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Table of Contents

-Note--if the descendant(s) name listed below is unlinked, please click on the parent(s) name.  Several generations may be listed on a single page.  Justin Herbst's numbering system has been a great help to keep track of the family.  For example: Joseph Harrison is listed as the 15th child of William Harrison, Joseph's first child Hannah Rachel Harrison would be numbered 15.1.  Her first child would be 15.1.1, her second child 15.1.2 and so on.
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William Harrison, the Patriarch~ his disputed lineage and children (this link has biographical information and links for all his children listed below)

Miscellaneous information which may relate to the life of William Harrison
Copy of an Land Warrant issued to a William Harrison in Bethel Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, dated 1794

The biography, lineage and will of Benjamin (V) Harrison, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

The Second Generation, children of William Harrison and his 1st wife Unknown~

1. William Harrison

2. Samuel Harrison

3. Descendants of Kinsey Harrison

4. Descendants of Josias (Josiah) Harrison

5. Descendants of Permella "Mealey" Harrison Ake

6. Sarah Harrison

7. Phebe Harrison Wright

8. Descendants of Grovier (Grove) Harrison

9. James Harrison

10. Zephaniah Harrison, his will probated 16 August 1819

The children of William Harrison and (2nd) wife Worlenda Davis:

11. Elisha Harrison
12. Diana Harrison
13. Bazel Harrison (see links below)
14. Shadrack Harrison

14.1 Worlinda Harrison and Thomas England
14.2 William Harrison and Susannah Mays
15. Joseph William Harrison I (see links below)
16. Ephraim Harrison

Descendants of Bazel and Martha (Stillwell) Harrison~  (this link has biographical information on all their children listed below):

13.1 Descendants of William "Uncle Billy" Harrison and (1st) Sally Hampton and (2nd) America Harrison:
13.1.1 Bazel Harrison
13.1.2 Jeremiah Harrison and Betsy Mills
13.1.3 James Harrison
13.1.4 Bersheba Harrison Weaver
13.1.5 Martha Jane "Jane" Harrison
13.1.6 Sarah Angerona Mariah Harrison and Ferdinand Sager
13.1.7 Aaron Harrison
13.1.8 Joseph Harrison and Jennie B. "Jane" Sliter
13.1.9 Spencer Harrison
13.1.10 Olive Harrison and Slias Tupper
13.1.11 America "Mecca" Harrison  and Jasper Carl

13.1.12 John Strange Harrison and Ellen Tupper Amy Estelle Harrison and Edward Curtis Shurlow

13.1.13 William Harrison
13.1.14 Hannah Elizabeth Harrison

13.2 Shadrack Harrison

13.3 Sarah Harrison

13.4 Descendants of Ephraim Harrison and (1st) Elsie Unknown, (2nd) Almira Reynolds/Reynnells; (3rd) Lucinda Reynolds/Reynnells:

13.4.1 Benjamin Franklin Harrison and Henrietta M. Simms

        13.4.2 John Strange Harrison and Minerva Jane Keeler: Emery Harrison and Louisa "Lizzie" Hoffmeister
        13.4.3 Bazel Russel Harrison
        13.4.4 Henry Harrison and Marietta Hulburt
        13.4.5 Almira Harrison and John A. Tatterson
        13.4.6 Francis Harrison and Janette Moore

13.4.7 Joseph Harrison and (1st) Margaret "Maggie" Jordan; (2nd) Jane Comstock (his descendants)
13.4.8 Martha Harrison
13.4.9 Ephraim Harrison
13.4.10 Franklin Harrison

13.5 Descendants of Nathan Harrison and Anna Botkin
(Several unknown children)
13.5.4 Sally Harrison and John Barber (unconfirmed daughter)
13.5.5 Ruhamia or Ruhama (possibly Ruhamah) Harrison

13.5.6 Ephraim Harrison and Isabelle Springer

13.5.7 Charles Botkin Harrison and Chrysteen Breed
13.5.8 Matlida Harrison and Corneilus Burgett
13.5.9 Edna A. Harrison and James Burgett
13.5.10 Jemima A. Harrison and Irving Dix
13.5.11 Wesley M. Harrison

13.6 Descendants of Cynthia Harrison and Henry Whipple

13.6.1 William and Mary Whipple
13.6.2 Larinda Whipple
13.6.3 Lucien Henry and Emma Whipple
13.6.4 Cynthia Whipple
13.6.5 Arminda Whipple

13.7 Descendants of Elias Stillwell Harrison and (1st) Mary Elizabeth Sager and (2nd) Mariah Gardner:

13.7.1 Frederick Sager Harrison
13.7.2 Asia Stillwell Harrison
13.7.3 Lavina or Laura America Harrison
13.7.4 William Frances Harrison
13.7.5 Baker Harrison
13.7.6 John Strange Harrison
13.7.7 George Melchoir Harrison
13.7.8 James M. Harrison
13.7.9 Martha Harrison
13.7.10 Mehitable Mariah Harrison

13.8 Descendants of Worlender Harrison and James Fellows

13.8.1 Nathan Fellows
13.8.2 Milton J. and Susan Fellows
13.8.3 Dorcas Fellows
13.8.4 Henry W. Fellows and Ruth Williams
13.8.5 Abiel Fellows
13.8.6 Eliza M. "Louisa" Fellows and Horace Johnson

13.9 Joseph Harrison

13.10 Descendants of Bazel Harrison, Jr. and Almira Abbey:

13.10.1 Harriet Abbey Harrison and Martin Van Duzer
13.10.2 Cynthia Ann Harrison
13.10.3 Christiann Harrison
13.10.4 Bazel Harrison
13.10.5 George F. Harrison and Ora A. Fletcher

13.10.6 John Strange Harrison and Ruth Lillian "Lilla" Young
13.10.7 Almira C. Harrison
13.10.8 Mary L. Harrison and Frank McCreary

13.11 Descendants of Martha Harrison and William Bishop

13.11.1 Amanda M. Bishop
13.11.2 Henry M. Bishop
13.11.3 Hannah Bishop

13.12 Rachel Harrison

13.13 Amanda Harrison

13.14 Descendants of John Strange Harrison and Mariah Louisa "Eliza Baker:

13.14.1 Nancy J. Harrison
13.14.2 William Whipple Harrison and Margaret Long
13.14.3 Martha Ann Harrison and William C. Wooley
13.14.4 Ellen Harrison and William D. Young
13.14.5 Esther Harrison and Lucius Bingham Kinne
13.14.6 James Baker Harrison and Nellie Mack
13.14.7 Sarah Harrison and Charles E. Davis
13.14.8 Emeline "Emma" Harrison and Loren Longwell
13.14.9 Owen W. Harrison and Ida F. Shirley

13.15 Almira Harrison Crose (see the Crose Family Genealogy by Cathy Gowdy)

13.15.1 George G. Crose and Ann E. Williams
13.15.2 William Crose and Mary Elizabeth Wood
13.15.3 Dayton Marshall Crose and Ida May Brown
13.15.4 Elizabeth Crose (she may or may not have been a daughter)
13.15.5 Jesse Miller Crose and Mary

13.16 Diana Harrison

The Biographical Sketch of Judge Bazel Harrison as it appears in the “Michigan Pioneer Collections", Volume 11,1887, presented by A.D.P. Van Buren

Bazel Harrison’s biography at the Harrison Repository

The Search for the Parents of Martha Stillwell

Miscellaneous articles of the lives of Judge Bazel and Martha (Stillwell) Harrison

The Kalamazoo Telegraph and James H. Stone

Bazel Harrison Land Patents

Ebenizer Lakin Brown, statesman and author of "Hearth and Home" magazine article about Bazel Harrison dated 1870

Decendants of Joseph and Bathsheba (Oglesby) Harrison~ (this link has information on all their children listed below):
15.1 Descendants of Hannah Rachel Harrison and Ferd Sager:
15.1.1 Mary Elizabeth Sager and Elias Stillwell Harrison
15.1.2 John Graham Sager and Anna "Ann" Carney
15.1.3 Sarah "Sally" Sager
15.1.4 Lousia Maria Sager and Daniel C. Powers
15.1.5 Joseph William Sager and Mary Foote
15.1.6 Rosanna Sager
15.1.7 Bonhebe Sager
15.1.8 Rebecca Hannah Sager and Sidney Roberts
15.1.9 George Melchoir Sager and Lucretia Carney
15.1.10 Abraham Merle Sager and (1st) Mehitable Powers; (2nd) 15.9.4 Elizabeth "Lib" Soule
15.1.11 Emily Jane Sager and Andrew T. Foote
15.1.12 Samuel Sager and (1st) Lydia J. Carney; (2nd) Nannie Sexton
15.1.13 Ferdinand Sager (see also 13.1.6 Sarah Angerona "Sally" Harrison)
15.1.14 Eli Orrin Sager (see also 15.8.5 Edna Ann Harrison)
15.1.15 Bazel Harrison Sager and Mariah Roe  (see also Jeremiah Roe II)

15.2 Descendants of Benjamin Aion Harrison and Jane Stillwell:

15.2.1 Joseph Harrison
15.2.2 Sarah Ann "Sally" Harrison and Liberty Hyde Bailey
15.2.3 Nancy Bathsheba Harrison and Walter Russell
15.2.4 Benjamin Aion Harrison II
15.2.5 John Strange Harrison
15.2.6 Emily Jane Harrison
15.2.7 Henry Harrison
15.2.8 Lucinda Harrison and Rufus Bigelow
15.2.9 Harriett "Hattie" Harrison and Joseph R. Bonebright
15.2.10 Charlotte Harrison and Rufus Bigelow
15.2.11 Arvilla Harrison
15.2.12 James Madison Harrison
15.2.13 George Milton Harrison and (1st) Hester "Ella" Farley; (2nd) Maud Cornell (external link)

15.3 Moses Isaiah Harrison and Mary "Polly" Lookingbill

15.4 Descendants of Joseph William Harrison II and Lydia Roe:

15.4.1 Mary Ann Harrison and Joseph Joel "Joel" Bailey
15.4.2 Catherine Harrison and (1st) Henry Hendrixson; and (2nd) Jonathan Roe II (see also Roe Family Genealogy)
15.4.3 Garrett Harrison and Eleanor Jones Garrett
15.4.4 Elizabeth Harrison and (1st) Elias Scott; (2nd) Alonzo Trofton
15.4.5 Ephraim Alvirus Harrison II and Betsy Burdick
15.4.6 Michael "Mike" Harrison and Julia May Johnson
15.4.7 Worlenda Harrison and Martin Van Buren Soule
15.4.8 Joseph "Soley" William Harrison III and Eliza Buckmaster
15.4.9 Lydia Harrison and Daniel Webster "Dan" Smith
15.4.10 Aaron "Doc" Harrison and Susan G. Pierce
15.4.11 Jackson Andrew "Jack" Harrison and Angeline Flatt

15.5 Descendants of Aaron Shadrack Harrison and Margaret Lookingbill:
15.5.1 America Harrison and Walter Chipman
15.5.2 George Harrison
15.5.3 Mary Harrison and Hiram B. Chipman
15.5.4 Galena Harrison
15.5.5 Louisa Harrison and (1st) Webster Butler; (2nd) Bryon Hampton
15.5.6 Alexander Harrison
15.5.7 Hannah Harrison
15.5.8 Elsa Jane "Jane" Harrison and Homer Hawkins
15.5.9 John Thomas "Tom" Harrison
15.5.10 William "Billy" Harrison and Luella "Ella" Earle
15.5.11 Aaron Shadrack Harrison II

15.6 Descendants of America Harrison William "Uncle Billy" Harrison (see William "Uncle Billy" Harrison, son of Bazel Harrison above)

15.7 Descendants of Columbia Ephraim Harrison and Catherine Mary Kate Roe:

15.7.1 Susannah Harrison and Aaron Archer
15.7.2 Jeremiah "Jerry" Harrison
15.7.3 Samuel Harrison and Sarah Ann "Sally" Sager.
15.7.4 Mary Ann Harrison
15.7.5 Adaline Harrison
15.7.6 Elizabeth Harrison and John Martin
15.7.7 Catherine Harrison and George Trimple
15.7.8 William Henry Harrison
15.7.9 Letitia Jane "Tish" Harrison and (1st) Emerson William Davis; (2nd) 15.1.14 Eli Orrin Sager
15.7.10 Martha Jane Harrison
15.7.11 Emily Jane Harrison and (1st) Henderson Walters; (2nd) Elijah Walters
15.7.12 Joseph Harrison
15.7.13 Columbia Harrison and Sarah M. Gilpen

15.8 Descendants of Alexander Jordan Harrison I and Elizabeth Jane Betsy Roe:
15.8.1 Bershebee Harrison
15.8.2 Jeremiah "Wig" Harrison and Mary Jane Titus
15.8.3 Hannah Harrison

15.8.4 Elizabeth "Eliffia" Harrison and Newton Titus Selbee

15.8.5 Edna Ann "Ann" Harrison and Eli Sager
15.8.6 Emily Jane Harrison
15.8.7 Margaret "Marg" Harrison and James Albert Van De Bogart
15.8.8 Alexander Jordan "Alec" Harrison II and Mary Em  "Mary" Roe (see also Roe Family Genealogy)
15.8.9 Benjamin Carter Harrison and Josie; (2nd) Ruth Culvertson; (3rd) Lillian Dean
15.8.10 Columbus Harrison
15.8.11 Charles M. Harrison

15.8.12 Fred "Keg" Harrison and Celia Elsie Calkin
15.8.13 Garrett "Jute" Harrison and Martha Jane "Mattie" Roe
15.8.14 Hiram Abraham "Ace" Harrison and Viola "Vie" Belle Sager (see also 15.1.13 Ferdinand Sager)
15.8.15 Samuel Ulysses Martin Harrison and (1st) Phoebe C. Kindy; (2nd) Laura Diana Stratton

15.9 Descendants of Elizabeth Roxena Betsey Harrison and Aaron David Soule I:

15.9.1 Aaron David Soule II and (1st) Elizabeth Stratton; (2nd) Margaret Stratton
15.9.2 Frederick Harrison Soule and (1st) Hester Ann Moulton; (2nd) Carrie
15.9.3 Stephen Soule and Hettie Roberts
15.9.4 Elizabeth Roxena "Libby" Soule and 15.1.10 Abraham Merle Sager I
15.9.5 Solon Soule and Mary "Polly" Ford
15.9.6 Joseph Robert Soule
15.9.7 Roxey Bathsheba Soule
15.9.8 Galen Herbert Soule (15.1.10... ) Sarah Sager
15.9.9 Nathan Alexander Soule
15.9.10 William "Bill" Soule and Avilla Selby
15.9.11 Mary Soule and (1st) Hiram Clark; (2nd) Chester McCaslin
15.9.12 Laura Soule and James Rice

15.10 Frederick Bethannah Harrison and Lucretia C. Lou Roe:

15.10.1 James "Jim" Frederick Harrison

Biographical information for Joseph Harrison I and Bathsheba Jane "Bersheba" Oglesby submitted by Justin Herbst

Allied Families~

Harrison Family Reunions of the Past

Sager Family Genealogy, submitted by Justin Herbst

Roe Family Genealogy, submitted by Justin Herbst

Crose Family Genealogy, submitted by Cathy Gowdy

The Nelson and Lorena Tupper family

Edwin and Sophia (Pike) Shirley Family

Pfau family

Duncan, Whitney, Bixler and Seybert families

The possible origins of the "Strange" name

Cemetery Data~

Harrison Cemetery, Prairie Ronde Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan

The South West Street Cemetery, Kalamazoo

A transcription of the "The Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the Arrival of  Bazel and Martha Harrison", 1978, at Harrison Cemetery in Prairie Ronde Township

County Tax Lists~
Bedford County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists

Washington County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists

Butler County, Ohio Tax Lists

Clark County, Ohio Tax Lists

Prairie Ronde Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan 1838 Tax List

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