabeth Usher, to her present husband John Saffin, merchant, to her brother John Scammond, to her brother Richard Scammond, to her sister Anni Waldron, to her cousin Elizabeth Atkins, brother John Scammond's daughter, to cousin Jean Scammond, daughter to her brother Richard Scammond, and to cousin Hannah Gerrish.(1)

    "Thomas Dean, of Boston, taylor & Shopkeeper and Jane, his wife, late Jane Scammond, daughter to Richard Scammond lat of Exeter, in ye Province of New Hampshire in New England, brother to Elizabeth Saffin, Pllfs.

    The Estate of said Elizabeth Saffin decd, late wife of John Saffin of Boston, merchant, now Esqr, and late ye widow and Executrix of Mr. Peter Lidget, of said Boston in New England, deceased, In ye hands & Possession & under ye administration of Mary Lidget, now in Boston aforesaid, widow, Relict & Executrix of the late will & testament of Charles Lidget, formerly of Boston aforesaid, Esq., and late of London in ye Kingdom of England, decd, (which said Charles Lidget was Execr of the last will & Testament of said Elizabeth Saffin with a codicil to said will annexed)"(2)


  • 4I.? HUMPHREY- b.c. 1640, m. ELIZABETH _____, d.1 Jan. 1727
  • II. Elizabeth- m. ______ Atkins


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    m. ELIZABETH ______
    d. 1 Jan. 1727

    The "Genealogical Dictionary" states that Humphrey was most probably the son of John although he may have been the son of Richard. Frank Scammon was of the opinion that Humphrey was the son of John Scammon born in Nettleton in 1598 and married in 1623, however, Humphrey wasn't born until 1640 and no other children of John are found. It seems more likely that John was the son of Richard of Portsmouth who may have been the Richard Scammon born in Nettleton in 1593. John, father of Humphrey, was born most likely c.1615. We do know that John, Richard, Elizabeth and Anne were siblings and lived in the latter half of the 17th century... a bit too late to have been the children of Brian Scammon listed above. Having Elizabeth Saffin be the daughter of Brian would make her 85 at the time of her marriage to John Saffin, an unlikely event. I've also seen John of Tattershall, Lincolnshire listed at the father of the four sibs... although, other than for a baptism for Anne in 1628 I can't find a connection. At this point Humphrey's origins remain a mystery, he is tentatively placed as a child of John, however, he may not be closely related to these other Scammons, but, I think that unlikely.

    Humphrey lived at Kittery Point in 1677 and then moved to Wells where he bought land from N. Fryer:

    Know all men by these Prsents, that I Nathall Fryer of Portsmouth Mrchant In Consideration of Twenty foure pounds in hand payd by Humfrey Scammon... doe... sell... unto the sayd Humfrey Scammon... a Certen Tract of upland contayneing about one hundred & Twenty or Thirty Acers bee It more or less, with a small house or Tenement upon It scituate liing & being in the Town of Wells, fronting against the Land of Mr Samuell Wheelewright, bounded on the East side by ye Land of John Trott, & on the Westermost side by ye Land of William Hamonds... Which sayd Premisses was lately in the Tenour & Occupation of John Bates... the seaventh day of May, one thousand six: seaventy foure/ 1674... Nathall Fryer & Christian his wife. (7)

    He then moved to Cape Porpoise where he had a town grant in 1679 and was constable in 1678/9. Humphrey then moved to Saco where he bought the Henry Waddock farm three miles below the falls on the eastern side of the river 4 Dec. 1679:

    To all Christean people, to whome this writeing Indented shall Come greeteing

    Know yee that I Jane Waddocke, the wife of Henery Waddocke deceased, of Sacoe in the povince of Mayne Widdow, have by these Presents, for & in Consideration of the some of fourty pounds of Current pay of New England, in hand payd mee by Humfrey Scammon of the Town of Cape Porpus.... do... sell... Too hundred acres of Land scituate on the North side of Sacoe River, begining at a brooke by a thorne tree, tending & runeing partly North & by East

    And likewise twenty Acres of sault Marsh liing at Gowse fayre, provided yr bee not measure of Land Enough at Goouse fayre, the sd Humphrey is to have It with the Premisses before mentioned.... this fourth day of December Anno : Dom : 1679... (8)

    Humphrey was given town privileges and a ferry license in June 1680.(1)

    At a Court of Pleas houlden by Major Pendleton Deputy Prsident, & severall of the Justs at Wells for the Province of Mayn, June the 30th 1680: wr severall Administrations were granted, & Inventorys brought in, & Lycences granted, & renewed according to order

    Humfrey Scammon is appoynted, & allowed to keepe a ferry for transportation of horses & men, over the Sacoe River, at ye Late house wr formerly Hene : Waddocke lived, & for his ferrage of an horse & man hee is to have nine peence

    Hee is also allowed to keepe a publique house of Intertaymt...

    His was a most important ferry for which his predecessor had been ordered to provide a good, sufficient boat, large enough to carry over three horses at one time. Early ferrage charges were 2d cash and 3d on account for each person.(2)

    On 28 Mar. 1681 Humphrey took the inventory of the estate of Nicolas Edgecomb. Other than his land, poor Nicholas had a cow and a calf worth 4, an iron pott worth 8/, a musket 15/, and his "weareing Cloaths" 5.(10) I wonder why his clothes were worth so much?

    Humphrey had also been "allowed to keepe a publique house of Intertaynmt" from 1680 until 1686 and was in charge of taking the tax lists to York in 1682. He was also in charge of seeing the minister's cellar dug and stoned in 1686 and was a deputy in the same year. He had a sawmill at Blackman's Falls on the Dunstan River and was a culler of fish in 1695/6. In 1699 he was on the grand jury.

    To all Christian People to whome these presents shall come

    I Joshua Atwater of Boston in New England Mercer... for and in consideration of threescore thousand feet of good and Merchantable pine boards to him ye sd Joshua Atwater by Humphrey Scammon of Saco in ye Province of Maine in New England in hand paid... doe... sell... All that his Saw Mill on Dunston ffalls in Scarborow, together with ye fall and priviledge of timbr four Miles about the Mill, Alsoe fiftie Acres of upland Adjoyning to ye falls on ye Northeast, and a parcell of Meadow below ye Mill as far down as Robert Nicholls his Marsh as ye same was confirmed unto Benjamin Blackman by a town grant of whom ye said Joshua Atwater Purchased ye same... this twentieth day of July, in ye year of our Lord God One thousand Six hundred and Eighty Seaven...(11)

    These may certifie whom it may Concern that I have laid out for Humphrey Scamon of Beddiford in the Township of Scarborough fifty acres of upland by virtue of a deed bearing date in ye Year of one thousand Six hundred Eighty and Seven, the Land Scituated... and known by ye Name of Blackmans falls on Dunston river where Mr. Humphrey Scamon Senr formerly had a Saw mill Dated at Scarborough this 25 day of May 1720

    Nicholas Coles- Surveyer of Land for Wells.

    Be it known unto all men by these present that I Jane Weawick of Gloster... formerly ye wife but now ye widdow and administratrix to ye Estate of my Husband Henry Waewick Some time Resident in Saco... I Jane Warick... have... athorized my Loving Son John Tinney of Gloster my true & lawfull Attorney in my name to ask Demand Sue for & Recover of Humphrey Scamon of Saco aforesd about Thirty or forty pounds with about two hundred acres of land... which was appertaining to ye Estate of my Husband Henry Warick Decd... ye Seventeenth day of Janry in ye Year of our Lord one Thousand Six Hundred Ninty & two/93... recorded according to ye origanall Janry 19th 1721...(14)

    1696 annoq

    Humphrey Scamon being brought to this Court by the Sheriff as a prisonr for some Misdemenir

    And the said Scamon as principle and Mr Richd Cutt as surety do own themselves bound and firmly obliged Joyntly & Severally to our Sovereign Lord King William his Successors in the sum of ten pounds that ye said Scamon shall psonally appear at ye next Quarter Sessions holden for this County, and there to answer to what shall be aleged against him by William Pepril Esqur on ye Kings behalfe and to abide the order of Court therein and not to depart wthout Lycence, and to be of the good behavr till then.

    Humphrey Scamon appearing at this Court to answer his bonds of good behaviour, and nothing appearing against him he is acquitted from his sd bonds paying the ffees of Court. ffees payd in Court.(9)

    To all Christian People to whome this present Deed of Sale shall come, John Tenny of Kittery... ffisherman and Margrett his wife... in consideration of the Sum of twenty five pounds Currant money of New England to them in hand paid.... by Humphrey Scammon of the same Town... Yeoman... doe... Sell... All that their tract of Land and Marsh... being in the township of Saco on ye North Side of Saco River, containing by Estimation about four hundred Acres be it more or less butted and bounded on ye one side by Saco River near ye Mouth of sd River then by ye Sea Side to ye Mouth of Goose fare river... by the uper Wading place... to ye mouth of ye great Gutt comonly called by the name of Shaws gutt... which land & Marsh was formerly Henry Waddocks as by Deed of Sale from John Richards Thomas Lake & Joshua Scottow my Appear bearing Date ye first day of Novermbr one thousand six hundred fifty & seven and is ye sd John Tennys by Vertue of a Deed from Jane Waddock Administratrix to ye Estate of Henry Waddock deceased... the fourth day of June Anno Domini One thousand and Seven hundred...(12)

    During the Indian Wars he moved back to Kittery. Upon his return to Saco on 10 Aug. 1703 he, his wife and sons Humphrey and Samuel were taken captive. The story of the capture is based upon the tale of Samuel's granddaughter. As the story goes Samuel was sent by his mother with a mug of beer for his father and brother who were working in a marsh by the lower ferry. Seeing Indians in the distance the child hurried back to his mother. She, fearing death if they showed signs of resistance would not allow him to shut the door or windows. The Indians came and asked for her sanap (husband). She refused to answer. They threatened to carry her off alone "but promised if she would discover where he was to take them together without harm". After smashing much of the furniture and emptying the beds to get the sacks they went to the marsh and took the two Humphreys.

    The attack was witnessed by a boy named Robinson who made his escape on horseback to Grey's Point on the Saco River and swam to Cow Island and then to the opposite shore. At the garrison he found only women and old men. However, they all put on men's clothing and uniforms and showed themselves around the fort given the Indians the impression that the place was heavily guarded. The ruse worked and the fort was not attacked.

    They were subjected to great cruelty at Peckwogett [Fryeburg], the war council deciding to kill them but, the chief remembering the promise the captives were kept although with "harm".

    ".... Hush- what is there?
    The sleeping Indian is striving to rise,
    With his knife in his hand, and glaring eyes!-
    'Wagh!- Mogg will have the pale-face's hair,
    For his knife is sharp, and his fingers can help
    The hair to pull and the skin to peel,-
    Let him cry like a woman and twist like an eel,
    The great Captain Scamman must lose his scalp!
    And Ruth, when she sees it, shall dance with Mogg.'
    His eyes are fixed,- but his lips draw in,-
    With a low, hoarse chuckle, and fiendish grin,-
    And he sinks again, like a senseless log."(6)

    At the Black Point garrison in August "a captive" was sent by the Indians with a flag of truce to the garrison. They sent "Elizabeth Scammon... but the officer well knowing their intreague slighted the message, secured the captive and suffered no messenger approach any nearer than what the muzzles of his guns have license for". Elizabeth was rescued.

    The rest of the family was then taken to Canada where they were detained until the next year and when they returned they found their house exactly as it had been left, supposedly even the beer mug was on the table!(3)

    The Scamman Jug- York Institute- Saco

    The famous mug that was left on the table is part of the collection of the York Institute Museum in Saco. The mug is salt-glazed stoneware and was made in the Westerwald district of Germany 1689-1702 and bears the likeness of King William III.

    "In the name of God Amen I Homphery Scamon of Kittery in the County of Yourk in the Province of the Masitutas Bay in New england Planter... macke this my Last will and testement...

    I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife all my moveable estate with in dores & with out During hur Life for hur seport & maintenance & what is Left after hur Deses to my two Sons to be Equally Devided betwen them.

    I Give and bequeath to my two Sons humphry & Samuel Scamon All that tract of land and marsh at Sacow & I ( ) fare ye marshes to be Equally Devied betwen them: the upland I give humphry forty ackers more then Samuel: humphry to have his part Lowermost by the River side: as for my Land at Donston I give It Equily betwen them to be devided as thay Shall See fit...

    I give and bequeath unto my three Dafters Elizibeth haly Mary Paidinton Rebacka billing fiveten pound A pece to be Payed them by my two Sons...

    I constitute macke & ordaine my two Sons afour Sad with my wife to be Executers & Executrix of this my Last will and testement...

    I Do desier & apint my beloved friends Liftnt Rodger Duiring & Richard Cutt Sinr to se this my will Performd

    In wittness wherof I have here unto Set my hand & Seal this twelveth Daye of march Anno Domi one thousand Seven hundered & thurtiene fourtein.

    Signed Seled & delivered in the presence of us
    Robt Elliot                     the marke X Scamen
    Richard Cutt                         of humphry
    Richard Cutt Juner"(4)

    Humphrey Scammon's Will

    To All People to whom these Present shall Come Greeting Know Ye that I Humphrey Scamon of Biddiford... for & in Consideration of ye Sum of forty four pounds of Currant money... paid by John Davies of ye Same town... do... sell... upland Scittuate lying & being in Biddiford... Adjoyning to Capt Wm Pepperrells land... to Mr. Nathl Wears Land... Containing by Estimation Eighty Eight Acres... Excepting three Quarters of All Mill prividedges throughout this tract of Land & three quarters of a landing Adjoyning to it & Saco river & a Tenth part of All gold & Silver Oare... this Twenty Eight day of Octobr Anno Domi One thousand Seven hundred & Nineteen... Humphry Scamon... And Eliza his wife...(13)

    To all People to whom this Deed of Sale may Come Ebenezer Moore & Joseph Crockett of Kittery... Yeoman... In Consideration of One hundred and Thirty Three Pounds Current Passable money of New England to them in hand paid by Humphrey Scamon of Biddeford... Yeamon... do... sell... Thirty Six acres more or less Lying & being in ye Township of Kittery aforesaid & is Sittuate upon ye Point where ye lower meeting house in said Kittery Standeth which said land ye sd Ebenezer Moore & Roger Deering & Thomas Allen bought of Nathaniel Thomas Esq.... May ye 28th 1712... bounded... by ye great River known by ye name of Pescataqua River... Thirtieth day of November In ye year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty Three...(16)

    Humphrey Jr. as the town clerk of Biddeford wrote: "Humphrey Scammon Deseased, Januarey the 1 day in year of 1727 and of his Aeage 87 yeares. Humphrey Scammon Town Clarck."(5) Humphrey Sr. probably died at his son's house at the upper ferry which was three miles below the falls on the east side of the river.


  • I. Humphrey- b. 10 May 1677 Kittery, ME, m. Elizabeth Jordan, d. 31 May 1734
  • II. Samuel- b.c.1689, m. 1. 1712 Margery Deering (d. 10 Oct. 1740), 2. int. 5 Sept. 1741 Elizabeth Stinson, d. May 1752
  • 5III. ELIZABETH- m. 15 July 1698 ANDREW (2) HALEY
  • IV. Mary- m.1. Hezekiah Purington, 2. Jonathan Paine
  • V. Rebecca- m. John Billing


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