Maishman Family

Issue 8, Christmas 2001


We now have a domain thanks to my nephew Eddie Rolls. He has set up web forwarding, so that if you type
into your browser you go to our web site. He has also set up e-mail forwarding on
[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] - all these point to my new CompuServe address [email protected].
With his help, I am working on improvements to the web site, trying to incorporate all his suggestions and those of Andy Glenister, whilst maintaining the idea of a world map as a point of interest to those who might be interested in following the various paths that the Maishman family has taken.

Steve Rubie and his wife Lorel paid us another visit when they were over here last summer, combining business with pleasure. Daughter Sarah is teaching in London, but soon to take up a year’s contract in Japan. While here he managed to trace some of his relatives by leaving this notice in appropriate locations i.e., the local pub.
You can see how pleased he was from his e-mail “Another act of God - I got back to NZ to discover that the "Pub Drop" had turned up the son of the two people from Barking I was seeking. He lives near San Francisco and his father and mother are both dead. How overwhelmingly amazing ! I'll fill you in once I get more details. The "drop" turned up three responses in all - one snail mail and two Emails - one of them being the jackpot.”
They were lucky to get out of Los Angeles just before the chaos - probably the last International flight out of LAX.
Thanks Steve for this news.

Rita and I visited Ypres last June and were moved by the service at the Menin Gate memorial, including playing of the last post, which is carried out by the firemen every evening. Listed on the huge memorial are the names of some of the hundreds of thousands of men who lost their lives in that area during the First World War and have no known grave. One such name is Private Stanley Maishman No 5278 12th Royal Fusiliers who was killed on 31st July 1917 aged 26.

New layout
As you might have guessed, I have acquired a new computer, with masses of store, so I am trying updated versions of various software. I have used PagePlus 8 for this newsletter. Please let me know if you don’t like it - better still if you do!