News from Steve Rubie in New Zealand
Syd and Jean have been travelling also.
March this year was when we planned to spend six weeks in the South Island. We started our trip with our annual Retired Salvation Army Officers get together in Taupo. It is my responsibility to lead this as the President of the Midland Division Retireds. We make this a chance to stay with Edith and Carl for a couple of days. From here we drove through to Wellington to cross over on the vehicle ferry.
Picton to Nelson uneventful. Nelson to Queenstown interrupted by the motor breaking down one hour out. Garage unable to make repairs so finished up doing a reconditioned motor transplant. A slightly larger motor which improved performance. What with Easter being in the middle of all this it was twelve days before getting back on our way.
Queenstown and just in time for Sarah and Pete’s wedding. Sarah is brother Steve’s eldest daughter. A great day and all went well.
Queenstown to Dunedin a slow and leisurely trip and then to the series of congress meetings, which we thoroughly enjoyed - the best we have attended.
From here on homeward bound, sight-seeing, visiting family and friends in Christchurch.
12th July I had the honour to be the marriage Celebrant for our Granddaughter Kelly Forlong to Ben Platt in Tauranga. A very wet day but all went well.
Thanks to all of you who have sent me news of their families.
Clare and Tony Marsh have moved to Milton Keynes.  Eldest daughter Kathryn has had a busy year representing the school at the local Theatre for Dance Exchange and competing in the Inter-Schools Athletics at triple jump and later at cross country.
Son Tom made his First Holy Communion in May and daughter Rachel is enjoying her swimming , very proud of passing a Teddy Bear 3 award.
It was good to see Clare’s sister Zoe Martlew on television recently, helping to judge celebrities who thought they would make a fool of themselves trying to conduct an orchestra!
Rebekah’s Tregurtha News is a marvellous read - in fact it leaves you exhausted!! I don’t know how she has the time to write so much and to take so many beautiful photos. I will not attempt to extract anything from it - please contact her at [email protected] to get a copy - it is a must!!
May I just say well done to Rebekah and Craig and good luck to their children Jennifer and Joel in all their pursuits. Rebekah is Des and Evelyn Rubie’s youngest daughter.