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Issue 9 Christmas 2002

Some news from Peter Maishman & family.
Some time ago you asked how I got my nickname 'Spiv'. When I was quite young I received a tip on a horse and was told to put 1 on it - I only earned 2 a week so it was a big ask. However, I was at the surf club at Point Lonsdale and I told some of the older members who were going to Melbourne if they would put the money on - this they did, together with some of their own, and would you believe the horse came in at 8-1. We all won money and from that day on I was called THE SPIV. Not a very complimentary nickname but I am known by it throughout the Surf Lifesaving community Australia wide!!!
Jenny and I have both had right hip replacements this year - the Birmingham Resurfacing Hip Replacement (obviously from the UK) - we are doing OK and looking forward to more activity in 2003. I am now in my 8th year of retirement and, must say, still enjoying it immensely, being very involved in the local golf club and having been a member of the surf club for 48 years still take an interest in the running of the club. I was employed with Caltex Oil Aust. for 34 years holding many positions but must admit, I don't miss the stress of business today.
As you know, Jenny was born in Geelong (80 kms south of Melbourne) and has enjoyed renewing friendships etc. now we are living down at the coast. We both look forward to the football season (March - September) and of course support the Geelong Football team in the Aussie Rules comp. Jenny's father played, coached and was a huge personality at this club and is in the Legend's Hall of Fame, so as you can gather, she has the blue and white blood in her veins. I jumped on the bandwagon when I met her!!!We have two new grand-daughters to add to our family this year (
see under Births). Brett and Donna Maishman and Ruby (5) have just returned to live back in Melbourne after 2 years in Sydney. Perhaps another little one in 2003?????
We send our warmest wishes for Christmas to all the Maishman Clan and may 2003 be safe, healthy and prosperous for all.

Take care, Jenny & Peter



News from Noel:

We're looking forward to having all the family collected in one place (our place) this Christmas and New Year period. Six children, 6 partners and 11 grandchildren and counting, plus us. I don't know if it will be heaven on a stick or not.

Margaret and I spent two weeks late Feb driving about 1500 kms on almost every road (made and unmade) in beautiful Tasmania after circumnavigating Port Philip Bay (on which Melbourne is situated) the previous week. I modestly consider myself a seafood chowder expert and found the local fare fabulous, but not quite as good as the scallops and Tassie oysters, yum. In Victoria we called in on various rels sprinkled all round the Bay's 200 km shoreline and, while chewing a lot of fat, we sank a few quiet ones, had a lot of laughs and told a lot of lies.

Every one here is fine but drought and bushfires are presently a concern in varying degrees to many, and it looks like a hot Christmas ahead but I'm sure we'll manage one or more for you on the day. Hope all with a Maishman connection have a happy festive season and a safe and healthy 2003.

Margaret and Noel, Perth WA