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St. Simon Cemetery
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Lincoln Cemetery
Lincoln Catholic Cemetery

Located about 1 mile east of Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois

"When Wilderness Was King"
by C. C. Tyler, published ca. 1911

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Index A - K

Lydia dau. of T. & M. Branham
Oct. 10, 1859
age 1 yr 8 ms 10 ds
More about
Thomas Branham &
Martina Gough
and their descendants

Martin son of T. & M. Branham
Sept. 29, 1859
age 6 ys 8 ms 6 ds
These inscriptions appear on two sides of the same stone.  One reading recorded Lydia's name as Linda.

Burk, Stephen T.

Apr. 8, 1856
age 23 ys 3 ms 22 ds

Cambron, Thomas

Sept. 25, 1842
age 68 ys

All of the Cambron listings are on one shared stone.
Cambron, Jane wife of Thomas
Mar. 14, 1866
age 89 ys
Census Listings
Cambron, Caroline wife of Patrick
Oct. 2, 1838
age 26 ys
Patrick Cambron married
Caroline Kill about
Nov. 28, 1837
Cambron, Mary E. dau. of Felix
Sept. 25, 1842
age 11 ys
Felix Cambron
1870 Census Listing

Cambron, Margaret J. dau. of Felix
Sept. 25, 1842
age 9 ys
The Foster reading recorded the given name as Maragret.

Campbell, John

Feb. 28, 1850
age 45 ys

The three Campbell listings are from one shared stone.
Campbell, Mary Feb. 14, 1869
age 65 ys
Campbell, P. K. Jan. 1862
age 18 ys

Flynn, James

Apr. 16 1854

A small tombstone image.


Sacred to the memory of
son of
Edward and Elon Fitzgerald
Who departed this life ~ ~

Stone shattered.

The Foster reading recorded this surname as Fritzgerald, and the mother's name as Elom.

Gittings, James

Died Nov. 8, 1855
Age 30 ys 7 ms 18 ds
Age 30 ys 7 ms 8 ds

May he rest in peace



William B.
son of W. K. & E. A. Gittings
Died Jan. 13, 1855
Aged 11 ms 9 ds

William K. Gittings
& Amelia E. Hardy
Census Listings

  Rozelle R.
dau. of W. K. & E. A. Gittings
Died May 28, 1857
Aged 8 ms, 15 ds
Or Rozele
Aged 3 ms. 15 ds.

Hainline, Martin

son of J. & C.
Aug. 24, 1862
age 1 yr 5 ms 9 ds

Catharine Branham
& Jacob Hainline

Hardey, Henry

son of I. & M. A.
June 4, 1855
age 20 ys, 4 ms, 9 ds

(Ivo Hardy &
Mary Ann Riley)


A small tombstone image.

Hunt, James

born in the Co. Kerry Irl. 1832
died Aug. 17, 1855
age 23 ys

Kelly, John

Sacred to the memory of
John ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sept. 19, 1862
age 55 ys

A small tombstone image.

The above is a broken stone, near the two Kelly stones, below.  The Foster reading recorded this name as Joe N, but other resources indicate it is the stone for John Kelly, husband of Margaret and father of the younger John (below).
Kelly, Margaret




Kelly, John

Oct. 5, 1876
age 66 ys 9 ms 24 ds


Feb. 2, 1878
age 31 ys 14 ds

A small tombstone image.

A small tombstone image.

More about
John Sr. & Margaret
and their descendants


St. Simon Cemetery
Index L - Y

These pages were initially created using data compiled by Virgil R. Foster and his wife, Goldie McCord Foster, of Vermont, Illinois, November 12, 1969.  This resource was shared by Robert K. Campbell, who further advises that by hunting among the weeds on the north side of the graves, one can still find the stone blocks that were part of the church foundation.

We now have a portion of a different reading, shared by Alice Dierker; this reading is of particular interest because it provides some of the tombstone inscriptions.  In addition we have a recap of known burials (also, apparently, a portion of a longer list) shared by Carmella Kelly, obtained from the Hancock County Historical Society.

In some instances there are discrepancies in the readings; these differences are noted.

Like many of the pages on this website, this section has become a repository for research shared by a group of caring individuals.  Thanks are due to:
- Robert K. Campbell and Carmella Kelly, for their contributions and support.
- Nancy "Newt" Johnson, who has a stepfamily connection to the Lincoln line, has shared news articles
  pertaining to this cemetery and specific items concerning Lincoln descendants.
- Alice Dierker, second great-granddaughter of James and Margaret Boyd Gibbons Kelly
  (through their daughter, Frances Susan); in addition to the cemetery listing, Alice has forwarded
  a wealth of Kelly family documents as well as descendant information.
- Link Levins has added a vivid excerpt from a memoir written by Lela Adah Smith Lincoln,
  wife of Stephen Thomas Lincoln, and additional information on Stephen, who lived in Indian
  Territory, Oklahoma, for many years.  Stephen and Lela were Link's great-grandparents.

Judy & Bob Nelson deserve special mention for the beautiful, haunting tombstone photographs. Bob is a third great-grandson of Mordecai Lincoln Sr. and Mary Mudd. Mordecai, whose fate was to perish in a snowstorm and lie unfound until the snow melted in the spring, was buried in Section 29 in an otherwise forgotten location.  He and Mary, who - according to two references - was buried here, were the progenitors of all the Lincolns who rest in this cemetery.

Feel free to leave a message for these generous contributors or any other comments on the
Deep Roots Guestbook.


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