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The World of Maishmans

In this issue...

I have reported on this year's reunion, our round the world trip, the website and ideas for future reunions. This newsletter could benefit from more news from other members of the Maishman family. Also, if we are to have a successful website, it is essential that we all contribute.

Issue No. 7

Christmas 2000

With a bit of help from Paul, I have managed to create a website for the Maishman family. At present it has only been drawn to the attention of members of the family (and a few interested people associated with the Maishman family) who have access to the internet. If anyone else would like to access it, the address is
Perhaps I should reiterate that the main purpose of this website is genealogical, to enable relatives to find links with us, to encourage research and to provide a communication channel for our family. However, there must be a balance between what I would like to show for genealogical reasons and what is private or used for security (in conjunction with PINs for example). I have generally followed the recommended rule of not showing data for people born after 1900.
I would like to thank especially Andy Glenister and Eddie Rolls who have given me very useful constructive criticism and I hope to incorporate all their suggestions in due course. I have received some other comments, but I would appreciate it if others would let me have their observations as soon as possible, regarding the following:
Content - too much or too little - specific items of data you would like removed.
Problems - errors - access difficulties etc.
Additional information - specific data - E-mail addresses - links to other sites - newsletters - associated families e.g. MASHMAN.
Suggestions for improvement.
It is vital that you tell me if you are unhappy with anything I have included - I won't be offended! Likewise I am happy to add information if you so desire. Only when I have received your comments will I be able to open it up to the world at large.



The following report was sent to those who attended the Reunion (Issue No 6). It is repeated here for those who were unable to be present.
Our first actual reunion was held on 27th May at the Hanover International Hotel near Reading. Going by the comments of those present, I am sure everybody enjoyed the event, particularly meeting family members from both sides of the Atlantic. I am very grateful to Derek and his family for making the tremendous effort to attend, travelling from New Jersey and Georgia.

44 people attended the afternoon session when there was an opportunity to socialize, whilst perusing the charts and other material that was displayed. A quiz was set to encourage more detailed examination of the Maishman data. Congratulations to Neal & Chrissie for winning the bottle of wine. There was also a questionnaire to be completed � more about this below.